IronHeart (Riri Williams) Key Issues

Like all modern characters such as Kamala Khan, only the first appearance of Riri Williams has appreciated in value. If you think this character has legs, some of her other keys issues should be your speculation targets. They might not appreciate in the near term but some of them could turn out to be winners in the future.

IssuesPriceSignificanceSalesVariantLater Printings
Invincible Iron Man vol 3, #7$80First Riri and Tomoe1:102nd
Invincible Iron Man vol 3, #9$80First Riri as Iron ManYes2nd
Invincible Iron Man vol 3, #10coverFirst Tomoe as Techno GolemYes2nd
Invincible Iron Man vol 4, #3coverFirst Riri as IronHeartYes2nd
Ironheart #1coverDebut issue as IronheartYes2nd
Ironheart #2coverFirst app of Ten Rings
Ironheart #7coverFirst EclipseNoNo
Ironheart #10coverFirst DuneNoNo
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Invincible Iron Man vol 4, #3

Date of Publication: 2017
Sale number: 44,181

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Riri as Ironheart


I never thought a name change can be so lucrative until I speculated on Avenging Spider-Man #9. (Details can be found on my article on the best modern comic investment.) Basically, I bought these issues for basically nothing and ended up selling them between $200-300 each.

As a result, I now pay attention to important name changes, especially if the MCU might adopt the new name, rather than the old one. Applying this to Riri means that we need to pay attention to when the name of Ironheart was created, which this in this issue. Below is the comic panel of how the name came about.

Below is a comparison table between Avenging Spider-Man #9 and Young Avengers #6. Both books featured a name change and have seen some appreciation in prices

Personally, I do not believe Young Avengers #6 to be a good benchmark because Statue is not headlining her own TV show that Riri might do. However, I put it in as a very conservative target. Even if Invincible Iron Man vol 4, #3 can only reach Young Avengers #6, there are still good returns to be had.

Also bear in mind that Young Avengers #6 has more copies than Invincible Iron Man vol 4, #3.

SalesPrice of NmPrice of 9.8
Invincible Iron Man vol 4, #344,181USD 3No Data
Avenging Spider-Man #937,134USD 100USD 250
Young Avengers #667,539USD 25USD 200
Links above are to Ebay. If you buy something, I will get a commission from Ebay as part of its affiliate program. If you want to support my research, using my links to buy from Ebay will be the best way.

The table clearly shows the kind of returns we can enjoy, which can range from 500% to 3300%. However, if Riri get her own show and the name Ironheart is used, I believed, the peak will be USD200-300.

There is a variant cover for this book that I am having trouble finding. This is interesting because we do not have a test case for a variant that contains a name change. It might become a monster book if the variant turns out to be hard to find.

Invincible Iron Man Vol 3, #10

Date of Publication: 2016
Sale number: 49,141

Key strengths of this book
1. First naming of Tomoe as Techno Golem

2. First appearance of Zhang


Tomoe is a new villain whom I think has the potential to become Ironheart’s nemesis. While Riri is all about the suit, Tomoe has the power to control and take it away. In other words, she is Riri’s natural enemy.

As stated in the Kamala Khan’s key issues article, I am all about a character’s nemesis.

The unfortunate thing is that Tomoe first appeared in the same issue as Riri in Invincible Iron Man Vol 3, #7. Usually that will be an automatic kiss of death for the villain speculation as the issue has already been speculated on.

However, the speculation community has shown that if it really wants something to succeed, it can invent all sort of justification.

So, if I anticipated this, one issue they can pick is Invincible Iron Man Vol 3, #10. This issue has 2 things going for it:

First, it is the first time the name Techno Golem is used. This name is Tomoe’s alias or villain name.

Second, this issue explains the origin of Tomoe so it can be regarded as an origin issue as well.

While this seem forced, I have seem more ‘out there’ reasons on why a book should be hot.

For 2nd print speculators, do note that this issue has have a 2nd print. Unfortunately, it is the same cover with the blue bottom.

Ironheart #1

Date of Publication: 2018
Sale number: 40,739

Key strengths of this book
1. Ironheart debut issue

2. First appearance of N.A.T.A.L.I.E, an AI program who looks like Riri’s dead friend


If Riri’s TV show really used the name Ironheart, then her debut issue is going to be desired. However, this is not her first solo series. Riri’s actual first series is called Invincible Iron Man which is not really an “Ironheart” series, even though it starred Riri Williams.

I know the above might sound convoluted but that is the comic market for you.

If you think the #1 issue for Ironheart is worth a gamble, then make sure to go for either its variant or the 2nd print pictured above.

(Editor’s note: I wrote the above paragraph when 2nd print is still cheap. It is not the case anymore so just buy the first print)

Ironheart #7

Date of Publication: 2019
Sale number: 10,545

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of


The next issues are villains’ first appearances. Normally I don’t speculate on villains but it is into low run territory. We are talking about 10k supply which is pretty tiny. These make great lottery books and I don’t mind putting $10 bet on them.

In this issue, we get the first appearance of Eclipse. Among all of Ironheart’s villains, I think she has the best visual design and power set.

Ironheart #10

Date of Publication: 2019
Sale number: 10,246

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Dune (Riri’s biological father)

2. First appearance of Ambition


This low key book might become an important key as it contains the first appearance of Dune, who is Riri’s biological father. I am 100% confident that he will become more prominent in Riri’s life going forward so it is worth to pick this up if you want to invest in Riri.

Unlike other kinds of father characters, Rune comes with superpowers so that might make him the natural nemesis to Riri. This is similar to how the Uncle of Miles Morales has become his biggest enemy.

One final bonus is the low print run of this book of only 10k.


If you believe that Riri will be one of Marvel future superstar, it is worth to invest beyond her first appearance. Many collectors and speculators are not paying attention to these books so they are cheap to acquire but I see a lot of potential in them.

2 thoughts on “IronHeart (Riri Williams) Key Issues

  1. Excellent article as always, Aaron. The one other PC book that I like is Generations Iron Man & Iron Heart 2nd print Skan variant. Not too many good covers out there featuring both of them together.

  2. Good article Aaron! Was wondering if you thought about including analysis of 2nd and third printings of Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 #7 or the 2nd printing of #9. #7 3rd print and #9 2nd print are tied with #11 2nd print as Riri’s first cover appearance. Also, #11 2nd print is the first time Riri, Sam, Miles, and Kamala show up in story and cover together.

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