Deadpool key issues worth investing in besides New Mutants 98

The first appearance of Deadpool, New Mutants #98, has been on fire since his movie confirmation last week. I did an analysis on New Mutants 98 value last week and thought I would follow it up with another article on other key Deadpool issues to consider buying into.

Frankly speaking, putting this article together has been a challenge. Deadpool has always been a loner so he doesn’t get that much supporting characters. His villains roaster is also a bit of a mix bag with no real memorable characters. When considering what is a worthy Deadpool comic worth investing in, the list is quite limited outside of New Mutants #98.


Deadpool Vol 2 #1

deadpool vol2 issue 1

Collectors love #1 issue and this is the first issue of the regular series. There is an earlier mini series with another #1 but my gut feeling is that this is the #1 issue that collectors will want. A bonus feature is that this issue also features a number of first appearance including: Blind AI and T- Ray!  Ok ok, these are not very famous characters but one is a regular Deadpool supporting character while the other is one of the more prominent villain.

Check out ebay listing here.


X Force Vol 1, #19

Dealpool key issues - Deadpool Vol 1 issue 19

One of ‘secret’ of comic movies is that there will also be one female character. After surveying all potential candidates, I think Copycat (Vanessa Carlysle) has the best chance. Again, you might not heard of this name if you are not a Deadpool reader so it is not going a super profitable investment. It is a cheap book right now so even with a movie appearance, this might only be a $15-$20 book. Get the newsstand version if you can.

Department K members

After reading various websites, the main story might be involving around how Deadpool breaks out of Department K, which is the codename given to the second Weapon X program. In this program, there was various characters being introduced such as Ajax, Garrison Kane, Sluggo, and Slayback. All these names were mentioned in a recent casting call so they might appear in the movie. Again, most of these characters were mostly D class stuff so don’t expect big things. Below is a list of their first appearances

  •  Ajax: Deadpool Vol 1 #14
  • Sluggo: Deadpool Vol 1 #22
  • Slayback: Deadpool – Circle Chase #1


X Force Vol 1,  #2 (newsstand)

Dealpool key issues - Deadpool Vol 1 issue 2

This 2nd appearance of Deadpool has been neglected for a long time until recently where the movie news triggered a sudden buying spree.There is also a twit by Rob Liefield that that one of the above Department K member, Kane, will be making an appearance. His first appearance happens to be in this book as well.

However, with a million print run, I am still uncomfortable recommending this book as I feel it will be like Spawn #9, which was heated up for a while before the overwhelming supply depressed the price back to its current level.

If you want to buy this issue, I recommend getting the newsstand version. From a brief check at ebay, it seems that the ratio of newsstand to direct is around 1:40 or 50.

Check the Ebay listing here.


Long shots

There are a couple of characters that might too “out” there for a movie so I putting them here just for your information

Lady Deadpool (Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #7): It is likely the movie will use her since it might too confusing.

Deadpool Merc with a Mouth #7 variant


Hit Monkey (Hit Monkey #1): With the success of Rocket Racoon and Groot, non-human characters might be considered?

Dealpool key issues - Hit Monkey 1

2 thoughts on “Deadpool key issues worth investing in besides New Mutants 98

    1. Not sure about that one. I am confident that every deadpool issue will go up in value but I am not certain about the extend. If you can buy any of them for cheap, it will be a good investment. If you are talking about buying at current ebay prices, I will stick to the more prominent keys.

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