About early retirement diary

This blog is started by me to document my journey towards early retirement. I want to use this site to tell others that it can be done if we set the right goals and work actively towards it. You need to treat early retirement like any other business or projects. In other words, you need to know what is going out and what is coming in and develop ways or processes to manage that.

My education has been in finance so numbers are not foreign to me. In fact, I enjoyed looking at numbers to understand what they are trying to tell me. Facts are facts and they don’t lie. However, I somehow got entangled in the world of online marketing and that is where my current job scope lies.

I am not a good writer by any means. I write things as I see them. Don’t expect powerful stories here. It will just be plain old me telling you what I have done to move closer to my goal of retiring at an earlier age.

Why do people want to retire early

This is a question that I had to answer before deciding that this is something I want. There are many reasons for it but the strongest for me was to break away from the mundane everyday life. Why do life has to start before and after work or only during weekends? I always felt that life is too short to be contended with getting a regular salary and living a mechanical existence.

I wanted life to be what I feel like at that moment in time. I don’t to be one of those faces that I see in the trains everyday. Faces that either looked tired or totally devoid of energy. Life should be full of opportunities but I can’t explore them if my time has been ‘sold’ to a company.

So, early retirement to me, means that I can have my time back to do the things I enjoy. They might not be meaningful things but at least I am happy doing them. Somehow, I strongly believed that if you do the things you love, some good will come out of it. That is how it has always been for me.

A truly great way for us to create income streams

I am truly grateful for the fact that I somehow stumbled onto the internet and developed interests to make money from it. I really hope that you don’t see the Web as just another platform for entertainment because it is really beyond that. This is the first time you can reach almost anyone from any location.

Stop and think about it.

The Internet can be a store front. It can be a magazine, a marketplace, a telephone, a way to influence others and build relationships. Think about all these and realise that it unshackles you from being tied to another company. With the Internet, why do you need others to make money for you? You can be the one that dictates the rules.

All you need is courage to take the first step and the determination to move to the last.