Undervalued comics #15 – Popular Marvel and DC characters that are undervalued – Part four

Doing this series is more tiring as I thought! Well, 2 more to go and I suspect that Part five will be easy as most will be super expensive books that I will simply go: Next! In fact, today’s article will probably be the last chance to spot any undervalue gems before the top 10 as I don’t believe there will be any unknown books in that list.

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Popular DC characters

  • #20: Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern Vol 3 #48) – I always know Kyle was popular but I have never bought a single issue of this book. Why? It is a 90s book that is printed in the 270-300k region. Unless Kyle becomes as hot as Deadpool, this will not be a book that earns you any high returns. I will pass. (Ebay listings)
  • #19: Black Canary (Justice League #75) – Due to the confusing nature of her first appearance, this book has never been super hot even though Black Canary is an established character that has her own sole series and a TV show appearance. Looking at its current prices, they are surprising affordable and I would pick up some copies in case something happens that make everyone sit up and buy this book. (Ebay listings)
  • #18: Darkseld (Forever People #1) – I must admit Darkseid’s ranking surprised me. Thanos, who I thought is a more popular character, is ranked #26 in the Marvel list. Yet, despite the similarities in popularity, Darkseid’s first full appearance in Forever People #1 is surprising cheap, when compared to Iron Man #55. I think that will change drastically when you see Darkseid popping up in the Justice League movies. My advice is to grab this book now while you still can. (Ebay listings)
  • #17: Tim Drake (Batman #436) – Tim Drake suffer from the same problem as Kyle Rayner. While both are popular characters, their first appearance books are too plenty to command any serious price appreciation. Buy it for cheap but don’t expect big gains. (Ebay listings)
  • #16: Lex Luthor (Action Comics #23): Good luck trying to buy this for cheap LOL
  • #15: Martain Manhunter (Detective Comics #225): See above LOL
  • #14: Catwoman (Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane #70) –  Given her popularity and her movie appearances, her silver age first appearance didn’t really pick up any traction. As such, I will consider it an undervalued book but I am not sure what will spike it. Catwoman has already has her own movie and she also appeared in the Dark Knight trilogy. If these 2 movies did nothing to spike this book, it is hard to see what else can push it up. Maybe in the new Batman trilogy? (Ebay listings)
  • #13: John Constantine (Swamp Thing #37) – This book had a yoyo record. His first movie spiked the book but prices came back down. The TV show last year spiked the book again but its cancellation bought the book came down again. Currently, it is actually not a bad time to pick this book up as it is free of hype. Since this book has shown to be able to pick up heat, you never know when it will spike again. Maybe the Dark Universe movie? (Ebay listings)
  • #12: Harley Quinn (Batman Adventures #12): I actually expected Harley to be in the top 10 given her fan base but it seems her time is not here yet. Maybe next year. Does this mean BA #12 still has room to grow? I doubt it. (Ebay listings)
  • #11: Aquaman (Adventure Comics #260/Showcase #30) – The golden age first appearance is obviously out of reach but how about Aquaman’s SA appearance. Technically, Aquaman didn’t have a silver age appearance as he didn’t stop being published, unlike other characters like Flash or Green Lantern. However, if Wonder Woman #98 can be Diana’s first appearance, Aquaman should have his as well.  The problem is which issue will collectors flock to. Technically, it should be Adventure Comics #260 but the cover sucks. Showcase #30 is the first full issue appearance of Aquaman so it is another contender. (Ebay listings)


Popular Marvel characters

  • #20: Jean Grey (X-Men #1) – Next!!
  • #19: Doctor Strange (Strange Tales #110) – Next again!!
  • #18: She Hulk #1 (She Hulk #1) – She Hulk is more popular than Jean? Wow, that took me by surprised. She Hulk #1 is a common book but is still rather affordable. Buy only 9.8s and you should see a nice gain if she ever got caught in a movie hype. (Ebay listings)
  • #17: Carol Danvers (Ms Marvel #1) – This is an interesting book to invest in because you can make or lose money depending on which grade you buy. If you bought a 9.8 for 2k, I am sorry for your losses as this book will not see such gains in the near future. If you bought at 9.4 or lower grades, then you will not see much returns either as the book is very common in these grades. What is undervalued, IMHO, is the 9.6 grades. Currently at around USD200, it has the potential to be a USD400 to USD500 book once the movie gets nearer. In this grade, it is not as common and prices are reasonable. I would only invest in 9.6s. (Ebay listings)
  • #16: Nightcrawler (Giant Sized X-Men #1) – If this book is undervalued, then everything is undervalued! (Ebay listings)
  • #15: Kitty Pryde (X-men #129) – See my entry on Emma Frost. Same logic applies here. Although character is popular, the X-Men books are not as popular as before. Coupled with a significant print run, it is hard for these books to see any big gains. (Ebay listings)
  • #14: Hawkeye (Tales of Suspense #57) – With 3 movie appearances, this book is as prominent as it can get. No sign of undervaluation here. (Ebay listings)
  • #13: Storm (Giant Sized X-Men #1): See entry on Nightcrawler.
  • #12: Deadpool (New Mutants #98) – It is quite a coincidence that two of current hot stars (Harley and Deadpool) occupy the same position in their respective lists. This book will be a slower burner and will gain in prices as I foresee the movie will be a success. Not really undervalued but will be an easy book to liquidate. (Ebay listings)
  • #11: Thing (Fantastic Four #1) – Next!!



As expected, at this stage of the list, undervalued gems will be hard to come by. The winner in this lot has to be Darkseid. It is a Tier one villain that is surprising affordable right now. I will buy a few copies and wait him to show up in the movies in 2017.

9 thoughts on “Undervalued comics #15 – Popular Marvel and DC characters that are undervalued – Part four

  1. I would go with Showcase #30 for the first app of Aquaman, as that led to him getting his own book. In Action #260 he is a back up story.
    I think Detective #225/6 are quite overlook for their importance, these books came out a a year before Showcase #4 and therefore Martian Manhunter should be considered the first NEW Silver Age hero.
    I didn’t see him listed in IMDB for the JLA movie but he should be in it as he is the founding member.
    just my 2 cents.

    1. Hi Sanford, Detective #225 is a great book but I dunno how much room it has to grow given it is already very expensive to acquire. Anyway, this is a 2016 list so nothing might happen during next year. In future? Perhaps. Thanks for commenting.

  2. i think superman’s girlfriend lois lane #70 will continue to climb…compared to other silver age batman villains 1st appearances it is undervalued imo.

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