Undervalued comics #18 – List of rare valiant comics in 9.8 that have potential value

My love for all things Valiant continues as I am looking to buy up all the first appearances I can find within my budget. The previous article was looking at the VEI key issues for female characters. For this article, I am focusing more on the pre Unity keys. The list will ignore all the gold variants and what not. I am not interested in those as I am focusing more on the regular issues with first appearances.

pre unity valint comics to invest


Issue 9.8 9.6
Total  9.8/Total  Print Run
Solar 10 63 244 476 13% 55,000
XO-Manowar 4 113 48 192 59% 45,000
Magnus 5 137 102 281 49% 85,000
Solar 3 139 49 219 63% 70,000
Harbinger 1 167 280 943 18% 49,000
Archer & Armstrong 0 173 46 252 69% 100,000
Shadowman 1 233 105 387 60% 50,000
Eternal Warrior #4 266 85 392 68% 100,000
XO-Manowar 1 436 180 767 57% 80,000
Rai 0 456 207 843 54% 150,000

The census information is a tricky beast to fully understand. It is a snapshot in time so you can’t just look at the current information and say whether a book is rare.  A book may have low census information because

  • It is rare
  • No incentive to slab because the selling price is too low

To better gleam information from the census, it is important to know the context of the book. The context can relative to its history or to its peers. That will help you determine if a book is really rare or just not being slabbed. With this mind, let’s take a closer look at the table and try to interpret the result.


9.8/Total ratio

Before analyzing the list, a useful ratio to note is the 9.8 to total submission ratio. A low ratio means resistance to census i.e. even with more submissions, you will not see a big jump in 9.8s. This can be due to a variety of reasons including production defects, black covers, poor quality paper etc. Whatever the reason, a book that is resistant to census tend to be pretty hard to find in 9.8s.

In Valiant’s case, it is Solar #10 and Harbinger #1. Looking at the ratio, these 2 books are below 20% which is low relative to the other titles which are averaging 50%. It is no wonder that even with so many books being submitted, we still don’t see a flood of 9.8s. This is good news for collectors as the limited supply will keep the value of the book high.


Top 5 rare valiant comics result

1. Solar #10: As expected, Solar 10 takes the lead. This book is simply tough in 9.8 as you can see its low number even with a high submission count. With a price tag of USD900, the incentive to slab is great but you will not see any big increase in numbers. See the above section to understand why. (Ebay listings)

2. XO-Manowar #4: This book has the second lowest 9.8 so many might think this book is rare in this condition However, this is the kind of book that might see a large increase in census if the prices shot up. It has very little resistance to census if we look at the ratio of 9.8 to total submissions. More worrying, it also have the lowest submission count so it is hard to tell if future 9.8 numbers will increase when total submissions increased. (Ebay listings)

3. Magnus #5: Another book that has low 9.8 numbers currently but a high 9.8/total ratio. However, unlike XO-Manowar #4, this book might NOT see a big increase due to coupon cut outs, similar to the Harbinger Pink program. Currently, the interest in this book is fairly low due to a lack of movie news but Rai is a great character and its low 9.8 numbers might make it valuable when the time comes for the character gains interest (Ebay listings)

4. Solar #3: This is a low 9.8 census and low submission book but with a high 9.8/total ratio. In this aspect, it is very similar to XO-Manowar #4. As such, it is risky to assume that it will have the same low 9.8 numbers going forward. If this book is suddenly worth $500 in 9.8, it is highly the 9.8 numbers will shoot up with an increased in submissions. (Ebay listings)

5. Harbinger #1: A very valuable book and it is easy to see why. Low 9.8/total ratio despite a high number of submissions. This means we wouldn’t see an avalanche of 9.8s appearing even if the book continues to creep up in prices. I love to invest in such books as supply wouldn’t overwhelm any sudden increase in demand. (Ebay listings)



Valiant comics are starting to get the interest of collectors due to the movie hype coming in 2017. Will the demand be sustained? It is hard to tell at this point.  However, if you are keen to invest, at least understand the supply situation and how it might reduce or increase your potential profits in the future if demand suddenly picks up.

6 thoughts on “Undervalued comics #18 – List of rare valiant comics in 9.8 that have potential value

  1. hi your an excellent researcher and because of this I wanted your opinion on a couple of books. The first is Moon Knight #1 (2014) bill sienkiewics variant cover 1:75 do you know how many were made?
    And the other is the second appearance of Brainiac, “supermans girlfriend lois lane 17 (cameo last page) and action #275 was interested as a while back brainiac was said to be the major villain in the upcoming Justice league of america movie.

    Thanks joe

    1. Variants are hard to predict as it all depends on personal taste so I tend to avoid them if possible.
      2nd appearances can make some money although the big gainers are always in the first.


  2. Great information. Love reading your speculations. I wanted to ask you what’s your opinion on cbcs grading? I have the opportunity to get my harbinger 1 sign in a couple months by Jim shooter and unfortunately there is no cgc witness near me but cbcs is available. Do you think cbcs will be the same value? The harbinger is, in my opinion and many other’s, a 9.8

    1. I also forgot to ask why isn’t harbinger 0 pink a bigger investment compare to 1? 0 is less copies from my understanding.

  3. This TPB is about as rare as they come. The regular two issues are worth zip but this one is a prize for any Valiant collector.

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