Kamala Khan Key Issues

Kamala Khan has one of the most expensive first appearances in modern comics. However, most of her supporting characters and enemies are getting zero interest. Will that change with the upcoming Disney+ show?

If you want to bet on that happening, here are some Kamala Khan issues for you to consider.

IssuesPriceSignificanceAppearancesSalesLater Printings
Ms Marvel Vol 3, #1$50First Joshua Richardson2150,286
Ms Marvel Vol 3, #5$15Cameo app of Inventor533,7952nd
Ms Marvel Vol 3, #6 $5First Inventor536,0412nd
Ms Marvel Vol 3, #13 $8First Kamran532,425No
Ms Marvel Vol 3, #17$5First meet up with Carol31.567No
Ms Marvel Vol 4, #1  $10First Chuck579,222No
Ms Marvel Vol 4, #8$3First Becky St. Jude1031,798No
Ms Marvel Vol 4, #11$3First Becky as Lockdown1027,278No
Ms Marvel Vol 4, #12$5First Red Dagger928,348No
Ms Marvel Vol 4, #14$5First Doc.X624,006No
Ms Marvel Vol 4, #19$5First Joshua as Discord2117,097No
Ms Marvel Vol 4, #29$5First Doc.X as Kaylee Kirk613,588No
Magnificent Ms. Marvel #5$10First New Costume13,8472nd (2902)
Magnificent Ms. Marvel #9$10First Stormranger cover on 2nd print312,2302nd (1713)
Magnificent Ms. Marvel #10$10First Stormranger312,0982nd (1041)
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Key observations

1. Lottery book materials

As mentioned in the opening section, most Ms Marvel keys are still cheap if we talk about just the regular editions. However, most of these characters have made only a few appearances, thus limiting our ability to know their potential.

Fortunately most of the print runs are not high so that makes them perfect lottery books i.e. cheap + low character appearances + moderate to low supply. This is especially for issues released after Ms Marvel Vol 4, #12.

2. Look out for 2nd prints

Some of the 2nd print issues have really ridiculous low print runs. If any of them catches fire, the price will spike right through as the supply simply cannot keep up.

The 2nd prints on the Magnificent Ms. Marvel series are especially note worthy because all of them featured different cover art. Some of them are actually much better than the first prints.

In contrast, most the 2nd prints in the earlier volumes simply have a color switch. The most common being changing the red color bar at the bottom from red to blue.

3. Specific recommended issues

Below are issues that I feel has more potential relative to others, either because they either have a stronger character or the print run is insanely low.

Ms Marvel Vol 3, #1

Date of Publication: 2014
Sale number: 50,286

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Joshua Richardson

2. First appearances of Kamala’s family members and close friends

3. Debut issue for Kamala


The first issue of Kamala is already a pretty well known book as shown by its price tag of around $50-60. Besides being her first #1 issue, it also contains the first appearance of Joshua, who will later transform into a villain called Discord.

Joshua is currently the most used villain in the Ms Marvel universe so he might be used in the upcoming show.

The play here though is not the regular edition but either the variant or the later printings.

This book was so popular that it went through 7th printings, similarly to Edge of Spider-verse #2. Currently the prices of these later printings are starting to climb but are still inconsistent. If you watched Ebay closely enough, you will find some cheap listings for these later printings.

Below is the sales number and pricing for these later printings

IssuePublished DateSales NumberCurrent Prices*
Ms Marvel Vol 3, #1 (1st print)April 201450,286$50
Ms Marvel Vol 3, #1 (2nd print)May 20146,963$20
Ms Marvel Vol 3, #1 (3rd print)June 20145,374$30
Ms Marvel Vol 3, #1 (4th print)July 2014 2,847$20
Ms Marvel Vol 3, #1 (5th print) 2014No Info$80
Ms Marvel Vol 3, #1 (6th print)October 2014No Info$10
Ms Marvel Vol 3, #1 (7th print)January 2015No Info$40
– Prices are for near mint raw copies
– Links above are to Ebay. If you buy something, I will get a commission from Ebay as part of its affiliate program. If you want to support my research, using my links to buy from Ebay will be the best way.

From the table, it seems the sketch covers of the 5th and 7th printing are getting more pricey. They also have fewer listings compared to the rest.

