June 2020 (3rd week) Comic Book Sales Charts and Figures

The past week saw a number of bigger newsstand sales taking place. Some of them even sold multiple copies within one week. In addition, the average selling price for regular newsstand have increased as well as more copies are sold in the $11 to $30 range.

The total copies sold for June 3rd week is around 133 copies.

  • 39% of newsstand comics sold are $10 and below. In the 2nd week, this number was 72%. Hence, we can infer that the average selling price for newsstand went up in June 3rd week.
  • 45% of newsstand comics sold are between $11 and $30. This represented an increase of almost 100% from 2nd week’s sales data.
  • 10% of newsstand comics sold between $31 to $100. Specifically, 13 newsstand comic books were sold in this range.
  • 6% of newsstand comics sold over $100. In the 2nd week, this number was just over 2%.

One pattern I saw last week was sellers increasing their prices for newsstands, in particular for Spider-Man and Batman titles. Despite this, most still sold within days of listings.

On to the week’s top sellers

Star Wars: The Clone Wars #1

Copies sold: 2
Average Sales: $650 for NM & $262 for VG

Clone Wars #1 was absent for 2 weeks but came back with a vengeance last week.

2 copies sold with solid results. An NM copy sold for $650, which is about 30-40% higher than non newsstand editions. The VG copy sold for $265, which is also higher than regular editions.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 2, #1

Copies sold: 4
Average Sales: $200-$300 for VF and $55 for Fine

Making its first entry into the charts, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 is on fire. This book is riding on the rise of all Mile Morales books. It also features the first appearance of Aaron David, uncle and enemy to Miles Morales.

Regular editions of this book has been selling in the $70 range. These 3 sales indicated a newsstand premium of 300%, which is a quite a big premium.

Daredevil Vol 3, #21

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $180

A single copy for Superior Spider-Man’s first appearance for $180. This is also the books’s first entry into the charts.

Regular 9.8s are available for $100. This means the newsstand premium for this book is around 80%.

Not bad for a minor first appearance comic.

Astonishing X-Men Vol 3, #6

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $80

This is another book that makes a first entry into the charts. Containing the first appearance of S.W.O.R.D and Abigail Brand, Astonishing X-Men #6 has been on speculator’s radar since the end credit scene of Captain Marvel movie.

Regular editions of this book is pretty affordable due to its large print run. It routinely sells for around $15-$20. This newsstand sale of $80 represented a premium of 4-6X.

New Avengers #11

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $65

Riding on the same Echo rumors, New Avengers #11 also saw some buying interest. This book represents the first appearance of Echo as Ronin.

This book has a pretty high sales number so regular editions can only command around $20. This $65 newsstand sales is 3 times higher than that, indicating the newsstand premium is very significant.

If this trend continues, you might want to pick up New Avengers #7 newsstand.

Star Wars: Heir to the Empire #1

Copies sold: 3
Average Sales: $85

Heir to the Empire #1 continues its selling streak. This entry marks the fourth time the book has appeared since this sales chart started.

3 copies sold in the range of $75 to $85. All were in the very fine range. Unfortunately, these prices are almost identical with regular editions, indicating no newsstand premium.

Amazing Spider-Man #546

Copies sold: 2
Average Sales: $42 & $150

Jackpot continues to draw speculator attention as her first appearance is the 3rd showing on the newsstand charts.

2 copies sold this week but with very drastically different prices. The first sale was $42 for a near mint copy. The 2nd sales, also for a near mint copy, went for $150, an increase of 3X!

I am not sure if this is just one outlier sales. Let see what the future charts say.

Daredevil Vol 2, #9

Copies sold: 2
Average Sales: $8 and $81

With Echo being rumored for a MCU appearance, her first appearance is starting to get noticed.

There were 2 newsstand sales for this book with very different prices. I believe the $8 sale was a lucky buy.

A 3rd copy just sold for $90 but it just falls outside the period for this report.

Star Wars Tales #24

Copies sold: 2
Average Sales: $70

Continuing its selling streak from the previous sales charts, Star Wars Tales #24 made sales this week: one in raw and one in CGC 9.4. For non SW fans, this book contains the first appearance of Darth Nihilus, a popular Sith Lord.

Unfortunately, these prices are very similar to what the regular editions are selling for. If you are a buyer of newsstand, this might go to your advantage as you are not paying any premium.

Ghost Rider Vol 7, #1

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $50

This book was on my watch list but I have forgotten to bid! If I did, this will be a much higher priced sale.

Featuring the first appearance of the female Ghost Rider, this entry is also the book’s first into the sales charts. With all Ghost Riders getting some heat, this book might see more entries if newsstand copies are listed.

Normally, this book sells for $20 for regular editions. A sale of $50 means a newsstand premium of 150%.

Outside of these 2 books, there are 2 horonable mentions this week. Both are new entries for the newsstand sales charts.

Flashpoint #1

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $43

With new rumors surfacing about Flashpoint being used in the Flash movie, this book is seeing some heat.

However, there is no newsstand premium yet as the regular editions are selling for the same price.

Justice League Vol 2, #12

Copies sold: 2
Average Sales: $30

Another new entry into this week’s sales charts is this lovely cover from Jim Lee.

There were 2 sales this week in the $30+ range. This is about 2.5X more than what the regular editions are selling for.

Overall, the 3rd week of June saw a flurry of newsstand sales. Lets’ see if next week will have the same level of activity.