Comic Speculation #15: Marvel Monsters

Monster related characters are taking off due to the expectations of their appearance in Marvel phase 4 or 5. This includes Elsa Bloodstone and even Kid Kaiju . In fact, I highlighted that one new film genre Marvel might consider is the Jurassic Park/King Kong type of monsters genre.

In this week’s Comic Sunday Speculation, I am taking this idea further to speculate on the actual monsters who might be used. After all, you can’t have monster hunters without monsters right?

This class of monsters will probably kicked off with Shang Chi as there have been rumors of Fin Fan Foong appearing in that movie.

Among the many monsters that Marvel has in its huge character gallery, I am betting on those that have been used introduced with Kid Kaiju. After all, this kid is totally useless without his monsters right? If you want to speculate on the former, you will need to get the latter as well.

Monster Unleashed Vol 2, #5

Date of Publication: 2017
Sale number: 33,205

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Slizzik, Hi-Vo, Aegis, Fireclaw, Scragg and Mekara


These monster characters as well as Kid Kaiju had a mini ‘push’ after the Monster Unleashed event. A third volume of the Monster Unleash series was launched with them as the starring characters.

This third series went on for 12 issues before it ended. After this, the Monster characters went on to the Venomized event, which was the last time they were published. All in all, they made 18 comic appearances sicne they were introduced.

This low number, together with the print run of 33k makes this book a lottery ticket kind of book, according to the PSM model.

In terms of price forecast, this speculation is a bit difficult to quantify due to a lack of similar comparisons. Currently, there isn’t any monster type of characters from the Big Two so there are no precedents on how the secondary market will react to such news if it happen.

One complication that might arise for this speculation are the design covers that came before this book. From Monster Unleashed Vol 2, #1 to #5, there is a design variant, which showcase how these monster characters will look.

In a sense, they are like the first cover appearance. Below is how they look like:

In the event that these monsters are actually used, there will groups arguing that these covers should be worth something as well. Hence, keep this in mind if you want to speculate on the monsters.

Monster Unleashed Vol 3, #5 has a 6 variant covers to look out for. This has 2 effects. First, it means that the regular cover shown above has less copies than the 33k sales number. 3 of the 6 covers are not incentive based variants and hence might contribute more to the 33k number.

The second thing to note that is only this regular cover features the all monsters on the cover. The rest of the variant covers either only shown one monster like the design incentive cover, or none at all. This acts to increase the appeal of the regular covers.

The rarest variant will be the 1:100 and 1:25 incentive ratio. The former has Thor on the cover while the latter is Future Fight variant. Both are not cheap book as they already at the $100 and $50 mark. For a lottery kind of spec, these buy in prices are too high for my liking.

Bonus book

Before I end, here is a related book that I just want to highlight. This is the kind of book that you only buy if it is under a buck and you throw it on top on your existing orders. Do not hunt for this book as it is very very speculative.

  • Doctor Druid (Dr. Anthony Ludgate Druid)
  • Jake Curtiss / Jacob Curry
  • Ulysses Bloodstone
  • Zawadi of the Wakandas (First appearance)

This is a very obscure group as they have only made 5 comic appearances since they were introduced. Unless something drastic happen, it is not likely that we will see them anytime soon on the big or small screen.

I am just highlighting here to let you be aware of this group in case you want to know more about monster hunting books in Marvel.


I am excited to see Fin Fan Foong on the big screen. Hopefully, that will be the start of more Marvel monsters in the MCU. If that happens, I will be waiting for the crowd with books like these in my collection that I bought for cheap.

2 thoughts on “Comic Speculation #15: Marvel Monsters

  1. Marvel should introduce Creature Commandos (Weird War Tales 93) into the movieverse initially as baddies in a scary Marvel movie, then fighting alongside Captain America. Werewolf Frankenstein, Vampire, and Gorgon. Whats not to like!!! Finally Frankensteins robot in x men 40 could have potential.

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