Geoff Johns Characters to Speculate On

Geoff Johns characters are a treasure trove of comics to speculate on. He was the Chief Creative Director while in DC and now runs his production company called Mad Ghost Productions. The focus on his company is to produce films and television shows based on DC characters.

Guess which ones he will be focusing on? His own creations are the most obvious.

His company co developed The Flash and Titans series as well as created the current Stargirl TV series. All three were series written by Geoff Johns and some characters were in fact created by him.

In this article, I look at how the first appearance comics of his creations have done price wise. I also look at other popular Geoff Johns characters to pay attention to.

Geoff Johns CharactersFirst AppearancePrices in NMPrices in 9.8Sales Number
Appeared in TV
StargirlStars and Stripe #0USD 60USD 33030,238
Miss MartianTeen Titans Vol 3, #37USD 5USD 7571,254
No appearance yet
Simon BazNew 52 Free Comic Book Special Edition Day #1 USD 4USDNo Information
Kendra SaundersJSA Secret Files #1USD 10USD 11032,728
Jessica CruzJustice League Vol 2, #31USD 15USD 20075,803
AqualadBrightest day #4USD 3No info 81,384
AtrocitusGreen Lantern Vol 4, #25 USD 18USD 19090,491
LarfleezeGreen Lantern Vol 4, #25USD 18USD 19090,491

Currently, only two of Geoff Johns characters have made it to the small screen: Stargirl and Ms Martian. The former is starring in her own TV series while the latter is a guest star on the Supergirl show.

The performance of their first appearance comics is indicating that only the leads of TV shows matter. If the characters is just a guest star, there is almost no impact of the comic prices.

Another reason could be the differences in supply. Teen Titans Vol 3, #37 has almost double the supply of Stars and STRIPE #0. Coupled with a non leading role, might lead to such differences in the comics price appearance.

One thing to note is that Stars and Stripe #0 took quite a while to heat up. Only after the show aired and received positive responses did the book start to rise up to its current prices.

This is in contrast to Marvel books where the slightest rumors can set the book off.

New 52 Free Comic Book Special Edition Day #1

Date of Publication: 2012
Sale number: No Information

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Simon Baz


Simon Baz has made 211 appearances since 2012, making an average of 23 appearances per year. This automatically classified the book as a Gem, according to the improved PSM framework.

Unfortunately, we do not know the number of copies being printed. If this number is too high, then this might be a Slow Burner book even though Simon is actively being used in the comics.

In terms of media appearance, it is likely that Simon, together with Jessica, might be featured in the Green Lanterns movie or HBO show.

JSA Secret Files #1

Date of Publication: 1999
Sale number: 32,728

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Kendra Saunders


While there are different editions of Hawkgirl, Kendra Saunders seems to be one of the more successful one. She has made over 400 comic appearances as well as being featured in animations. Fundamentally, she is a solid character to invest in.

Another positive thing is her first appearance comic has similar sales numbers as Stars and STRIPE #0. So, given the right push, JSA secret files #1 have the potential to reach what Stargirl’s first appearance comic has done.

Currently, she is scheduled to appear in the Black Adam’s movie. It is currently unclear if it will be a major or minor role.

Justice League Vol 2, #31

Date of Publication: 2014
Sale number: 71,254

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Jessica Cruz


Jessica Cruz has been identified as a Gem book in my previous article on the next Ultimate Fallout #4 candidate. She happens to be created by Geoff Johns as well so I am including her again in this article.

Although Jessica is a new character from Geoff Johns, she has been heavily used by DC comics. She has had her own series with Simon, and is now leading Justice League Odyssey. She has made 210 appearances in a span of 6 years.

The only thing concerning me is the print supply. Hopefully, her popularity is strong enough to overcome it and lead to a significant price rise.

Brightest Day #4

Date of Publication: 2010
Sale number: 81,384

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Aqualad (Jackson Hyde)


Jackson Hyde was introduced during the big Green Lantern event in 2010. Since then, he has been associated with the Teen Titans and is constant remember before the whole 52 event.

Most Titans members’ first appearance comics did not do well even with the TV show being aired. Hence, it is unlikely that Aqualad’s first appearance might fare any better.

Among the Geoff Johns characters featured here, Aqualad has the least potential in terms of experiencing any strong price increase even if he is in a TV show.

Green Lantern Vol 4, #25

Date of Publication: 2008
Sale number: 90,491

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Atrocitus

2. First appearance of Larfleeze


This is a cool book to own because it contains many first appearances besides Atrocitus and Larfleeze. The only downside is the large print run of 90k. However, there is a variant that has a much smaller print run so it makes a better speculation book.

Both Atrocitus and Larfleeze have made over 100 comic appearances, although the former has slightly more. On average, their appearance ratio is 10 and 8 respectively. These numbers show that they are not as much used as Kendra or Jessica but at least more than Aqualad.

In terms of media spotlight, their chances of eventually showing up in the Green Lantern franchisee is pretty high, although it might not be the first movie.


On average, the prices for Geoff Johns characters are pretty affordable. This makes them good speculation candidates especially if you think they can repeat what Star and Stripe #0 has achieved.

With the influence of Geoff Johns on the properties that will be produced, I would say these characters are a good bet. The worst case is you lose 20-30 bucks but the upside is pretty attractive with high probability of the characters getting some media attention.

2 thoughts on “Geoff Johns Characters to Speculate On

  1. i picked up a nm 9.4+ recently for 50p of Star and Stripe 0 . Stargirl has development potential. If the tv version doesnt work they can move it on and progress it. Also JSA All Stars 4 2003 is a critical issue as Courtney Whitmore is called Stargirl for the first time. Also the JSA are slowly creeping into our subconsciousness and they could be bigger than the Justice League if a movie is mentioned with loads of characters. Powergirl could be a breakout. The amazing Alex Ross has painted many JSA comic covers and just imagine an animated illustrated tv series illustrated in his paintative style. Wow!!!! Speaking of Mr Ross, a Battle of the Planets animated tv show is long overdue.

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