Comic Speculation #23: Dead Girl Key Comics

Welcome to another week of Comic Sunday Speculation where I posted my ‘out there’ speculation ideas. Most of these ideas are long shots, which means low probability of success. However, they are cheap and one hit can pay back for the rest.

In this week, I draw inspiration from the newsstand data that I have been compiling every week. One of the interesting book I noticed that has been selling well is X-Force #116, the first appearance of various X-Statix members, including the popular Doop. This book even appeared twice consecutively on the Top 10 newsstand charts in November.

X-Force #116

Date of Publication: 2001
Sale number: 52,471

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Doop


One of the initial spark for the heat on X-Force #116 was James Gunn naming Doop as one of his ideal X-Men movie rooster in August 2020. Since then, this book has been selling regularly, at least relatively to the volume it sold before the news.

While Doop is cool, the X-Statix team has other investable characters in it as well. Below is an image showing the trending characters in the team.

Making the case for Dead Girl

Not surprisingly, the number one trending character is Doop. However, look at who is number 2. Yup, that is Dead Girl, the subject of this week’s Comic Sunday Speculation post.

Besides being the number 2 trending character, Dead Girl has the following positive attributes:

  • The character with the 2nd most comic appearances after Doop (39)
  • Only member to have a solo mini after Doop. This means she is probably a character that has enough fans to justify having a mini being published.

Another positive point is Dead Girl’s connection to the rest of the Marvel universe. Most of the X-Statix members, including Doop mostly operated within the X-universe. In contrast, Dead Girl has connections to Marvel’s supernatural side, which most of us are very bullish on.

In particular, Dead Girl has run ins with Doctor Strange in the comics. She is also hinted as having connections between the living and the dead, which widens her appeal and potential beyond just another X-character.

Due to the above, I feel Dead Girl is way underappreciated relative to Doop.

Below is the comic that contain Dead Girl’s first appearance.

X-Force #125

Date of Publication: 2002
Sale number: 47,712

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Deadgirl


X-Force #125 is currently a cover price book while X-Force #116 is already around $20 for the regular version. This presents a 5X difference between the two.

One downside to the X-force #125 is its relatively high print run of 47k. Together with Dead Girl’s comic appearances of 39, this actually means the book is a Dog according to ms PSM model.

Hence, newsstand is definitely the way to go for this book. Since this is currently not on anyone’s radar, you can pick a newsstand for cheap.

However, like all modern newsstand, you need to be patient to wait for copies to show up. In fact, I am quite surprised to find that there are much less newsstand copies for this issue relative to X-Force #116. Maybe it is because the prices are not attractive enough to draw out the copies but in terms of listings, X-Force #125 newsstand is definitely harder to come by.

Other Dead Girl key comics

If you like this character like I do, here is 2 other books you can also pick up for a dollar.

X-Force #126

Date of Publication: 2002
Sale number: 46,224

Key strengths of this book
1. First cover appearance of Dead Girl
2. Origin of Dead Girl
3. 2nd appearance of Dead Girl


X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl

Date of Publication: 2006
Sale number: 20,678

Key strengths of this book
1. First solo series of Dead Girl


The above books will only be worth something if Dead Girl gets hot. So, don’t go looking for them. Instead, they should be found together when you are buying X-Force #125.


This week’s pick is another one of those very “out there” ideas. Fortunately, Dead Girl is a character I personally like so if the pick didn’t pan out, I am at least “buying what I love” lol.

8 thoughts on “Comic Speculation #23: Dead Girl Key Comics

  1. Aaron, you’re back, so happy to hear!! I’ve made some great investments bc of you, please keep the intelligent spec coming!!!

  2. Welcome back Aaron! Thanks for starting to write this again and help me navigate todays comic book market. Your blog is much appreciated!

  3. Thanks for posting some new info. Hadn’t seen anything from you in a while. Was worried, hope all is well. I have been stocking up on your spec books especially Dracula and vampire stuff. Everything else is too expensive right now.

  4. Thanks guys. I am surprised I still have readers after such a long absence.

    Unfortunately personal family matters is keeping me very busy to have a regular publishing schedule.

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