Be happy = be grateful

Most of the time, I am unhappy because I forgot to be grateful for the things I have. In life, isn’t it easier to focus on the things that we WISH we HAVE, rather than on things that already give us happiness? To remind myself how lucky I am, I am going to list down the things I should be grateful for and therefore I should be happy about.

On ward to the list!

Grateful for love

Yes, I sometimes complain about my wife’s spending habits but in truth, I feel fortunate to marry her. To have somebody who can understand you, support you and laugh with you is a wonderful blessing.

Unfortunately, most of us are aware of this blessing only during disagreements. The days will be long and my mind can’t focus on what I am suppose to do. Why do I need these unpleasant moments to be grateful for her love? As long as I can return home to see her everyday, I should be grateful for it.

Grateful for health

I am way more healthy than I should be. I don’t exercise much but I am hardly sick. I attribute this to my eternal optimism and my ability to laugh at everything. Somehow, it is hard to stress me and this might be doing wonders for my health.

Of course, there will be days when my body has to shut down. This is when I realise I should be grateful for the many days that I am doing ok. Being healthy is way under rated, in my humble opinion.

Grateful for having some money

I am not rich. Period. I do have some cash in the bank but it is not in millions. That used to be my reason for being unhappy. Why am I not a millionaire yet?

Reflecting back, I should be grateful that although I am not rich, I seldom have to worry about money. I have enough of it to not worry about it. Isn’t that something worth being grateful about?

Being grateful leads to greater success

When I realised that I have many things to be grateful about, I become more comfortable with who I am and what I have achieved. This makes the next achievement becomes easier. Why? Because I am no longer in a rush to accomplish anything. By being grateful, I can see what I already have is great and anything else is a bonus. This lets me make better decisions in any endeavor I do, rather than trying to take shortcuts or unnecessary risk in the name of shortening the path to success.


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