Comic Book Speculation Chat Summary #4

I apologize in advance for the chat content these past few days.

The boys have been on a roll lately, in terms of talking about almost anything under the sun. If you are feeling lost or wondering if this is a comic chat, do not worry. It is just one of those weeks lol.

1. Comics heating up

Finally we got something other than Knull to talk about in terms of books that is seeing some sales interest.

Darkhawk #1

9.8 copies of this book seems to be selling well. Before Covid, these were doing $100 each. Right now, the prices have jumped 50-70%.

There are no news to spark these sales so we are wondering why the sudden interest.

Teen Titans Vol 6, #12 2nd print

I recommend in this book in my Comic Sunday Speculation but I didn’t expect it to pick up so quickly.

A recent 9.8 sold for $325, which is kinda high. Lets see the result for some auctions to see if the 9.8 price is real.

Raw copies have been steadily increasing from below $20 to now $30-40.

JSA Secret Files #1

With news of Atom Smasher being cast, this book saw some sales as well as it features the first Albert as Atom Smasher.

Albert himself appeared in All Stars Squadron #25, which also saw a flurry of sales after the announcement.

Star Wars (Dark Horse) Vol 1, #17

This issue contains the first appearance of Quinlan Vos, a Jedi master who escaped Order 66.

This book saw numerous sales when rumors circulated that Vos will appear in the Bad Batch animation show.

Batman Beyond #1

Finally, we have some Batman Beyond talks in the chat as prices of this book keep creeping up but not drawing as much attention as Ultimate Fallout #4.

A VF copy can be had for $50 just a few months back. Now, it is at least $300.

Currently, there are some rumors saying Warner Brothers will reveal this movie during their August show. If it happened, this might be a 2k book in 9.8.

2. Comic book speculation

This summary is a bit light on speculation ideas, which kinda of makes sense. You can’t have good books to speculate on every week. That will be called gambling 🙂

2.1 Star Wars

Jedi Council: Acts of War #1

Date of Publication: 2000
Sale number: 28,275

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of K’Kruhk, one of longest surviving Jedi Master

2. Many other first appearances


Given that a lot of SW books have creep up in prices, this one was still for cover so Ross took a gamble on it. I also bought some before the chat as I thought K’Kruhk is pretty cool and any Jedi, who is not killed during Order 66 has some spec potential.

There is 3000 DF variant that has a photo cover. I knew about it but I generally hate those covers so I have not pick up any.

Darth Vader #3

Date of Publication:
Sale number:

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Doctor Aphra, 0-0-0


I started the discussion with my assertion that Doctor Aphra is the Harley Quinn equivalent for the Star Wars universe. Her sole series is selling very well, as documented here, being able to outsell other popular characters such as Harley Quinn, Spider-Gwen etc.

While $50 entry price is not cheap, I predict that the potential for this book is at least $150 to $200 once Aphra has more media presence.

2.2 Older books

While there was no specific other issues that were discussed in depth, Smick bought up a point that I thought should be highlighted.

While the current modern comic market is great, remember that market moves in cycles. When all the promising modern books have been speculated on, people with profits will return to buy older books.

In order to ride on this eventual trend, you need to buy those older books now, while they are in a stagnant phase.

3. Tips and tricks

Ross gave a masterclass to Derek on his inventory system. For those who might not know, Ross moves a lot of books in any given month. If you want to emulate his volume, you need to know how he keeps track of everything.

Here is Ross’s spreadsheet looks like

On top of this recording keeping, Ross also maintains a systematic shelving system. The second number of the spreadsheet is where the comic is located. This is important if you have multiple copies in different boxes.

In addition Ross “uses small Avery 5/16 x 1/2 stickers on the back of each comic” to to link the physical copy to his spreadsheet. This is another additional step to manage your inventory effectively.

4. Others

Robert shared some awesome sketches and original art with those of us in the chat.

Finally, there was a long discussion by the boys on the music and film they love as when they are young. If you like to listen to a bunch of old folkies recollecting their favorite music of eons gone by, have a read at the chats.


If you find this summary lacking comic speculate ideas, it might not be a bad idea to take stock and decide on how to allocate your porfolio in the months to come.

How much money will you allocate to more modern books including Star Wars and how much to allocate to blue chip silver and bronze books? Having a clear direction can make your comic purchases more optimal rather than just jumping on anything that is heating up.

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