April income report for 2015 – How to make $1k with niche sites

This month, I am determined not to be late so here is the April income report.  Lots of things to report this month so get ready for a longer read. In general April has been productive in terms of work produced as well as income earned.

The only bad news is I have decided to change my reporting format again! LOL

Trust me, there is a valid reason for met to do so.

In the previous income reports, I try to keep it manageable by listing only 3 new niche sites and have labeled them as NS #2, #4 and #5 (NS#1 and #3 have been declared dead by your truly as conversion is low). The reality is that I have created many more sites and not listing them here means I can’t report on any updates or learning that I have gained with them.

So, I decided to create another table below to show you the progress of all the niche sites I either started or brushed off. However, doing the niche site table means there will be an overlap for NS #2, #4 and #5. To eliminate that, I am collapsing the previous income table  into a new format that you can see .

The new site column will total the earnings from all the new sites created in 2014. Any old niche sites that I have brushed off to continue working will be shown in the old niche sites column. Hope this change (again!) will not be as confusing to you as it is to me!

(Note: I did not include income from any of my authority sites as this table is meant to show only income from niche sites.)

New sites Old sites Comics Total
Jan $370 $481 $615 $1,466
Feb $238 $344 $380 $962
Mar $237 $378 $166 $781
Apr  $394  $449  $176  $1,019

The most important thing is that the total income reported is once again in 4 figures. Best of all, most of it is not derived from selling comics, which means less physical work for me!

Another good thing is that the income from the new sites are starting to catch up with the income from the old sites. Remember, these are niches sites that I started in 2014 so you can see that it is really possible to make money from them within a year if you put in the effort. These new income streams will go a long way in helping me achieve my early retirement goal.


New niche site challenge

In this new section, I am going to list out all the niche sites I have actively working on, both new and old, in 2 different tables. To keep things tidy, I will report the accumulated numbers and the current month income. The figures in brackets will indicate if there is any major decline or improvement from the previous month.

One small thing to note: The previous NS #3, as reported in April 2014 income report, is actually an old niche and not really created in 2014. So, to be consistent, NS #2 from previous income reports is changed to NS #3 and the current NS #2 is a new 2014 site in the music niche.

Niche Income
(This month)
#1 Beverage $0 $0
#2 Music $17 $17
#3 Appliance $373 $1,218
#4 Vacuum  $0  $0
#5  Home decor  Not Monetized  $0
#6  Ice Cream  $0  $0
#7  Appliance  $0  $0
#8  Coffee  $4  $4
#9 Home decor  Not Monetized  $0

The best news is that NS #3 continues to grow from a $200+ site to now a $300+ site. You can call it the jackpot for the lot. Another encouraging thing is that Site #2 and #8 made their first dollar this month. The first dollar is always the most difficult and the most exciting so you can see why I am really happy this month.


Old niche site update

Now for the old niche sites I have blow the dust away to work on them. There are 4 of them and their earnings have always been included in the income report under the “old sites’ column. My aim is to have the four of them producing an additional USD200 to USD400 by end of the year.

Niche Income
(This month)
#1 Appliance $20 $1,340
#2 Apparel $21 $180
#3 Kitchen Tool $40 $502
#4 Home decor $30 $405

Site #2 is where I am putting in lots of work. Initially when I logged in earlier this year, it had only 7 articles. I quickly wrote up a bunch in March and April and it now has 30+ articles. Traffic have increased as a result. See graph below.

april trafficIt will hit serious money when the traffic becomes 5k per month. That is where I am targeting and am spending most of my time in terms of article writing.


Website investment

On the investing front, I bought 2 sites this month. One was a gem. It is a 10 year old site that cost around USD7k. Monthly revenue should be around USD400 to USD500. I am uncertain about the monthly because this is a niche that will do a lot of sales during Nov and Dec. Hence, I need to look at the year total before being able to derive a true average. Currently in off peak, it is doing around USD150.

The other site is a newer site that I bought for USD1.5k. I always like the pet niche and this site gives me a solid foundation to add new content and revenue. It did USD70 in April.


Things on the online income front is moving in the right direction. I will eventually have to scale down to a couple of sites but that is after I hit a winning niche. So far, there has been no clear winners so I still need to juggle them a bit before deciding.

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