Should I continue to write about comic investment?

I have been missing these past weeks because I was pondering over this. I enjoy writing articles about comics but I am getting some negative feedback recently so I am reconsidering whether I should just let the blog die.


In the beginning

Let me back track to the beginning of why I started writing about comic investments.

When I got back into comics in 2013, I was trying to pick up where I left off 20 years ago from places such as CGC forums, Blowcards forum etc. Unfortunately, I was so out of touch that I had no idea of what bad advice look like. So, in the first few months in 2013, I went deep into buying lots of Indie #1 such as East of West, Bedlam, Uber, Helheim etc. Not only was I buying multiple copies, I was also getting the 9.8 versions which was pretty costly during that period.  I remember the highest I paid was USD$213 for a 9.8 copy of Helheim. Then the Sixth Gun bubble burst and all indie moderns went down with it. The current price of that 9.8? Probably less than USD50 LOL!


Relearning what is comic investing

After losing probably 1-2k, I went back to the drawing board. I understood then the dangers of pump and dump as I was the victim of such tactics and wanted to prevent other newbies from losing money like I did. This is when I started the blog and focus on what I think are fundamentally solid comic issues to invest in. Fortunately, I seem to have this Spidey sense of what issues will gain in prices as most of my picks appreciated in value. That was how I recovered back my money and regain my confidence about comic investment.

While writing the blog, I realise that majority of comic speculation or investment blogs are very non data driven. Most of the time, it is more of a gut feel but stated in a way that feels like it is a fact. I was discontented with such an approach and decided to be more structured, using models such as benchmarking and price trend analysis. After adopting these approaches, I found doing price prediction and spotting undervalue books to be even easier. It was then that I started to gain a fan base as they could judge for themselves how accurate my picks were.


Am I a pump and dump guy?

Due to this growing fan base, I started to run into what I called a self fulfilling prophecy problem. Whenever I posted comic picks, some readers will buy them off ebay, resulting in a tightening of supply and appreciation of prices, thus validating what I have wrote. Of course, it was not my intention to do this but things just happen that way.

In one or two instances, when I saw the price appreciation (such as Young Avengers #1 sketch), I sold 1-2 my copies to recoup the cost because I was honestly surprised by how fast prices rose. Due to this, I have been called out as a pump and dump guy, thus becoming the very thing I hated. In fact, some of my actual friends also questioned why I sold certain books at certain times, which really surprised me.

Investing in silence

Because of this, I am contemplating about not writing on my comic picks anymore. I can easily invest in books that will arise in prices without the need to talk about it. If folks think I need this blog to pump my books before I can sell at a profit, they are seriously mistaken. I was doing well before this blog took off and I can easily do it again without it. For instance, I never blog about my foreign edition purchases but I am making good money doing it. No pumping and dumping needed.

The ability to pick books comes from how observant you can be about future market movement. Investment is not about what you want. It is about knowing in advance what other people will want or even pump. When you know where the crowd is going, you just have to be there before them and enjoy the profits. That is all.



In the end, I have not decided to continue or not. I will write probably one or two more articles because that is what I have promised to others. However, anything beyond that is still up in the air. If you are a reader here, what do you think? Should I stop or continue?

53 thoughts on “Should I continue to write about comic investment?

  1. Hi

    Ok, first thing you should not stop doing something you enjoy doing from outside pressures.

    I started collecting around 4 years ago and also feel I have this spidey sense you mentioned of collecting the right comics. However though, as many collector/investor will know it isn’t always about the comic itself but the condition. Buying from trusted sellers is huge as some early comics I bought were the right ones to pick but with a keener eye, I now know I messed up on some.

    I fell across this blog you do by chance and must say I thought it was excellent for the speculator/investor in me. I have followed in much anticipation for your next posts. This isn’t just as I feel I could make a easy buck from your picks but I like and respect the research and time you put into your well thought out constructed explanations. Without sounding big headed I feel that I got to a point around a year ago where I don’t overal need places like this as much anymore to aid me in making a right decision. But I still drop by here as I enjoy to read them.

    My spidey sense tells me (to keep the theme going) that you are not a pump and dump guy at all. Sorry to hear about the rubbish you have had to deal with. The problem with success or intelligence (which I am guessing you have both of) is you will find jealous/negative and disengenous people.

    Trust me there are many who would want you to keep this going. Some soley as they want to make some good choices but others, because the information you provide is like you say ”to prevent other newbies from losing money like I did”. This is commendable. Your time is your own and you give it freely. I’m not even going to entertain the pump and dump theory. Lets just say it were true, then at least you give such great information with the comics you list. I mean what you say is very to the point and accurate.

