Undervalued Comics #32 – Best Spiderman Comics To Invest In for 2020

Here is a list of the best spider man comics to invest in.

IssueYearSales FigureCharacterNo of AppearancesPrice
Amazing Spiderman #831970373,000Richard Fisk72$40*
Amazing Spiderman #1131972288,000Hammer Head155$40
Amazing Spiderman #2531984281,000Rose72$7
Amazing Spiderman #2651985281,000Silver Sable167$35
Spectacular Spiderman #981985180,000Spot60$5
Web of Spiderman #1251995199,000Philip Urich100$3
Amazing Fantasy Vol 2 #1200460,000Anya Corazon135$10
Amazing Spiderman #654201154,000Agent Venom>100$30
– Prices (except for #83, which is for vf) are for vfnm copies, which are easier to acquire.
– Links above are to Ebay. If you buy something, I will get a commission from Ebay as part of its affiliate program. If you want to support my research, using my links to buy from Ebay will be the best way.

Why Speculate on Spiderman Comics?

Amazing Spiderman is one of the most collected series in the comic collectible world. As such, there is already a strong base of collectors who will buy Spider man comics regardless if there is any media hype. Hence, when news hit, most of these issues are able to take off pretty easily.

We can look at recent examples of non Tier A characters whose first appearance issues have seen a strong price hike due to media news.

IssueYearSales FigureCharacterNo of AppearancesPrice
Amazing Spiderman #1241973288,000Man Wolf226$150
Amazing Spiderman #2101980242,000Mdm Web56$90
Amazing Spiderman #2121981242,000Hydro Man121$40
Amazing Spiderman #2651985281,000Silver Sable167$35
Amazing Spiderman #5462008127,000JackPot, Mr Negative12$15
Prices are for vfnm copies, which are easier to acquire.

Most will agree that these are not tier one Spiderman characters and villains. Despite this, there was a mad rush from collectors and speculators to snatch up these issues when a media news is released.

As a result, we see prices of these issues spiking to their current levels. Some, like Hydro Man, has already cooled off but is still hovering around the $40 mark.

From this evidence, we can see there are still opportunities to take advantage of future speculation on non Tier one Spider-man characters, especially those that are under the radar. They might be ignored now but who knows when they might be used for any of the Spiderman media properties.

Criteria for selection

To come up with this list, I used the following criteria:

  • At least 50 appearances in comics
  • Never been used before in movies
  • Cheaper than their peers which have received media hype

Amazing Spider-man 654

Date of Publication: 2011
Sale number: 54,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Flash Thomson as Agent Venom

2. Currently off the radar

Agent Venom can be considered one of the successful new Spiderverse characters after 2000, along with Spider-Gwen and Mile Morales.

He easily clock in more than 100 appearances as Agent Venom, appearing in his own series as well as part of Secret Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Here are some sales numbers from his sole series, using the mid point of the series as an estimation. I also pulled in numbers from other popular modern characters for comparison.

IssueYearSales Figures
Venom #21201226,000
Venom Space Knight #17201617,000
Spider Gwen Vol 2, #17201729,000
Ghost Spider Vol 1, #5201922,000
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #14201240,000
Miles Morales: Spider-Man #8201927,000
X-23 Vol 3, #11201126,000
All New Wolverine, #17201729,000
Ms Marvel Vol 3, #8201432,000
Magnificat Ms Marvel, #8201913,000

The table shows that the sales of the Agent Venom series isn’t that far off from the top 4 modern characters: Spider Gwen, Miles Morales, X-23 and Ms Marvel. This character has legs but is now in a ‘cooling’ off period, which can be great for buying cheaper copies.

In terms of prices, this book actually violated one of my criteria of being cheaper than similar books that received media hype. In this case, the benchmark book is Amazing Spiderman #546, which is selling for around $15.

However, I feel the potential of Agent Venom is so much bigger than Jackpot. Since his book costs only $10 more, there is sufficient room to growth if media hype happens for Agent Venom.

The second print of this book was hot once and I even recommended here before. If you believed in this character, the second print is the book to get but you can’t go wrong with the first print as well.

Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man #98

Date of Publication: 1985
Sale number: 198,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Spot

2. Lower sales number relative to Amazing Spider-Man

3. Cheap


Spot is no stranger to fans who have watched the Spiderman cartoons. He is one of those villains with interesting visuals and powers but just lack a push.

Having said that, Spot has already make more than 60 appearances in comics, which is higher than Mdm Web, and certainly more than Jackpot.

The only pity I feel about this book is the cover. If #99 was the cover, this will be a much better speculation book.

In terms of prices, a good benchmark will be Hydro Man. If you refer to the earlier table, his first appearance is now $40 in VFNM condition. Spot’s first appearance, in comparison, can be hand for $5-10.

