Comic books worth investing in #2: What if #49

The issue recommended today is What if #49, Vol 2.┬áThis is a pick that is half investment and half nostalgic in nature. I remember during the 90s, What Ifs are a particular favorite of mine as I love to see alternate endings to famous historical events in Marvel. I would buy every issue diligently and read it the moment I got home. So, for today’s recommendation, a bit of that nostalgic feeling might be a factor in why I am recommending this issue.

What if #49 features one of all time favorite storyline: the Infinity Gauntlet. This series has been getting some heat on Ebay as a completed set in NM can net you around USD60+. If the movies ever featured this story, expect the Infinity Gauntlet series to be increasing in price.

So, how does that tie in What if #49? Well, this issue features an alternate ending to the Infinity Gauntlet story. Best of all, it features one of the all time cosmic favorites: Silver Surfer as the possessor of the Gauntlet. These 2 factors will drive any cosmic fans to want to own a copy of this issue.

what if 49

Currently, prices on this issue has started to hit USD10. If you are lucky, you should be able to buy this for less if you watch for any auctions with low starting bids. In terms of availability, I can’t find any copy on any online websites that I frequent. This means collectors or speculators have already started to zoom in on this issue so it is better to get yours now before the prices moved up even more.

How high will this go? I am not too sure but if we looked at another hot What if Issue (WHAT IF VENOM POSSESSED DEADPOOL 1), prices have already reached USD30+ and this is a 2011 book! With Thanos becoming more prominently in Avengers 3, this issue might still getting hotter. Even without any price increase, What if #49 has such a cool story and nice cover, it will be a worthy additional to any comic collection.

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