Comic Sales Figures

This page is where you can find all the past articles and data for different sales charts.

Newsstand Weekly Sales Charts

The most frequently updated sales charts is the weekly newsstand sales charts.

The data for newsstand comics come from manually tracking each sales labeled as newsstand and other variations (such as newstand, upc etc) in Ebay. Each sale has also been verified in terms of its condition and whether is it a real newsstand.

Such a method will omit sales that did not include newsstand in its listings.

For this sales data, I am only tracking comic books that are published after 1998. This is because newsstand after 1998 becomes really hard to find in any grade. It will be interesting to investigate if there is any newsstand premium for such comic books.

December 2020

3rd Week

4th Week

May 2020

For the month of May 2020

Top 10 Sales Charts

This is where you can find different Top 10 rankings for different comic niches. These charts will be updated on a quarterly basis. I will also be adding more top 10 charts for other collecting segments.