    What I am trying to say is if you bought comic x a few months ago with the hope for a bump in price, then you did this as you clearly belived it had a chance. Now by giving others FREE research which you took your time to do then it is up to them to decide whether this comic has ran its course and not worth buying or yes thanks this is a great pick and I will grab it now. So even if you put t the copies you own on the market you are covered. You give such detail in your choices that if anything, it could put people off buying them if they believed from all the information you give that to them it isn’t worth it. You give your opinion and allow others to make up theirs much easier….. again with your hard work (research).

    Sorry for the long winded reply plus I am not the best at saying what I mean in one sentence. Normally takes me 10 which I am working on ha

    But all I will say is if this is something YOU no longer wish to do then I thank you for the fun I know I have had reading all your picks and juicy comic info. Don’t allow others to dictate what you do at all though. You come across as a good guy and I wish you the best in what ever it is you do



  2. Please continue ! I’ve been a reader since you started. I’ve bought not of your picks if I didn’t already have them. Have sold or plan on selling anything anytime soon, I’m a collector/long term investor. You’re always a fun and interesting read. Please keep it going!

  3. I really enjoy your blog and would hate to see it end. I find your picks incredibly trustworthy and they nearly always do well.

    I think you are putting too much stock in the naysayers. Forget about them. If they don’t like it then they will move on. Having a few antagonists along the way indicates that you are doing something right. Stick with it.

    Honestly, I would like to see you post more often!

  4. Hey,

    i come by every now and then and check if u wrote something new. i was wondering what happend. i have to say i always enjoyed reading your point of view and took some shots on some issues you talked about. i for myself would love to read more. Cause at the end its the speculation over comics what makes it a fun hobby and you speculate with good arguments. Reading comics is fun too by the way. Hope to get more from you

    Best from Berlin, Germany


  5. Hi. This is one of the comic book investing blogs I check every day. You have given good insight and have led me to make some great under-the-radar buys (including the 2nd print with Kamala Kahn first full appearance on the cover). Please keep up the good work. I would be saddened to see it go.

  6. Your knowledge and insight has helped me tremendously with investing comics I have learned so much, keep up the GREAT work !!! Thanks so much, Mr. Early Retirement for all your hard work . I ask that you continue .


  7. As a recent return collector and new follower of this blog, I hope you do continue. I have found your articles to be quite insightful and informative. I for one enjoy them and consider myself a collector first. As such, your blogs have provided me with an interesting perspective on the investment potential to comic collecting, often with data and analysis, lacking in other such resources. Moreover reading them has really helped me refresh my interest in collecting. Thanks for all the effort. Please keep it up!

  8. If you enjoy writing then continue, if you dont stop – plain and simple. As I’m sure you already know the internet can be/is a vile place at times and to put up with a bunch of crap doing something you no longer enjoy seems unfulling to say the least. However, if you like it then continue to do what you like/enjoy and fuck what others think. This is YOUR blog right?
    My2Cent. Play on playa!

  9. Dude I enjoy reading ur articles on comics. Any advice from anyone ultimately u have to be a big boy or girl and decide if u r willing to make the investment or not. Don’t worry about what others r saying. Keep writing. I have myself thought hell he has a good point and bought some u mentioned or thought he’s off his damn rocker. The decision is mine and ur website is only one of a few I listen to when making a decision. Don’t worry about the haters if they could flip a book for a fast profit they would. End the end we should all buy what we like. Take care

  10. Though I am not a speculator. I enjoy your insight and unique perspective in comics. While I may not always agree with you. I definitely respect you. Lastly if this make YOU happy then who gives a crap what a small percentage of people think. I would love to see more from you in the future.

  11. You know you’re big time when people start to hate on you. They could care less if you lose your money. Ignore the haters, let people make their own decisions. I have been using your blog for a while. You bring good insight and I like a new prospective. I don’t buy something because you wrote about it. Keep doing what you love.

  12. Keep doing what you’re doing if you enjoy doing it. Ignore the haters who are too lazy to do their own research and due diligence.

    I am only beginning to see trends and study patterns and make choices on what to ignore (I can’t jump on all spec info ie. Power Rangers) and what I can afford. I have loved comics for over 30 years. Investing, flipping and collecting are fun aspects to the hobby. I appreciate your contribution.

  13. Keep writing. I enjoy the analysis. People talking shit are probably the real pump and dump crew and are jealous. Let them have their shitty opinion. Your spec blog is different from any other, would be sad to see it go. Haters gonna hate.

  14. Your blogs are the best and teach even long time collectors quite a few things. You can’t live your life listening to the haters, that will only make you insane.

  15. Screw those CBSI losers aaron … Dont let it get to ya , selling a couple books for profit is what it is , recoup some cash.

    Keep writing your good at it … Great at it.

