Compromising time for money: Is it worth it?

Many a times, I find myself in situations where I need to make compromises to what I had to do because of money or the work that produces the money. Either way, it is not a pleasant thing to do, especially when the things you compromised are priceless.

This weekend, I had to return to Malaysia to attend my grandmother’s funeral. She had passed away on Friday and the family had decided to bury her 5 days later as a sign of respect. Problem is, I had a give a talk on Tuesday due to a work commitment. In the end, I was unable to attend the burial ceremony for the only grandparent I had left in this world.

Now, I am not blaming the company but this is what happen when we had to give up our time in return for money. We lose many of our rights to make the decision we really want. Is that how I really want to live? To make compromise after compromise just so that I can pay my bills? Hell no.

More than anything, this incident has strengthened my resolve to retire early so that my time becomes mine. There are more important things in life than simply to obey the rules set by somebody else. It is after all my life, isn’t it? I need to get back that authority and the only way to do it is to first be financially free, i.e. my passive income must exceed my monthly expenses.

If you want to retire early, that is the goal you must focus on: getting your monthly expenses down and getting that passive income up so that you no longer lives or dies by the 9 to 5 job.

I have many dreams to live and the passing of my grandmother just shows that time is really our most precious resource.

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