Best silver age comics for 2014

One of the biggest silver age keys for 2013 was Fantastic Four 52. I bought my first copy, graded at 6.0, at around USD99 in June. The latest transaction showed that the same grade just sold for over USD250. That is around 150% increase for a non certified, mid grade copy in 4 months’ time. I am sure the higher graded certified copies have increased by a lot more.

In a nutshell, that is the best way to make money with comics. Buy something that has not received movie hype and watch how the hype will push its prices up to the levels seen by established key comics. If you want to have returns that are similar to what I have written in the opening paragraph, you need to find the next Fantastic Four #52 equivalent for 2014

I have highlight some of these picks in my previous article on undervalued silver age comic books. Some of these picks, like Fantastic Four 45, has already seen some increases since the time I wrote that article. If I was to pick something that I will buy for 2014 NOW, my picks will be the following 2 issues:


Thor 165

undervalued silver age comics - thor 165

One of my original picks for undervalued silver age comic books. It is currently the only book from my picks that is still affordable, even at 7.0 to 8.0 grades. Once the movie hype catches on, you will wish you bought more of these while they are still inexpensive.

The reason for my confidence is the recent Thor 2 ending credit scene, where you can see an object that looks like a cocoon (see image below). For those who are familiar with Adam Warlock, you know he emerges from a cocoon in the comics so I wouldn’t be surprise that this Easter egg has been planted in Thor 2 as a foreshadowing of what is coming.

Another reason for my confidence is the fact that the Infinity Gauntlet storyline will be used somewhere down the road. In the same clip, the Collector is heard saying:”one down, 5 more to go”, after collecting one of the infinity stones from the Lady Sif. If that is true, then Adam Warlock will likely make a movie appearance in the future as he is a central part of the storyline in the comics.


Fantastic Four 47

fantastic four 47

Another movie that is heavily speculated on is Inhumans. That is why I picked Fantastic Four 45 & 46 in my original silver age comics article. However, the story needs a villain and I suspect Maximus the Mad might the one.  He first appeared in Fantastic Four 47 so that is the one to get. Normally, I will not recommend a villain’s first appearance as an investment as they tend to fade away pretty fast. However, Maximus has the potential to be the next Loki as he is also scheming and sometimes mad.  It is a pretty long shot but prices are cheap now so I would buy a couple of copies just in case.

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