  16. Aaron –

    Man. I get where you are coming from. You cannot help but ‘build’ a market with the readership you have and the communities you contribute to. I know that is not my opinion of you, but you know what they say about opinions 🙂

    I think that you and a few other sources have opened my eyes to issues and trends, sure, but it is more than that. Instead of just skimming for issue numbers and buying, I have been reading the reasoning and learning about the tools and techniques you use to ‘validate’ a potential book. That is huge value to me. While I am not near the same level as you, I feel my own abilities to catch the thread before everyone else starts pulling is improving. Thank you for your help there.

    If you do stop, do not worry about it. You gave quite a bit to the community as a whole and I suspect your detractors also benefited from you. But most people only howl after they feel burned, not when they are cooking.

    Whatever you do, I personally have been thankful for your time thus far.

    – Craig Coffman

  17. You absolutely should NOT stop. Your blog was the first one I came across and everything started to make a little more sense. I agree you influence the market. However, I don’ think you change the course of the market, but you might speed it up.
    Like you said, Silver and Bronze age are you bread and butter and your recommendations are several years in the making. I’m not sure what people expect of you–if you see a good time to sell than you should sell! Maybe that’s part of the problem. Most of your articles are about what to buy. I enjoyed your “More silverage” in which you cautioned against the issues. I think some people read through it and took it as “Buy these”.

    Regardless, please continue to be a part of the G+ community. I have been encouraged by the camaraderie there and believe you would always be welcome.

  18. I think you have provided some great information and commend you for that, and this is a problem that a lot of sellers that post information have. I want to thank you for everything you have posted but a lot of sellers are backing off of sharing information for the same reasons. I am old school and have my methods of research and remember when sets of Extraordinary Gentlemen sold for $100 or the first Sin City sold for more than that. Keep doing what you are doing as long as you are happy doing it!!

  19. Please do continue to write these wonderful articles.

    Don’t mind the haters. Haters gonna hate.

  20. Hi
    I am from the UK and have been reading your comments for the past year and have enjoyed them. You will never please everybody, so if you like blogging your comments, please continue. I have found the tips useful as a pointer to what to invest in or to sell. Being a long time collector myself the tips help me to decide future investment.

    Keep it up

  21. Hi Aaron,

    You provide a great resource to your readers. Your analysis is based on real data and your conclusions are reasonable. If you get joy out of sharing knowledge, you should continue to write. I enjoy and value your posts. I hope you do continue!

  22. I enjoy your articles and find them well written and informative. Your comic book picks make sense to me and always appear to be based on a combination of good old fashioned speculation and solid research. I’ve made several purchases based on your recommendations not so much because I’m looking to make a quick buck but because – in the case of first appearances – I like the character and agree with your assessment that the publisher has interesting things planned for him or her in the future. I would miss your article if you gave it up.

  23. Aaron,
    This is Bryan from the G+ group. Keep writing your articles brother! Many people benefit from your knowledge and expertise. You also have the right to benefit financially if prices rise and it’s time for you to sell. Personally I think everyone is responsible for their own investment strategies. You are simply sharing your own ideas and also investing and profiting from your research. I’m not even mad at the guys who do modern speculation, life is about living and learning. Today’s variant customer is tomorrow’s silver age customer. Your blog is great, keep it up!

  24. Wow, thanks for all the nice comments guys. I really appreciate them. I didn’t know I had so many readers LOL.

    You guys are right. If I enjoy it, I should continue and ignore haters.

    Soldier on!

  25. I want to share that I do enjoy your blog. I honestly would be sad if you stopped. Please do not stop just because a few people are haters. I firmly believe that the majority of people who read your blog find it interesting and are appreciate your insight. I feel as long as you enjoy doing it then do not let what others think influence what you do.

  26. Aaron
    When you have so many followers your going to have a few haters… 1 hater = 50 true followers, its our human nature to remember the 1 hater, not the 50 followers.
    You have a great (positive) presence in our community. Don’t let anyone take away something you enjoy.
    I’m with everyone else here, enjoy your analysis of each subject, and look forward to your blog.
    Keep up the great post

  27. You are the definition of a “pump and dumper” Aaron, but who honestly cares. Look at the books you’ve sold on eBay in the past and the ones you have listed currently. You have written about 80% of them. I’m not faulting you for recouping money as you said, but you can’t write a blog about making money and retiring from comics and not think you are above reproach on this topic. You have accused other people of doing the exact same thing you are doing here. Keep writing, who honestly cares

    1. Benjamin,
      Selling the very comics I recommend is not pump and dump. Timing is important here. Most of the stuff I am selling now is what I recommended long ago, which makes sense right? I put money where my mouth is or wouldn’t I be a hypocrite?

      Pump and dump is about short flips.

      If you dun understand the difference, I dun know what else to say.

