Undervalued comics #3 – Uncanny X men 266 value – will it increase or decline and what grades to buy

Gambit is, undoubtedly, one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. I first encounter him during the 90s when Jim Lee was drawing the uncanny x men. Maybe it was the art but there was something about the character that was charismatic and different from the rest.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know much about buying and selling comics then so I didn’t go after his first appearance in Uncanny X men 266. What a mistake this turns out to be!

Fast forward 20 years to 2013 and I finally got 2 copies: a 9.4 at USD40 and a 9.8 Uncanny X men 266 at USD220. Were they expensive buy?s Yes. Will their price increase further down the road? Who knows.

A big factor in the continued growth of this issue is his movie appearance.Gambit made an appearance in Wolverine Origin, which was a disaster. The onscreen character was second fiddle to Wolverine and his outfit seems wrong. Overall, the movie didn’t help the character much. However, there is still hope that Gambit will make another movie appearance with all the Xmen movies lining up. If that happens, expect the prices of uncanny xmen 266 to go to at least USD300 for 9.8.

gambit movie appearane


9.6 is currently undervalued

Another opportunity I am seeing is the undervaluing of 9.6 grade of this comic. Let’s look at some prices to show you what I mean.  9.4 grade is currently itching towards the USD100 mark. It used to be much lower but this year has seen a greater volume of purchase at this price point. You can see this effect on the chart below.

uncanny xmen 266 9.4 price trend


What this does is to put pressure on the 9.6 to appreciate as it is not logical for a person to buy a 9.4 if it is the same price as 9.6. In fact, this is starting to happen as you can tell by the trend below. My advice is to start buying 9.6 if you find them around USD110+ as the pricing pressure from 9.4 will force it to upwards.

uncanny xmen 266 9.6 price trend


How high will 9.6 go? It all depends on the ceiling set by 9.8. Currently. it is on a downward trend but it might rebounce based on how the character will be used in the comics as well as whether he will make a movie appearance.  The high was near USD300 but it has since dropped to below USD250.

uncanny xmen 266 9.8 price trend

Overall, Uncanny Xmen 266 is a solid comic to own even though it is common. There is something about the character that appeals to the masses like me and this is the reason I am optimistic about its future price performance.

2 thoughts on “Undervalued comics #3 – Uncanny X men 266 value – will it increase or decline and what grades to buy

  1. X-Men #266 as of 8-9-17 on GoCollect (Last 3 months) is:

    9.8 $342.36
    9.4 $ $137.43

    While 9.6 is 162.67 but 2 years ago was $166.86.

    Good buys on the 9.8 but better buys on the 2, 9.4`s Aaron.

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