Comic Book Speculation #11 – Vengeance First Solo

Welcome to the 11th edition of Comic Sunday Speculation where I pick one book to speculate on. Usually, these picks are “out there” picks, meaning they have low probability of success. Keep this in mind when reading through this series.

In this article, I am focusing on Vengeance. He is the natural nemesis of Ghost Rider who first appeared in Ghost Rider/Blaze #9. I have been collecting it even before he was recommended by a fellow CBSMT member in our CBSMT Volume 2 report.

If you believe that the Ghost Rider IP will be developed fully by Marvel, there is no way that Vengeance will not make a comeback. This is why picking up his key issues now is smart as nobody is looking at them.

Ghost Rider/Blaze #9 is a book that I enjoy buying over the years and have accumulated quite a large hoard, including multiple newsstand copies. Whenever I bought this book, it is always been dirt cheap.

However, prices seem to be moving up recently. I am not sure what is the reason for this as there was no movie news I know of. Maybe some spec sites or Facebook groups are speculating on him. Whatever the reasons, Ghost Rider/Blaze #9 is no longer a dollar bin book.

Below is a screenshot showing recently sales prices for this book.

Such prices will effectively end my hoarding of this book. I can afford to speculate on them when it is at $1-5 but at this price, it is becoming risky given that this character has not been used in a pretty long while.

However, I still Vengenance as a concept. It is very 90s but I think fans might still like him if he is handle well. This had lead me to search for another key book of his to hoard and I think I have found it.

Ghost Rider Vol 3 #46

Date of Publication: 1994
Sale number: 158,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First sole story of Vengenace


There are a couple of cool things about this book.

First, the cover is a homage to Ghost Rider Vol 3, #1. It is just a great looking cover that Vengenace fans will want to collect, assuming he does develop a fan base if being reintroduced either in the comics or MCU.

Second, it has a black background so getting 9.8 copies will be challenging but fun. The newsstand version of the 9.8 will be even harder to find in the wilds.

Third reason is that this book is the first solo story of Vengeance. In this issue, Vengeance effectively took over the book as the lead as both Ghost Riders were out of commission. You can even argue that this is Vengeance’s first #1 issue as he play the lead character throughout the book.

Lastly, this book has not been recognized as a key book for the past 25 years. This means collectors and dealers are probably not preserving this book well, which makes mint copies harder to come by.

This book is still very much a dollar bin book right now. If you like to speculate on Vengenace, this is a book that you might want want to consider.

Have a great Sunday!

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