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One of my methods to early retirement is to build sites that require light maintenance so that I am not shackled to the site. Among these sites, some are focus on earning affiliates fees through Amazon. How it works is simple: I build sites that pull in search traffic from the niche my site is in and some of these people will click on my affiliate link to buy things from Amazon. When that happens, I make a small commission, ranging from 4-8%, depending on the total sales volume for that month.

Below is my amazon monthly earnings for November:

I also used another service called skimlinks for my amazon earnings. Below is the screenshot.

In total, my amazon earnings for November is around USD190, which is not too far from my Oct earnings. While this amount is small, I have explained my plan on how to turn USD200 into a 3k monthly income by saving all these money and reinvesting it to buy additional websites.

I have around 15 sites generating these income. Among these, there are a couple that generate a majority of the income and that is what I am going to focus on growing. It is always better to focus on only a couple of sites that have proven to be winners, rather than spreading myself too thin over many sites.

The most challenging thing in doing niche sites is to find the winning niche. By ‘winning’, I am referring to niches where the conversion is high. For example, I have shared my gps tracker niche site in my post here multiple income streams. Currently, it is ranking on Google’s first page, for the term gps tracker for kids. This brings in about 20-50 people per day.

On average, this site brings in about 1500 to 2000 visitors per month. In November, I only made USD4, with about 2-3 sales. This, to me, is not a winning site as I need 500 visits to achieve one sale. A winning site is the opposite of such observations. It should have more sales with less traffic. In fact, let me show you how does a winning niche look like:

This winning niche site gets about 100 visitors per month, much less than the gps tracker site. However, in Oct, it earns USD50 from just 1 sale. On average,  I need about 100 visitors to make one sale and each sales has high affiliate fees because that item is expensive. To me, this is the kind of winning niche that I want to spend more time developing. If 100 visitors per month net me USD50, what happens when I grow that traffic to 1000 or even 5000 visitors per month? The best thing is that this site only has 2 articles so you can imagine how much room I have in growing it.

How to find winning amazon niches

Unfortunately, there is no a bullet proof way of doing this. My way consist of throwing up small sites to see their results. The ones with the better conversion rates receives more effort from me in terms of traffic growth. The average or the poorly converting sites will not be renewed and will died off eventually.

I wish I can say there is some magic rules, when applied, will result in winning niches. That is not how it works. I can apply these rules and find completely different results. That is how challenging finding a good niche is. However, once you find one, never tell anybody and focus on dominating that niche by being the biggest or the best site you can afford to.

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