December 2020 (1st week) Comic Book Sales Charts and Figures

The first week of December manages to maintain the sales volume of previous week with a total of 104 units being sold (last week was 106 units). The purchase were spread pretty nicely over the different price categories instead of lumping under the cheap buys. This is a always an encouraging sign for the growing newsstand market.

  • 30% of newsstand comics sold are sold at $10 and below prices. Any surprises that Star Wars comics took the largest market share here with 33% of all units sold? Probably not given how hot Star Wars comics are currently with the Mandalorian series growing from strength to strength. Spidey took another 10% with the rest being a mixture of everything else.
  • 35% of newsstand sales are sold between $11 and $30. This week saw this price category again having more units sold than the previous one, which is good to see. Star Wars and X-Men/Wolverine titles each took 33% of the share here. Batman and Spider-Man took another 10% each.
  • 21% of newsstand sales are sold between $30 and $100. In this higher price group, it is again Star Wars titles taking the lead. This time, they commanded a staggering 50% of all newsstand sales here. A surprising seller here is Hawkeye Vol 4 which took 15% of the sales here, after news of its casting hit the media this week.
  • 14% of newsstand sales are sold above $100. Anytime this number goes beyond 10% is a strong signal about the trending newsstand market. This week, 15 books sold above the $100 mark, with one of them hitting the 4 digit sales price.

Below are the top 10 newsstand sales for the week.

Ultimate Fallout #4

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $2.600

After making its 8th entry just last week, Ultimate Fallout #4 reclaimed the top spot this month with its 9th chart entry. As a fellow Mewe member Mike H said, this book could be “grail of modern books”.

This week’s sale is for a CGC 7.0 and it went for $2,600. Just in October 3rd week, a CGC 8.0 went for $2,750. Based on this, I would think the book has again jumped in prices within just 1.5 months.

I don’t even have to look to know the newsstand premium is going to be huge for this sale. Indeed it is as a direct edition 7.0 is just $250. Can you say 10X premium?

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 2, #1

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $650

Last week’s top spot book slipped down 2 notches this week with its 11th chart entry. This is the highest number of entries achieved by a book since the chart’s inception.

A CGC 9.2 sold this week for $650. Although this is not a high number relative to last week’s sales of a 9.6 for $2,800, it is still an impressive sale for this grade.

In comparison, a direct edition 9.2 copy of this book is going for $110. This means a newsstand premium of 500%!

Batman Beyond #6

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $300

The first appearance of Inqu continues to attract the attention of newsstand buyers as this is the book’s 5th entry. This is definitely one key book to be on the look out before any news break out.

This sale of $300 is the highest newsstand sale and it is for a CGC 9.6 copy. Its previous sales on the 1st week of November was $129 for a CGC 9.2 copy.

Direct editions of a 9.6 cost for this book is around $180. This implies a newsstand premium of almost 100%.

Star Wars Legacy #1

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $178

Star Wars legacy #1 enters the 2 digit chart entry realm this week with its 10th entry. This was after making its 9th just last month. It is interesting that this book is heating up as all the characters are still considered non canon at this point.

This sales is for a raw NM- copy and went for $178. As such, there is a 50% increase over the previous sale of $110 for a VFNM copy.

However, the price of the direct editions have been increasing as well. When comparing both direct and newsstand, there isn’t seem to any premium. This represents a drop from the previous sale which has a 100% premium.

Hulk Vol 2, #92

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $105

Hulk Vol 2, #92 features the Planet Hulk storyline and also contains first appearances of minor characters such as Calera and Mike. This is the book’s second chart entry, with its debut in the 4th week of September.

This sale is for a CGC 9.6. That was the same grade that sold during this book’s debut week. Back then, it sold for $130, which means this week’s sale is a bit of a retrace.

However, newsstand premium is still strong as regular CGC 9.6 is selling for $40-50.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars #1

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $760

With Ahsoka finally make her live appearance on the Mandalorian, her first appearance is selling very well. This is Clone Wars #1 8th entry, after making its 7th on the 1st week of Nov.

The previous sale was for a CGC 9.0 copy, which went for $790. This time, a CGC 9.2 went for $760. Compared to the Ultimate Fallout #4, the growth isn’t that impressive.

However, it can also mean that grabbing newsstand copies of this book is still a viable investment. Indeed, the direct edition 9.2 is selling for $500 so this sales has only a 50% newsstand premium.

New Avengers #7

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $445

Appearing for the 4th time on the chart is New Avengers #7, containing the first appearance of the Illuminati. This comes after its 3rd entry just last week.

This sale of $445 is the highest achieved for this book. It is for a raw high grade copy so buyers might be thinking it can be graded in the 9.6-9.8 category. Nevertheless, compared to last week’s CGC 9.6 sales of $300, this book has jumped in prices.

Raw NM is selling for $20 so there is a big newsstand premium of 2000% for this sale.

Hulk Vol 2, #1

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $200

Hulk Vol 2 #1, containing the first appearance of the Red Hulk, is also a regular book on the charts. This is its 5th entry, after making its 4th on the 5th week of Oct.

For this sale, it is a raw VF that sold for $200. This is in line with the $200 sale in Oct for a CGC 8.0. If you consider the graded vs non graded difference, the book has increase in price.

Premium wise, it has managed to hold on to the 200% difference from the previous sale.

Star Wars Tales #4

Copies sold: 4
Average Sales: $25 – $125

The first new entry this week comes from another recent hot Star Wars comic: Star Wars Tales #4. This comic features the first appearance of Dark Troopers, which has been featured in the Mandalorian series.

The book sold 4 copies just this week alone, signaling how the market is experiencing some FOMO. Personally, I wouldn’t touch this book now.

Prices wise, the 4 copies sold between a low of $25 to a high of $125. I suspect the true value is somewhere in the $50-70 area. Based on the $125 price, the newsstand premium stands around 300%, but it will probably disappear for the next sale.

Star Wars Republic #60

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $100

The second new entry this week comes from yet again another Star Wars comic. This time, it is Star Wars Republic #60, which features the origin of popular bounty hunter, Asajj Ventress. This is a low print run book as its sale was only 20k.

The $100 sale this week is for a raw VFNM copy.

Direct editions of this book is selling for $20 in VFNM condition. This implies a newsstand premium of 400% for this sale, which is huge for a Star Wars comic.

3 thoughts on “December 2020 (1st week) Comic Book Sales Charts and Figures

  1. I was the one who purchase the Avenger #7 Newsstand raw because I sold the prior Avengers #7 Newsstand 9.6 CGC. The seller offered $275.00 and I responded with a $245.00 offer. I don’t mind verifying it for you.

  2. By the way, I bought the first Avengers #7 off of eBay for 21.99 as a buy it now. I wanted to try something new and reinvest my purchase instead of buying something different. I can follow up with the grade of the raw copy if you like? It could be an interesting article if you want to discuss the value of spotting graded worthy books.

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