Captain Marvel Key Issues For Her Sequel

Here is a list of key comic books to speculate for Captain Marvel’s 2nd outing in the MCU.

IssueGrade to InvestCurrent PriceExpected PriceProfits
Silver Surfer Annual #6NM$10$50$40
Captain Marvel Vol 5, #16 & #17NM$15$70-$100$55
Marvel Boy #1NM$8$50$42
Annihilation Silver Surfer #1NM$10$20-$30$10-20

Before telling you my hypothesis, lets’ recalled the facts.

In an interview with ET, this was what Kevin Feige said

And when ET posed the question of whether Carol has really managed to end the Kree-Skrull War, Feige offered a reminder that the character’s immediate future is still more or less a blank canvas:

“Well, we don’t know what she did, right? She said she was going to and she went flying off at the end, and then we jump many years into the future. What happened in that intervening time, I think, is something that would be a lot of fun to explore at some point.”

The big bet I am making is that the movie will explore and open up the Kree aspect of the MCU. We have seen glimpses of it in the first movie but there are too many breadcrumbs that suggest we will further see the Kree connection in the sequel.

Following that line of thinking, these are the books I am picking up, based on the better known Kree characters.

Silver Surfer Annual #6

Date of Publication: 1993
Sale number: 190,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Genis-Vell

2. Very cheap to acquire


Genis-Vell is now an almost forgotten character. However, he actually had 3 volumes in which he was the lead: Captain Marvel Vol 3, 4 and 5. The 4th volume actually lasted 35 issues, which is quite a feat in this modern day.

After his Captain Marvel series, Genis-Vell went on to be part of the New Thunderbolts as Photon.

Genis-Vell has always been portrayed as someone with mental issues. Peter David did a great job writing him and creating a different type of superhero.

If you want to speculate on this book, try to get the newsstand editions. The regular versions, as can be seen on the numbers above, is heavily printed.

If the book gets hot, there will be a newsstand premium. However, if nothing happens, the newsstand will be as worthless as the regular versions.

Captain Marvel #16 and #17

Date of Publication: 2004
Sale number: 24,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Phyla-Vell

2. Low sales number

3. Nobody is hyping this book, making it cheap to pick up


I have been banging about this book for quite some time now. See all the mentions on my past articles:

The reason I am still hype about her is because of 3 reasons:

  1. She is popular among the LGBT crowd. MCU is also trying to diversify so Phyla is a natural candidate.
  1. In addition, there are some who thinks cosplay is a good indication of popularity. Here are some Phyla cosplays.
  1. The final reason is the low print run. 24k is not a high number which means there will less selling pressure IF the book gets hot.

The only change I am making is the shift from #16 to #17 after reading all the comics in detail. In issue #16, Phyla only appeared in the last panel (see image below) while in #17, she appeared throughout the story. Also, #17 has a better first appearance cover.

So, although I have both books, my bets are on #17.

One other thing to note if you look at the cosplay pic is that they are wearing Phyla’s Quasar costume, instead of her Captain Marvel costume.

I suspect that if Phyla is used in MCU, she might be Quasarl. Her first appearance as Quasar is in Annihilation: Conquest Prologue, which unfortunately got a bit of heat recently due to the Wraith rumors.

Annihilation Conquest: Prologue #1

Date of Publication: 2007
Sale number: 40,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First time Phyla appeared as Quasar

2. Gorgeous first appearance cover

If you like to get this book, wait for the Wraith heat to cool off. It should be attainable for below $10 once that happens.

Marvel Boy #1

Date of Publication: 2000
Sale number: 47,800

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Noh-Varr, Marvel Boy

2. First appearance of Exterminatrix

3. Cheap now


The final important Kree character is Marvel Boy. His first series by Grant Morrison is actually very good. Below is the review from CBR


The issues and ideas which are the playground of this book are deceptively entertaining, giving us plenty to digest and think about once the book is finished. It gives credence to the concept put forth within the book, that ideas have a life of their own, not as a metaphor, but as a concrete reality.

For a character introduced in 2000, Noh-Varr has already make 153 comic appearances. For your reference, Elsa Bloodstone who is also introduced during this period, only make 80 appearances.

Noh-Varr was involved in many story lines beyond his own series such as Dark Avengers, Young Avengers, Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) etc. This means there are more chances that the studios might use him for one of those story lines.

As a bonus, this book also contains the first appearance of Exterminatrix. This villain has already make 29 appearances so looks like she is not your typical one off kinda of character.

Recently, she has been showing up in Ms America series. Perhaps. she might develop further to become one of her nemesis.

Annihilation Silver Surfer #1

Date of Publication: 1963
Sale number: 49,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Ravenous, a key villain in Annihilation series

2. Gorgeous Silver Surfer cover by Dell Otto

3. Not on anyone’s radar so it is super cheap


Any time you can pick up such a gorgeous Silver Surfer cover for cheap, it is a win, regardless of whether the speculation pans out.

The main reason why I am including this issue here is that it contains the first appearance of Ravenous, a Kree who is basically the head of the Annihilation force under Annihilus.

Ravenous is a powerful guy who can tap into cosmic energies and such. Below is how he looks like (second guy from the left):

Villains are usually just one off spec though. Remember to sell early and take profits if this guy really shows up. To repeat, this is not a long term book unless you really like the Silver Surfer cover.

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