Below are the covers, starting with the 2nd print on the left.

Ms Marvel Vol 4, #8

Date of Publication: 2016
Sale number: 31,798

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Becky


The next recurring villain after Joshua would be Becky. She has made 10 appearances and is constantly one of the thorns in Ms Marvel’s side.

Becky made her first appearance in #8, which has a Civil war variant that is the same price as the regular cover

Her transformation into Lockdown occurred three issues later in Ms Marvel Vol 4, #11. You can pair both issues to sell as a set if you think this is a worthy speculation.

Ms Marvel Vol 4, #12

Date of Publication: 2016
Sale number: 28,348

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Red Dagger


The Red Dagger is the only supporting character with any kind of combat abilities. If you want to speculate on non villain characters, he is probably the only choice you got.

Appearance wise, he has make 9 so far. That is a not particularly high number but as I said. he is the only choice you have for superhero based supporting characters.

There are a couple of variants for this book. The Jones and Black Widow variants are already pricey. I wouldn’t recommend you getting them as Red Dagger is not a popular character yet.

Instead, go for the design variant. It is more limited but is still relatively cheap.

Magnificent Ms Marvel #10

Date of Publication: 2019
Sale number: 12,098

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Stormranger


Ms Marvel latest villain is called Stormranger and she received quite a bit of hype when she was introduced. That is because she seems like what Venom is to Spider-Man, a natural nemesis.

Currently, the heat has cooled down but I liked nemesis characters in general. They tend to be developed and become sustainable characters in the future.

For this book, I think 2nd prints are the way to go due to the better cover and the insane low print run. As such, I think this is a lottery book that has high return potential.

The key question is whether collectors will gravitate toward the 2nd print of #9 issue, where it is Stormranger’s first cover or the #10 issue, where it has her first appearance in the book.


Overall, Kamala Khan supporting cast has not have any serious breakout yet. A TV show might change that but it is all pretty speculative.

However, one worrying trend you can see from the table is the declining sales number for Ms Marvel. Is she losing fan support?

16 thoughts on “Kamala Khan Key Issues

  1. i would love you do do a pick on early Kamala kahn comic covers outside of the main series. As these can be difficult to source. Perhaps AGENTS 2 and also their is a Michael Cho 1in25cover and your personal choices as well as this could be very interesting a top 20 perhaps

    1. Aaron, what do you make of Avengers Ultron Revolutiuon 011 1st appearance of the animated version of Kamala in a comic. I did buy a copy when it came out but found it very hard to obtain as the print run i was told was low. Could this be a sleeper as noone seems to show any interest in it?

  2. Might want to look at the prices for the 7th print, numbers so low you cant even find a print run, rarest book of her outside of 1st app and cameo

    1. all new marvel now! previews february 2014 has pages from Ms marvel 1 in sketch form. This predates All new point one. Could be important

      1. Has anyone seen the GWENPOOL HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 1 SHOT MS MARVEL KAMALA KAHN VARIANT. Nice Cho cover has early Walking Dead story and early appearance by Invincible. Undervalued

    1. Well based on the trend the numbers keep going down so based on that trend and pattern unless someone can prove otherwise 7th would be lowest. Plus its not just about print size, the 7th print also looks the best, so with no info given ill take my chances with the most eye popping print which is the 7th just my opinion

  3. Hi longtime fan, first time post. Huge fan of Kamala Khan. Was wondering what do you think about the first appearance of Amulet. Worth Speculating at all?

    1. Hi Ossama, thanks for the comment. Amulet is probably too new to draw a conclusion. Any purchase now is best treated like a a lottery ticket. I would aim for Kamala’s older books with characters that have more appearances.

      1. Comik book invest did an article on characters animatid first appearances. Avengers Ultron Revolution #11, 1st Appearance Animation Kamala Khan could be a real sleeper. Does anyone know the print run i suspekt could be below 1000copies?

        1. Whether the market appreciates this so called animated first appearance is still relatively unknown.
          Moreover, the prices now are too high to be considered a lottery ticket buy.

          If you can buy it cheap, then it is ok but I wouldn’t advise anyone to chase down this book at current prices.

  4. Wow, great insight, and looking from your standpoint I totally agree! Thanks for the input! Can’t wait to see more of your posts!

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