Cheap comic to buy: Captain Marvel #17 second print

Good news for those with a budget, I have a new category called cheap comics to invest in. This will make it easier to browse all the issues I have recommended that are cheap to buy. For this article, I am recommending the purchase of Captain Marvel #17, 2nd print. Why? Read on to find out.

captain marvel 17 2nd print

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First appearance of Kamala Khan as Ms Marvel

For those who might not know, this issue is the first appearance of Kamala Khan as Captain Marvel. I know it is strange to regard a cover as a first appearance but that is the case here.  Just look at the cover above and don’t tell me it is not showing a full costume Kamala Khan.

Her previous appearance within the interiors of Captain Marvel #14 and Captain Marvel #17 (first print) is not her in costume. They are the equivalent of the silver age Captain Marvel #13, first appearance of Carol Danvers and not Ms Marvel. I have attached both her appearances below so that you can see for yourself.

Kamala Khan first cameo appearnce

Captain Marvel #14

Kamala Khan second cameo appearnce

Captain Marvel #17

Kamala Khan made her full costume debut in Marvel Point one 2014. However, that was published in Jan 2014 while Captain Marvel #17, 2nd print was released in Dec 2013. Date wise,  I would say #17 is the issue where we got her first look in costume.

So, if you accept that this is Kamala Khan’s first appearance as Ms Marvel, what makes it a good investment?


Reason #1: Rise of female collectors

In my recent article on the popular female comic characters, I highlighted the trend of growing female collectors and how it could lead to a growth in the value of female character first appearances. I also listed out which are the best selling titles in a particular month. Ms Marvel happen to rank #4! Yup, she outsold Supergirl, Captain Marvel, Catwoman etc. This means Kamala Khan is gathering lots of fans and sooner or later, they will know about this issue, which will create a strong demand for it.


Reason #2: Short supply

Captain Marvel 2nd print was released in Dec 2013 but there was no sales data. This means the supply must be in low thousands such that it did not even make it into the top 300 for that month. Compared to that, the regular Captain Marvel #17 has 18k print while Marvel Point One 2014 has 32k. If this issue ever heats up, the short supply will mean a steeper price appreciation curve.


Reason #3: Possible movie?

This is a longshot but remember that Kamala Khan is an Inhuman, whom we know is probably getting a big movie push in 2017. Who knows whether she might be included in the movie. If yes, then watch out for that big spike coming.
Overall, I think this issue has been under the radar as everyone thought Kamala Khan’s first appearance is in Captain Marvel #14 or Marvel Point one 2014.  While she did have a cameo in #14, her first appearance in costume and as Ms Marvel is no doubt on the cover of Captain Marvel #17, second print.

There is no a lot of supply hence if you are interested, do check out ebay listing here.

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  1. Hey Aaron,
    Just wanted to say thank you. I bought this comic based on reading this article years ago. After seeing the prices today on eBay (over $3k sales price for a 9.8), your insight was spot on.

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