Are you alive before death?

Saw a great quote today:

“The real question is not whether there is life after death”

“The real question is whether you are alive before death”

Wow, a really powerful statement that lies at the core of why I want to retire early. How many times have you felt that you are just a living zombie? Repeating life’s mandane task one day after another.

Wake up -> Go to Work -> Go home -> Spend some time with family -> Sleep -> Repeat

Can you imagine doing this for 5 days in a week, 260 days in a year and 2600 days in 10 years?

We only get one chance to be alive. Blew it and there is no going back. Being a 34 working adult, I already missed the fact that I can never go back to my teens or early 20s. I don’t intend to be at 40s and wondering what did I do in my 30s to end up at where I will be.

I always feel that life offers many options but we sort of threw them all at one side and be satisifed with leading a madane life. There is really so much out there to do and explore. Spending 260 days in a year to do something that we will not remember ever is a complete waste of our limited time before death.

This is why I need to retire early, from as many different ways as possible. All my early retirement plans cannot be more than 6 years, which is the time I have left before reaching 40. In fact, I would like to achieve it much earlier if possible. I think I can if all goes well and my multiple income streams starts to build up.

This week, I am about to make an important investment decision: spending USD30k on buying a website that can give me 2k in monthly revenue. It is a big risk but it is also one that can speed up my path to early retirement. Although the amount is not small, it is still a recoverable resource, unlike the time I will have lost if I were to missed this investment. All I can do now is to conduct rigorous due diligence on the site and don’t let my lizard brain stop me from investing even when everything seems ok.


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