Undervalued Comics #37 – Community Recommendations 2020 #3

Here is part 3 of our community recommendations. You can find part one here and part two here.

Undervalued comics that have been featured before

Here are a list of recommendations from members that have already been covered on this blog before:

Fantastic Four Annual #2 – Doctor Doom key issues to invest in

“Its the origin of Doctor Doom , when he gets into the MCU I’m hoping this book will sky rocket”

Master of Kung Fu #26 – Shang Chi Key Issues

“major supporting character for film”

Brave and the Bold #54

Date of Publication: 1964
Sale number:
Profit potential:

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Teen Titans


I remembered recommending this book very early on in my blogging. You can find the article here. I have since sold all my copies after seeing considerable gains.

It is interesting to see if there is any opportunity to reinvest in this book again.

Undervalued relative to importance

This community member expressed the importance of Teen Titans very well in this writing

“First appearance of the teen titans. Price point hasn’t seen significant increases like its other peers (silver age superhero groups), besides spawning multiple volumes, still being an ongoing series and having a well received TV show.”

Undervalued relative to peers

So let’s examine is the price point of the Brave and the Bold #54 has not really seen any increase.

Price of 4.0Price of 6.0Price of 8.0
Brave and the Bold #54 (1964)USD 250
USD 380
USD 600
My Greatest Adventures #80 (1963)USD 450
USD 600
USD 1,800
Hawkman #4 (1964)USD 400
USD 700
USD 1,500
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On first glance, the community member is on to something here. Across the grades, Brave and Bold #54 consistently under performed the other 2 books. Is it because people are forgetting about this book or is that other fundamental reasons?

One reason for the price differences is definitely the supply factor, especially at the higher grade level. At 8.0, we can see Brave and the Bold #54 has 150% the supply of My Greatest Adventure #80 and 60% more than Hawkman #4.

Another reason is that the other 2 books have real first appearances. In contrast, Brave and the Bold #54 is mainly a team appearance. All the members within the team has already appeared somewhere else.

Personally, I think the lower to mid grades of Brave and Bold #54 are pretty much in line with their peers. At the 8.0, it might be undervalued, especially relative to Hawkman #4.

Amazing Spider-Man #31

Date of Publication: 1965
Sale number: 320,000
Profit potential: More than $200

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Gwen Stacy


Editor’s note: Due to the immense passion shown by this member, his language can be unsuitable for publishing. Hence certain words have been deleted to protect the gentle minds of my nerdy comic readers.

Undervalued relative to importance

Gwen Stacy has always been an important character in Spider-Man’s life. With the ascension of Spider-Gwen, this has further cemented Gwen’s role in the Marvel universe. Below is what the member said”

“First app of Gwen Stacy who is the immensely popular Spider-Gwen. Her valuations do not match how popular of a character she is and don’t follow the same trajectory as the first apps of key Spidey villains that came out around the same time.”

Undervalued relative to peers

Lets compare ASM #31 with other surrounding issues to see if Gwen’s first appearance is indeed undervalued.

Price of 4.0Price of 6.0Price of 8.0
Amazing Spider-Man #31 (1965)USD 250
USD 350
USD 800
Amazing Spider-Man #42 (1966)USD 90
USD 150
USD 400
Amazing Spider-Man #25 (1965)USD 150
USD 250
USD 500
Amazing Spider-Man #28 (1965)USD 150
USD 250
USD 800
Links above are to Ebay. If you buy something, I will get a commission from Ebay as part of its affiliate program. If you want to support my research, using my links to buy from Ebay will be the best way.

The best comparison for Gwen will be Mary Jane. Hence, I compared ASM #31 with both ASM #25 and ASM #42. The former is a cameo while the latter is the first time we saw Mary Jane’s face.

As you can see, the prices on #31 is already much higher than both #25 and #42, even though the latter has lessor copies on the census.

I also compare #31 with #28, the first appearance of Molten Man. This is a C class villain and hence should be valued lower than Gwen. On the mid and lower grades, this is indeed the case. If it is the other way, i.e. #31 is priced below #28, then it is much easier to say the former is undervalued.

Overall, it is difficult to conclude that Amazing Spider-Man #31 is very undervalued. It might indeed be the case but it is not a slam dunk case if you look at the values of her peers.

Marvel Super Heroes #19

Date of Publication: 1969
Sale number: No Information
Profit potential: $51 to $100

Key strengths of this book
1. First sole story of Kazar


Kazar has been talked about pretty frequently in our group but the focus has always been X-Men #10. Here is a different book to think about.

Undervalued relative to importance

Here is what the member has to say:

“1st solo story of Ka-Zar in the marvel universe. X-men10 is the 1st but is many hundreds of dollars. This 1st solo story is still buyable at $20 – $25 in nice grade. Also. It is squarebound which we all know are real hard to get in high grade”

Undervalued relative to peers

The easiest is to compare another character whose sole story is also in this series: Black Knight

Price of FinePrice of VFPrice of NM
Marvel Super-Heroes #19 (1969)USD 8USD 20USD 30
Marvel Super-Heroes #17 (1969)USD 40USD 90USD 150
Links above are to Ebay. If you buy something, I will get a commission from Ebay as part of its affiliate program. If you want to support my research, using my links to buy from Ebay will be the best way.

The thing about great undervalued picks like this is that it is very obvious, especially when you do a bit of number crunching.

Looking at the above, there is a lot of room for growth. All Kazar needs is just a movie announcement and this book will move very close to what the Black Knight has achieved.

Great pick!


There is a quite a bit to think about for this set of recommendations. All these are great books. However, whether their current values are misaligned with their fundamentals might vary according to what benchmarks you used.

The most obvious undervalued book in this list would be Marvel Superheroes #19.

3 thoughts on “Undervalued Comics #37 – Community Recommendations 2020 #3

  1. I wonder if it is reasonable to compare ASM 31 to ASM 37. One features Gwen who goes on to become a popular hero and the other Norman Osborn who goes on to be the Green Goblin?

  2. What about Shazam 25 1st appearance of Isis (heroine) . I have been told she has appeared in the Legends of Tomorrow tv series. Could she appear in the Black Adam movie?

    1. Nice book but this series of articles was by the community so I merely aggregated their ideas for others to consider.

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