Comic Speculation #16: Kang the Conqueror Pick

Welcome to the 16th article in the Comic Sunday Speculation series. In this series, I speculate on the more ‘out there’ ideas in my attempt to expand beyond what is currently known.

In this article, I look at the combination of 2 things that is coming for MCU:

  • The coming of Kang
  • The use of multiverse

According to deadline, Jonathan Majors is joining Antman #3, possibly as Kang. So, it likely that we will see Kang very soon in the MCU, which is very important for this speculative comic pick.

For the multiverse, I have explained in my multiverse speculation article that MCU will tap on the multiverse quite a bit based on current rumors. This opens up a number of speculation angles. I listed 3 in that article but here is one more to consider:

Angle #4: Events based on multiverse

Avengers Forever #1 is one such multiverse driven event that has Kang as the main villain.

Avengers Forever #1 Variant

Date of Publication: 1998
Sale number: 5,000

Key strengths of this book
1. Avengers Forever event
2. Low print run


In this 12 issue event series, Rick Jones is pulling Avengers from different multiverse to help stop Immortus (who is future Kang). Kang himself also stepped in to help the Avengers team.

As the team travels through different multiverse, we get to see different interesting worlds and timelines including a Western one. Such diverse settings for a movie makes a lot of sense as it creates different set pieces for the movie folks to work with.

Issue one of Avengers Forever sold well, with comichron showing 91,756 sales numbers. This is why I am recommending the Westfield Comics variant instead, which has only 5000 copies according to This variant features a very cool Kang cover as shown above.

Unfortunately, the variant is not a dollar bin book as it is currently listed around $20-30. If you think this entry price is too high, go for the regular issues instead as that is a dollar bin book.

Profit potential

For benchmarking, look to what event books were selling for in their peak. This includes the likes of:

  • Infinity Gauntlet #1
  • Civil War #1

Both comics were selling well above $50 during peak for regular editions. For the Civil War Michael Turner variant, it was selling beyond $100 before the showing of Captain America II: Civil War. Even now, this variant is selling for $40 despite no media hype.

These numbers will let you have a sense of how much profit potential event books have and when you should be selling them for.

First appearances?

Another way to look at this look is to see if as the first appearance of alternate versions of Earth 616’s Avengers. I am not sure how the market will react to such first appearances but it is an added bonus for buying this book.

In fact, thorough out this series, we get to see a lot of other first appearances that are a remixed version of 616. For example, in issue #4, you get to see the following Avengers members:

Whether these characters will become speculative target is hard to say but they are there if you don’t mind taking a chance.

Side note: I actually consider using this as one of the picks in the current Survivor game. However, given how ‘out there’ this is, I decided to put it here instead.

That is it for this week Comic Sunday Speculation. Have a great Sunday!

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