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The purpose is to introduce more rigor in comic book investing so as to benefit more comic investors and speculators.

Remember, all investment carries risk. The content presented here are for your information purposes only and do not represent financial advice.

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Comic book investment framework

Developing your investment framework should be your first step before doing any purchases.

This will be your guiding in the light in a world where you can easily overwhelmed with so many picks, opinions and even scams.

Here are some the comic book investment frameworks I have developed over the years:


Comic book speculation

I defined comic book speculation as buying comics that have very little fundamental value. Their prices tend to appreciate because of hype, news, FOMO and even pump and dump practices.

Despite this, comic book speculation can yield big financial rewards as the risk to return ratio is very high.

I recommend that you keep your spending on such speculation to small amounts. They also should be a small part of your overall portfolio.

On this blog, I tend to recommend picks for comic book speculation as well. Some of my past picks have turned out to big winners like this one on Captain Marvel 17 2nd print for Kamala Khan and this one on Eternals replacing Inhumans in the MCU.

Some current picks

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Undervalued comics

My strong point is in picking undervalued silver age and bronze age comics. My earlier picks for 5 undervalued silver age comics and 10 bronze age comics have seen good appreciation in value.

For 2020 comic book investing, you should check out the following:

My recommendations are always based on current ebay prices that you can act straight away. I don’t require you to have access to local comic shops or dealers to make money.

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