July 2020 (5th week) Comic Book Sales Charts and Figures

Welcome to the newsstand sales report for the last week of July. In total, we have 93 newsstand copies (produced after 1998) that were sold in this week.

  • 43% of newsstand comics sold are sold at $10 and below prices. Besides the usual Batman and Superman titles, Sonic the Hedgehog sold a bunch of issues.
  • 27% of newsstand sales are sold between $11 and $30. Batman and Spider-Man continued to dominate this category, along with a sprinkle of sales from Ms Marvel Vol 2, Star Wars and X-Men titles.
  • 20% of newsstand sales are sold between $30 and $100. This is probably the highest number I have seen for this category. Interestingly, DC dominates this sales category. Lots of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Justice League sold here. Some of the issues will be highlighted in the top 10 chart later on.
  • 10% of newsstand sales are sold above $100. Specifically, 9 issues sold above $100, while the majority being Spider-Man issues.

Below are the top 10 newsstand sales for the week.

Updated: I got comments from buyers of the below book that the Ebay pricing was wrong. These are the actual prices they paid for:

  • New Avengers #7: $125 instead of $150
  • Amazing Spider-Man #654: $130 instead of $150

Batman Beyond #1

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $450

One of the current hot modern books, it is no surprise the newsstand edition of Batman Beyond #1 has made its way into this chart as well.

This sale is for a 6 issue set in Fine condition. As result, it is difficult to say what is the price for Batman Beyond #1 alone.

However, I venture to say that it probably takes up majority of that sale.

Amazing Spider-Man #654

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $150

Amazing Spider-Man #654 makes its first entry into the top 10 chart with this sale of $150 for a NM copy.

Readers of this blog will know I recommend this book in my undervalued modern key post. In that post, I mentioned the price of the regular edition to be $25.

If we do the math, the newsstand premium implied by this sale is a whopping 600%, which is pretty surprising.

Amazing Spider-Man #606

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $150

This sale is part of the 3 issue sale I mentioned for ASM #601.

This sale matches the previous sale number from 2 weeks ago and also marks the 3rd time this book has appeared in the July chart.

New Avengers #7

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $150

Continuing from last week, New Avengers #7 is still riding hot on the Illuminati rumor.

This week’s $150 sale for a 9.0 copy is 50-200% jump from last week’s sale of $55-99.

In terms of newsstand premium, it is about 500%!

Star Wars Tales #24

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $75

Star Wars Tales #24 appeared for the 2nd time this month with this sale. Price wise, it is on par with what it sold for on the 2nd week of July.

It seems the draw of the first appearance of Darth Nilhilus is great indeed.

Unfortunately, there is still no newsstand premium for this book, probably due to more supply available.

What if #105

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $190

Making it way back into the charts after appearing in the 1st week of July, What If #105 continues to sell for its newsstand edition.

This sale of $190 is for a VF- copy and is noticeably below the previous sales of $300 for a VF copy.

Nevertheless, the $190 price tag still means a newsstand premium of almost 100% as the direct edition sells for below $100 in VF.

Amazing Spider-Man #601

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $150

Amazing Spider-Man #601 made its 3rd appearance for July’s top 10 newsstand sales chart. This under scores just how desirable this book is, especially in newsstand format.

This book was sold as part of a set that cost $450. I simply divided this number by 3 to get the price for each issue.

If you agree to this method, this current price is the highest we have seen for this book.

Amazing Spider-Man #607

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $150

Not to be outdone, Amazing Spider-Man #607 finally return to the charts after debuting in May.

Bought as part of the 3 issue ASM, this sale marks a high point and indicates a 300% newsstand premium.

Superman Vol 4, #10

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $85

Appearing for the 2nd time this month, Superman #10 continues to get the attention of newsstand collectors due to the first appearance of Super Sons.

This sale of $85 is a slight drop from the $100 sale earlier. However, it is still a staggering 800% over the regular edition.

Astonishing X-Men #43

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $65

Making its debut on the charts is Astonishing X-Men #43, featuring a very desirable Arthur Adam cover of Emma Frost.

The direct editions of this book is starting to see some heat as prices have climbed from $10 to $15.

This sale marked a newsstand premium of 300%.

Below are some honorable mentions this week.

Star Wars Legacy #2

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $40

While Star Wars Legacy #1 has been getting the attention, it is time that more folks pay attention to issue #2. This book features the first appearance of Darth Talon, arguably the most popular character to come out from this series.

Just check out all her cosplay!

A direct edition of this book usually sells for $20. This indicates a newsstand premium of 100% for with this sales of $40.

Superman Batman #22

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $40

Superman Batman #22 was mentioned last week and continued to do well this week.

This book contains the first appearance of Batman Beyond in DC Continuity as it supersedes Superman Batman Annual #4.

Prices have stabilized to $40 for its newsstand, making it twice as expensive as the regular editions.

6 thoughts on “July 2020 (5th week) Comic Book Sales Charts and Figures

  1. The New Avengers 7 Newsstand actually sold on a best offer for $125. I’m not sure why it’s showing up as $150. It was listed as $150 but I took a best offer of $125. Pro habit could’ve gotten more as it sold very quickly.

    1. Yes, I remembered you mention the $125 price but since ebay did not reflect that, I decided to use the public record number. However, you commented here, your actual sales will be here for everyone to see.

  2. Aaron, I just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying your resolve and renewed dedication to the website. I always appreciate your insight. Thanks for the time that you put into it.

      1. I second that. Its great to have an author of his site interested in what he does and interested in us. Thank you

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