Comic investing tips

I have started this series called Comic Investing Tips to share some of the less well known secret of making money with buying and selling of comics, especially for those who don’t have access to dealers or hidden stash. All the tips have been written from a guy who can only buy and sell through Ebay. If I can make money doing that from Singapore, anybody can especially if you used the tips mentioned here.

Here is the biggest tip I can offer to anyone: buy what you can lose! Comics, after all, have no intrinsic value as they don’t generate income like my niche sites. Instead, their value relies entirely on the whims of the market, especially in this current bullish state.  As such, it is difficult to say with 100% accuracy when their prices will rise and fall. If you take this just a fun endeavor to complement your love of comics then you should be fine.

Have fun reading!