Comic Book Speculation 2020 – Community Recommendations #1

In a recent update, I asked the Mewe community on what they thought were undervalued books. The responses were strong, with over 20 submissions being submitted. I also asked them to put in some numbers to estimate profit potential.

As reader will know, I have strict definitions on what is considered undervalued comic and what is considered a comic book speculation. Below is what I wrote on these 2 definitions previously:

Undervalued comics are comics that have deviated from their fundamental value and represents a great investment opportunity. They are undervalued relative to their historical importance, previous price peak OR their peers.

I defined comic book speculation as buying books that are based on some future events and usually have weak or unproven fundamental.

In presenting the community recommendations, I will be sorting them according to one of the 2 definitions above. In this article, I will be focusing more on recommendations that are more speculative in nature. The next one will be more undervalued based.

To provide some privacy, I keep the names from the recommendations. If you want to be name, pls drop a comment or private chat me in Mewe.

Venom Vol 4, #9

Date of Publication: 2018
Sale number: 64,019
Profit potential: $101-$200

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Dylan


Dylan, the son of Eddie, is believed to play a big role in Marvel comics. While there have been numerous teases, there is nothing that has really put Dylan on the map.

Due to the above, this book has been seeing prices moving slowly, rather than explosively, at least for the regular version. I believe Dylan having his own series or playing a bigger role in the Venom series might have a bigger impact on this book’s secondary market prices.

If you are interested in this book. note that there is also an animation variant that sells well.

Defenders 32

Date of Publication: 1976
Sale number: 300,000
Profit potential: less than $50

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Ruby Thursday


Defenders #32 contain the first appearance of Ruby Thursday, a villain who has made 46 appearances.

This member is speculating that Ruby Thursday might be a potential villain for the upcoming She Hulk TV show. According to him, Ruby “has a very cinematic set of powers and a completely unique look.”

This issue also features a Skull cover, which has its own niche collecting group.

Currently, this book sits in dollar bins and is cheap to acquire, even in high grades.

Avengers #326

Date of Publication: 1990
Sale number: 203,000
Profit potential: $51-$100

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Rage


One trend that I mentioned before in this article on affordable marvel issues is that black characters might get more recognition in the comics. While I recommend Night Trasher in that article, a fellow member has recommended Rage, who happens to be part of the New Warriors.

Rage was almost a breakout character in the 90s but just lacked that final push. He has made 177 appearances thus far, with most of them being a supporting role.

Since this is a 90s book remember to get only the newsstand if you are speculating on this issue.

Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #1

Date of Publication: 2010
Sale number: 64,811
Profit potential: Less than $50

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Tyrone Cash


This is a confusing title because the 2 does not mean volume 2 lol. Instead, the full volume issue is Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 Vol 1, #1.

Anyway, this issue is the first appearance of Tyrone Cash, an Earth 1610 character. Below is what this member has to say

“An odd character considered a bit offensive at the time, the idea of a mentor to Bruce Banner engineering a Hulk serum and using it to turn himself into an intelligent Hulk living that Scarface life is pretty great. This is more of a lottery book, and this is truly only the character’s cameo 1st, but this book has ratio variants and his 1st full app in the following issue (#2) does not.”

Just to add that if I evaluate this book using my PSM model, I would rate the regular edition as a Dog, rather than a Lottery book. Tyrone Cash has made 9 appearances and the sales of this issue is above 30,000 so that disqualifies him as Lottery.

What if #9

Date of Publication: 1990
Sale number: 134,000
Profit potential: $51-$100

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Agents of Atlas

2. First appearance of Jimmy Woo, Gorilla Man, Venus after Golden age


Technically, this team is not part of Marvel 616 universe but looking at the prices of What if #10, collectors or speculators do not seem to care.

So, if we ignore the above, this is the first appearance of this group of golden age characters. It is similarly to Avengers #4 except that this issue is in the bronze age.

Beyond that, What if #9 is also the first appearance of Agents of Atlas, although they do not called themselves that in this book. However, the grouping of members is almost identical so I guess one can make an argument for it.

The original team has made 55 comic appearances and has some rumors about it making to MCU.

In fact, the fundamental value of this book is so solid that it can be considered an undervalued rather than speculative book. The only reason I am putting here is that I am not sure whether MCU will use this or the newer version of the team.

Hulk Vol 2, #7

Date of Publication: 2008
Sale number: 110,247
Profit potential: Less than $50

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of She Hulk’s version of Lady Liberators


This is a bet that She Hulk might assemble her own Lady Liberators for her TV show. Since there has been zero rumor about this, it is pretty speculative.

The only thing that concern me about this book is the high sales number. This is why the member has suggest getting the variant. Unfortunately, I cannot find the ratio incentive for this cover. If you know the figure, please leave a comment.

This is what the member said about this book

“People know the great Art Adams cover to Hulk #9 homaging Avengers #83, but #7 is the issue in which She-Hulk first gets the team together. Couple variants, the Cho cover B is the one to get imo b/c team is featured battling Red Hulk.”

Fighting 5 #40

Date of Publication: 1966
Sale number: 110,247
Profit potential: $101-$200

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Peacemaker


Given that Peacemaker is already confirmed for the Suicide Squad movie, why am I putting this book here instead of the undervalued section?

Two reason: DC movies and pricey price tag

Currently, DC movie specs can be winners or losers, depending on how good the movies are and whether the characters can make a connection to the audience. Added to this is the fact that this book is no longer cheap to acquire. A 7.0 for example is now $400. So the path to profitability becomes even more uncertain if you buy now.

Due to the above, I am classifying this book as speculative. Feel free to disagree.

This is how the member who recommend this book feels: “Gunn will deliver a good film. Cena is playing the character. Book is rare. No one is paying attention yet.”


This set of recommend books has a very suprising thing: not all are based on movies. Some are based on growing importance in comics while others are based on social trends.

Such diverse perspective is great because it gives you more lens to spot different types of speculative books.

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