Comic Speculation #20 – Star Wars Bounty Hunters

In this week’s Comic Sunday Speculation, I am looking at the unknown or less popular Bounty Hunters from Star Wars. I have already explained why I am bullish on this particular segment in this article so I am merely expanding my scope of interest here.

In that same article, I also highlight a bunch of comics which contain the first appearances of the more popular Bounty Hunters.

IssuesCharacterSupplyPrices in NMPrice in 9.8
Star Wars #42Boba Fett255,985USD 280USD 1,500
Star Wars Jedi Mace Windu One ShotAsajj Ventres19,687USD 150USD 500
Star Wars #16Valance279,759USD 15USD 350
Darth Maul Vol 2, #2Cad Bane 60,145USD 18USD 200
Attack of the Clones #2 Jango Fett38,904USD 8No data
Dark Horse Star Wars #7   Aurra Sing35,619USD 20USD 325
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As the table shows, even some of the more popular Bounty Hunters are still affordable. I am particularly bullish on Jango Fett and Aurra Sing due to their lower print runs and high popularity.

If we compare to the top tier book in this category, most of the comics in the table still have plenty of room for growth. This is one area why I am particularly bullish about this segment.

In addition, the Boba Fett TV show will also likely to have these characters on board, given how their paths have crossed each other.

Darth Vader #16

Date of Publication: 2016
Sale number: 81,147

Key strengths of this book
1. First cannon appearance of C-21 HighSlinger


C-21 HighSlinger is a pretty cool looking combat droid that is part of the famous Krayt’s Claw syndicate of Bounty Hunters. This syndicate is headed by none other than Bobo Fett himself. The first appearance of this group is in the Clone Wars animated espiode called “Bounty”. I am not sure if there is any published comic with the group in them.

C-21 HighSlinger has made an earlier appearance in the Star Wars: Clone Comics UK. I did not recommend it as it is not a clear cut comic as the market might be divided on its validity as a first appearance.

However, for Darth Vader #16, it is pretty clear cut. In fact, it is a confirmed first appearance in cannon for C-21 HighSlinger as shown in the image below (behind Black Krrsantan).

Unfortunately, it is only a one panel appearance. I tried to look for future appearances but it seems this is it.

Darth Vader #16 is currently a cover price book and has a pretty high sales number of 81k. If you are interested in speculating this book, I would look for the 2nd printing, which should have less supply. It spots a similar cover design, with a slightly reddish color tone.

Darth Vader #7 Variant

Date of Publication: 2015
Sale number: 8000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of IG-90 and BeeBox


Darth Vader #7 contains the first appearances of both Bounty Hunters: IG-90 and BeeBox. You can see how they look like in the previous panel from Darth Vader #16. IG-90 is the red assassin droid that look like IG-11 while Beebox is the short guy in front of IG-90.

Due to the Mandalorian series, which featured IG-11, prices for the first appearance of IG-88 has spiked. IG-90 cuts from similar cloth so who knows.

The regular edition of Darth Vader 7 has 114k sales so that makes its non ideal to speculate. However, its variant (pictured above) has only 8000 copies so it is more likely to spike if there is any news. Currently, the variant is selling for cover on Ebay.

Lando #2

Date of Publication: 2015
Sale number: 71,025

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Chanath Cha


Chanath Cha is a female bounty hunter who first appearance is in Canon and has no Legends appearance. She debuted in Lando #2 and appeared throughout this series.

I like this character because she can tied to either the Bounty Hunter segment or to the Lando TV show. This means she has twice the chance of having some media hype relative to others in this list.

Unfortunately, there is no second print or variant for this issue so you can stick to the regular cover. Due to the high sales numbers, you can currently get this book for under cover price.

Star Wars Adventures #16

Date of Publication: 2018
Sale number: 10,029

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Embo


Embo is another unique bounty hunter who have made appearances in both the animated shows as well as comics. Much like Cad Bane, Embo spots a design that is highly differentiated from the rest of the bounty hunter.

With the help of T.Ross in the Mewe community, we managed to pinpoint Embo’s first comic appearance in this book.

What is great about this comic relative to the rest in the list is:

  • Great first appearance cover
  • Low print run of only 10k

What makes this book even more attractive is that there are 3 covers to this issue. Presented above is cover B, which is the only cover featuring Embo. There is the regular cover A as well as a 1:10 incentive cover C.

All these means that cover B has probably only 5k supply, which is tiny.


Most of the bounty hunters featured here might never get any media hype, which is why they are appearing in this column. However, if Disney continues to build up the bounty hunter universe, it is not inconceivable for some of them to show up eventually.

4 thoughts on “Comic Speculation #20 – Star Wars Bounty Hunters

  1. Just a Star Wars related question…. I’ve always wondered why Star Wars # 1 (1977) seems undervalued? It’s the 1st App. of Star Wars and released 1 month before the movie was released nationally…no one really talks about this…any thoughts Aaron ?

    1. Undervalued in what ways? Check out its price in 9.8.
      The reason it is not talked about is like why we don’t talk about AF #15. It is already an established blue chip key.

      1. Of course, I know the 9.8 is closing in on 3k soon,but I’m looking at the 9.6 (550.00) and lower grades that IMO are bargains right now for a mega franchise which is Star Wars…even with a huge probable print run…not a crazy amount on census

        1. Then the best way is to look at other books from 1977 and compare their 9.8 and 9.6 prices. If SW #1 has a bigger gap then yes, it is undervalued. However if all 1977 books have similar gaps then the gains might not be as much.

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