Comic Speculation #17: Sensational She Hulk Key Comics

This week’s Comic Sunday Speculation focuses on Sensational She Hulk Key Issues. In particular, I will be focusing on the first modern appearance of a Golden age character within the Sensational She Hulk series.

If you are reading the Comic Sunday Speculation for the first time, this is a series where I pushed the speculation limit to include more “out” there ideas. Most of the comics recommended here are cheap but have a long shot to becoming hot. Please understand this if you are buying any of the recommended comic in this series.

Why speculate in the Sensational She Hulk series

We all know that a She Hulk Disney+ show is coming. What is unknown is the direction in which the series will be heading.

I am speculating that some materials for the show will be taken from the Sensational She Hulk series because it is such a fan favorite.

In this series, the writer and artist is John Bryne who did some fantastic work here. The first big thing is that She Hulk broke the fourth wall in this series well before Deadpool did. In doing so, it makes the comics funny and different from anything else on the rack at that time.

The second thing was the covers. This series is famous for the skipping rope cover as well as a bunch of bikini covers that intentionally sexualise She Hulk, to great effects. Some of these covers are already fetching premium prices on the secondary market.

Due to the above, it is not unrealistic for Marvel studios to use some of the good stuff here. If so, the supporting characters introduced in this series may well make an appearance in the TV shows.

Sensational She Hulk #2

Date of Publication: 1989
Sale number: No Information

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Blonde Phantom after Golden Age (Louie Mason)


One of the more interesting supporting characters used in the Sensational She Hulk series is Phantom Blonde. She is an Golden Age character who has not make an appearance since Marvel Mystery Comics #91, a Golden age comic. In a way, Sensational She Hulk #2 is the equivalent of Avengers #4 or Fantastic Four #4 for Phantom Blonde.

Unfortunately, Phantom Blonde’s appearance throughout the series was not in costume. This will undoubtedly affect the hype for this issue as comic readers always like to see heroes in costume.

Nevertheless, if you are a Golden age fan and like to speculate on modern appearance of Golden age characters, this is a cheap one to go for.

However, this line of thought lead me to the next book that is more exciting.

Sensational She Hulk #23

Date of Publication: 1991
Sale number: 156,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Phantom Blonde (Wanda Mason)


In the same series, we got the introduction of the daughter of Louie Mason, Wanda Mason. This happened in issue #21 of the Sensational She-Hulk. However, this was her first appearance in civilian form, with no costume identity.

2 issues later, Wanda donned the Plantom Blonde costume and took over the mantle from her mother. So #23 is the first appearance of Wanda in costume and as the modern age Phantom Blonde.

While this character has not been used frequently (only 9 comic appearances), she did have a fantastic first appearance cover in #23. I suspect due to this, we might see some heat if she is introduced in the She Hulk series.

Trivia: This issue saw a change in the She Hulk image used in the upper right corner as the previous version was drawn by John Byrne. Interesting, once Byrne was invited back to the book in #31, the image was returned to the previous version.


Sensational She Hulk has also been a fan favorite series to collect. While most the interest so far has been on the sexy covers, there are some minor first appearances here that one can consider for a small speculation play.

Have a great Sunday!

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