Amazon monthly earnings for January and Febuary 2013

I realise I have not posted my Jan and Feb amazon income so here they are. After December, I was expecting a big drop due to the Christmas buying season being over. Fortunately, one of my niche sites gained more traffic and the end result was a less than expected reduction in Amazon earnings.


Amazon monthly earnings for January 2013

amazon earnings for january 2013

skimlinks earnings for january 2013

Total for the month from Amazon is about USD210. Compared to the USD330, it is about 30% drop which is better than expected. Usually, the reductions can be as steep as 50 or even 60%. Don’t believe me? Just ask the big retailers how much of their sales come from Christmas season and you will know how much buying is there during the Christmas period.


Amazon monthly earnings for February 2013

amazon earnings for febuary 2013

skimlinks earnings for febuary 2013

Total for February is about USD230, just slightly higher than January. Overall, my amazon earning is stabilizing and I expect them to increase due to a new project that I am launching this year.


The 1K Amazon project

Seeing how stable the amazon earnings has been, I decided to put in additional investments to try and scale this up. I have committed about SGD1k to outsource the website creation and traffic generation for 1 site. The only thing I need to do is to pick a niche market that I want the site to focus on. I expect to earn a minimum of USD100 per month from this investment. If I picked my market correctly, I might get lucky and earned a few hundred per month.

Why do this?

It is basically to increase my earnings at a faster rate. I know that I don’t have much time to launch new sites this year so the best way is to outsource. 1k is not a lot of money in terms of investments. I have seen folks throwing 10k at a stock, only to earn 10-20% profit that is non recurring. To me, that is a higher risk, with the possibility of losing your capital quickly.

For those who have been shut out of the Singapore property market due to the latest CM7, time to seek other investments with your money. Open your eyes to the Internet and you will see money waiting for you to be earned.

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