Amazing Spider-Man #113

Date of Publication: 1973
Sale number: 277,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Hammer Head

2. Part of the highly collected #1-#200 range for Amazing Spider-Man


If Sony every wants to make a God Father kind of movie, Hammer Head will surely be included, along with Kingpin and Tombstone.

In fact, this is one genre of film that both MCU or Sony’s Spiderverse has not entered before. Hence, exploring the mafia aspect of the Spiderverse have yield a number of characters worth speculating, including this one and others further down the list.

For a villain who has made 155 comic appearances, Hammer Head’s first appearance is surprising affordable. A VF- to VF copy can be had for $20-$30 on Ebay. In contrast, Amazing Spider-man #124 will set you back around $60-70 in the same grade.

Amazing Spider-Man #265

Date of Publication: 1985
Sale number: 281,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Silver Sable

2. Heat has cooled off


Silver Sable should need no introduction. She has made 167 comic appearances and has been rumored for movies on multiple occasions. Despite all these, her first appearance never really took off, which is why it is still a good key comic to invest in.

I believe Silver Sable making into the media spotlight is a question of when, not if. She has appeared in too many TV cartoons, games etc to be ignored. As such, this cooling off period is actually a great time to stock up.

Being a copper book, there are different editions you can aim for:

  • Regular
  • Newsstand
  • Canadian Price Variant
  • 2nd print

Below are the images for all other editions other than the regular, which you can see the image above.

Currently, there are no big differences in prices between these editions (except for the 2nd print, which is much cheaper).

My suggestion is to avoid the regular ones and go for high grade newsstand and Canadian price variant. When the sellers flood the market on hearing any confirmation news, these will be more resistant to this supply increase.

As for the 2nd print, it depends on how you see the current market for 2nd prints. It might take off like Amazing Spiderman #101 and #361 or it might be a book that no one cares.

Amazing Spider-Man #83

Date of Publication: 1970
Sale number: 373,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Richard Fisk

2. Part of the highly collected #1-#100 range for Amazing Spider-Man


Amazing Spider-Man #253

Date of Publication: 1984
Sale number: 281,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Richard Fisk as Rose


Richard Fisk, the son of the Kingpin, has make 72 appearances. Unfortunately, he has always lived under the shadow of his father in both comics and collect-ability.

The interesting thing about Rose is that he is not an out and out villain. Instead, he is more like an anti-hero. That became more obvious when Richard became the Blood Rose in Web of Spider-Man #89. In this identify, Rose became more like the Punisher than the Kingpin.

Below is the image of Blood Rose in his 1992 debut

If the Mafia genre of the MCU is explored, Richard Fisk will probably play some roles, similar to Hammer Head.

Amazing Fantasy Vol 2 #1

Date of Publication: 2004
Sale number: 60,740

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearances of Anya Corazon


For a character who is as well received as Anya, her first appearance is surprising affordable. With 2 series under belt and clocking in 135 total appearances, this may be an undervalued buy, rather than a speculative one.

The downside of this character has nothing to do with her but with the Spiderverse itself. Currently, there are at least 3-4 Spider Woman/girl type of characters that are prominent: Spider Gwen, Jessica Drew, Silk. That is not to including the likes of Julia Carpenter (who might be Mdm Webb), Annie Parker and the original Spider Girl (May Parker).

With so many choices, Anya might not get her chance.

However, there is also the chance of a Spiderwomen type of team, of which most the female characters can be grouped into one. At least that is what Amy Pascal said in 2018, which might be invalid by now.

Web of Spider-Man #125

Date of Publication: 1995
Sale number: 199,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Philip Urich, who will eventually become the Goblin King

2. Dollar bin folder


Philip Urich wasn’t that prominent in the Marvel universe until he became Goblin King in 2014. Prior to that, he briefly joined the Loners and also took over the Green Goblin and Hobgolin identity. So far, he has already make 100 appearances in comics.

The Goblin King storyline can be a great alternative to the Green Goblin. The latter has been used so many times that alternatives might be considered to redo all the Goblin stuff.

In addition, the fact that Philip is tied to Daredevil’s Ben Urich might lead to some interesting conflicts as well.

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  1. FYI – There’s a reprint of ASM 654, 654.1 and Venom 1 called Venom Flashpoint. Its like a $50+ book and there’s a newsstand version that goes for like 3x the direct edition. Venom Flashpoint had sales of only 3829 in July 2011 (3 months after 654 came out and 2 months after Venom 1 came out). That seems to be the one gives 654 2nd print a run for its money…..

      1. Hi Aaron, what’s the difference between Spiderman 654 and 654.1 ? Are they two different stories? 654 is more valuable than 654.1 ,correct? They both were released 4/11… please help clear this up for me… thanks so much

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