New Comics To Speculate On For WandaVision

Some news came out today on Marvel publishing plans for the last quarter, including some reprints and a new Darkhold comic for Scarlet Witch.

Given there is always some ties between what is reprinted and what comes out for TV/movies, they might some speculation opportunities for those who want a quick flip.

The opportunity I see is that the villains for the WandaVision might come from these reprinted materials. So far, there has been very little news on the villains front so it is still pretty open.

Here are the Scarlet Witch issues being reprinted:

  • Avengers Origins: Vision #1
  • Giant-Size Avengers #4
  • Marvel Team-Up #129-#130
  • Vision and Scarlet Witch Vol 1 #1-#4
  • Vision and Scarlet Witch Vol 2 #1-#12
  • West Coast Avengers #2
  • West Coast Avengers #38-#52
  • West Coast Avengers Annual #3-#4
  • Avengers Spotlight #23

I did a scan of all the above and found some villains that might be suitable for the WandaVision shows. Below are their first appearances that might see some small heat.

West Coast Avenger #38

Date of Publication: 1988
Sale number: 178,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Defiller

Defiller is a minor demon character that fits into WandaVision’s more mystic theme. He looks like the type that makes a good one off villain.

West Coast Avengers #4

Date of Publication: 1963
Sale number: 245,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Master Pandemonium

Master Pandemonium also appeared in the reprinted materials but his first appearance is here. This character received his powers from Mephisto and looks to be another good villain fit for the WandaVision TV show.

Giant Size Avengers #4

Date of Publication: 1975
Sale number: 170,000

Key strengths of this book
1. Wedding of Vision and Wanda Witch

2. Giant size books are hard to find in high grade

We never had a wedding event before in MCU so I am not sure how this will affect the book values. I do know that certain events such as the lifting of the Hammer by Captain America became hot.

Nevertheless, this is a nice little book for your collection if the speculation does not pan out.

Avengers #152

Date of Publication: 1976
Sale number: 170,000

1. First appearance of the Black Talon

Black Talon is a voodoo cult leader and has connections to dark magic. He is the man who resurrected Wonder Man to be used as a zombie.

Supernatural Thrillers #3

Date of Publication: 1973
Sale number: Unknown

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Set as Satha

Atlantis Attack was a pretty big event in the 80s, of which Set and Ghaur was the main villains. West Coast Avengers Annual #4 was one of the ties in and it is interesting that it is also being reprinted.

If the show did a version of this or set it up, it will be pretty awesome. However, chances are it happening is pretty low so it is a super long shot.

Fantastic Four #186

Date of Publication: 1977
Sale number: 177,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Salem’s Seven

Salem is a hidden city within Marvel Comics, in which witches, warlocks etc lived. Agatha Harkness, who is confirmed for this show, lived in Salem.

The Salem Seven is a group which also came from Salem. They possessed magical power that make them ideal for the WandaVision show. Their father, Nicholas Scratch, first appeared in Fantastic Four #185.

Beyond these villains, one recurring theme is many of the issues is Wonder Man. In comics, Vision and Wonder Man are very interconnected but in the MCU, no such connection was established.

I wonder if this TV show will introduce Wonder Man or he will forever be buried within the comic books. I can imagine bringing him will be pretty complicated so the latter might be more likely.

Anyway, some minor speculation news for the weekend. Have a good one everybody!

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