Comic Book Speculation #8 – Blue Marvel Key Issues

Welcome to Comic Sunday Speculation #8. This article breaks the series’s tradition of only focusing on one book because todays’ books are part of a similar investing theme. Lets’ get to it.

With Blue Marvel being such a hot book now, I decided to look at what other books should the collector go after if he or she wants more of him.

One category that stuck me was the Blue Marvel family. Over time, we have actually seen other members of the Blue Marvel family being developed with their own powers and identity. Today’s speculation will be the issues where they have made their first appearances.

Mighty Avengers Vol 2, #9

Date of Publication: 2014
Sale number: 23,903

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Kevin Brashear


Kevin Brashear is the first child of Adam Brashear but he would appear one issue later in the comics than his younger brother.

Thus far, Kevin has made 5 appearances in comics, primarily because he is still trapped in the neutral zone. However, it was hinted in the comics that Kevin did spend his earlier years adventuring with his father before he was trapped.

This could be used for further development if Marvel wants to enrich the history of the Blue Marvel.

Mighty Avengers Vol 2, #8

Date of Publication: 2014
Sale number: 24,933

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Max Brashear


Max is the younger brother of Kevin. He became isolated from his family after the incident with Kevin being trapped in the neutral zone.

After growing up, he turned into a villain mainly as a means to raise funds so as to bring his brother back. However, he was never truly an evil person and managed to join the New Avengers team lead by Sunspot.

This is why Max managed to cloak up more appearances in comics as he was part of the New Avengers comic series. Specifically he made 18 appearances thus far.

Interestingly he took on the name of Iron Fist in the last issue of New Avengers. However, there was no follow up after this incident.

Ultimates Vol 2, #7

Date of Publication: 2017
Sale number: 26,500

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Adrienne Brasher


Not much is known about the daughter of Adam except that she has the same smarts as her entire family. Adrienne has only appeared in 2 comic issues so she is not as developed as her brothers.

However, with her exposure to the Cosmic Cube and Iso-8 elements, it is possible that she might gain some powers eventually.

Reasons for speculating

I confess that this speculation is a bit ‘out there’. There isn’t really any media rumors for even Blue Marvel so speculating on his family members seems kind of off.

However, I took this gamble because:

  • Family teams: there is really very few of such family teams besides the Fantastic Four. If Marvel comics or TV want to do something with such teams but do not want to risk the FF IP, the Blue Marvel family will be perfect for it.
  • Black characters: As mentioned in my chat summary #1 when talking about Static, there might be a trend for more prominence on black characters. The Blue Marvel family fits in well into this trend.
  • Low print run: If you notice the sales numbers of these books, they are in the below 25k market, which is pretty low. For comparison, Adam Legends of the Blue Marvel #1 has a sales number of 17k.


So, all in all, this is a very out there speculation. If you need some books to round off that purchase for free shipping or just to make your shipping more worthwhile, these could be candidates.

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