      1. Aaron – dont listen to the haters. although i am a new reader, the level and detail you put into your research shows that you are above and beyond trying to make $ from your readers buying or selling behaviors.

    2. Benjamin, if anyone were to come on this website, read the articles, then go to Aarons Ebay store and purchase his comics, that would be the definition of stupidity. And most comic book geeks I’ve met are anything but.

      Nothing is certain or definitive in prices. There are too many variables to consider if trying to manipulate. Too many…Ever hear of chaos theory?

  28. Hi Aaron. Long time reader, first time commenter. Love this blog, love your posts on the Comic Book Speculation and Marketplace group, and I have nothing but respect for your empirical approach to predicting future value.

    You are a beacon of light that has helped steer many of us through the muddy waters of the secondary comic market. You consistently provide useful, factual, historical-based insights about our hobby, and I would be heartbroken if you stopped sharing your wealth of knowledge because a handful of idiots think that you aren’t collecting comics the “right” way.

    Carpe comics my friend. Never stop doing what you do, you’re one of the best.

  29. I happened to stumble on to this site one day while looking for other peoples opinion on comic book investments. I LOVE IT!!! You have given me a whole new look on this and I appreciate all you have written and hope to see more. THANKS!!!

  30. I have been eagerly awaiting your articles!This is why there have been none???Your articles are the best and I love to read them.If they don’t like them, oh well,they have no business here.People like you make people like me happy.I love all your hard work and interesting, insightful blogs and sincerely hope you continue.Every new one is like opening a present.You are the best Mr.Aaron, keep it up man!

  31. By the way, having people hate you and be jealous of you is an honor.People said of Schwarzeneggar, “We don’t want to look like you!”
    He replied,” Dont’ worry, you never will.”
    Take pride in what you do.
    Best Regards from the United States of America!

  32. I don’t mind reading your blog you’re one of the better comic book invester tip websites but I feel and correct me if I’m wrong but you’re doing this on your own which if I’m right is a bad idea one mans opinion isn’t bad but what if you had like 2 or 3 more people write with you so you have a collective mind yes you know a lot about investing but having a few more minds would do much better ive been in the comic business for 15 years and i always count on the opinion of multiple people along with my own instinct hell id love to give my ideas on what’s hot and what’s good for the long term investment but that’s just me I just hope you do what you think is best man

  33. What about not buying any comic books and you become a service provider? Sell you ability to identify books and when to buy to those who do have the time or ability? Or do a paid subscription service, write no specific books in the free posts and write specific choices for those who pay? The pay could be a newsletter subscription if you prefer. Your service could be worth way more than a bump in a comic.

    1. Thanks Brian but I feel funny taking money from readers although my wife told me to do the same thing. It will keep the trolls out and leave valuable information only to readers.

  34. Looks like you have a lot of people that enjoy what you do. Don’t let people get you down if you enjoy what you do. I for one check here often and have enjoyed reading for quite a while now. I don’t always say it but keep up the good work and keep us comic nerds “in the know” 🙂

  35. You HAVE to continue….There are many lurkers here as Im sure you know…Even though many are silent, many sincerely appreciate your time and energy and above all, insight. I, for one, don’t have that ability as deeply as you do. You have a talent for it and are fantastic at it.

    As far as pump and dump? Give me a fucking break. That is so absurd its almost silly. Simply put, there is not enough volume in readership to even begin to manipulate prices on a micro, much less macro level.

    Also, your article on the New 52 was a logical and conclusive statement about the prices rising this year. Made perfect sense. And as a result I bought many comics from that line, and have made my collection stronger and worth more. Now, did you write about the New 52 trying to make money? Of course not.

    I could give more examples but i’m tired. Please keep up the good work Aaron….And THANK YOU for all you do!

  36. Please don’t stop because of outside negativity. Your articles are great and have helped me, a fellow collector and long term investor immensely.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and ignore the criticism.

    1. I agree! Keep at it. For every positive comment there are many more people out there that feel the same way but don’t make it known by commenting. I like hearing what you have to say.

  37. Please continue I follow you and check up on this blog a lot not only me people I know too. Thanks for your work.

  38. I enjoy your insight immensely and it’s easy to see that you are INTO it. Don’t lose that pure love for it and absolutely no reason to stop. The internet is worse than driving a car in a big city, easy for folks to remain anonymous and honk their horns for no reason. Put your favorite tunes on and keep rolling with it, Aaron.

  39. I just got back into comics and I love this sight it has helped me immensely. Thanks for all the info

  40. Hi Aaron, I really enjoy reading your blog and i start re-collecting comics just 2 years back. Although my priority now is making sure I got enough for my family and work had taken a big toll on me for the last few years, my passion from comics did not stop coz I know there this blog here which will always update me.
    Please continue to do what you are doing.. is because of people like you that keep people like me going.

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