Cheap comics to speculate : GOTG movie key issues

Everyone wants to be a cheap bastard once in a while. I have recommended some cheap comics books to invest in the past (note: marvel team up #95 has doubled in price since I recommended them). Here is the second article. In fact, I might do a regular series on this if there is enough material. Anyway, this particular article focuses on the GOTG franchise because I think there are many undervalued first appearances within the 2008 GOTG series. Some of the characters might be mentioned or have cameos in the upcoming movie while others might be included if there is a sequel.  Again, this is all pure speculation based on interviews, new sources etc al so invest at your own risk!


Nova (Vol 4) #8: First appearance of Cosmo


During an interview, Kevin Feige has this to say about Cosmos: “fans of Cosmo will want to see the movie.” This seems to a strong indication that Cosmo might make some form of appearance. However, having said that, you need to judge if this will spark any form of interest in the character. Normally, I would say it will not but the recent GOTG hype is so strong that it is really hard to tell. Personally, I think Cosmo is a great character that is very different from your typical superhero so it might find an audience.


Defenders #27 and #28: First and full appearance of Starhawk



In the same interview, Gunn mentioned that Starhawk was his favorite character but he was not used in this movie.  Starhawk did appear in both the first and the 2008 series so he is likely to be included in the GOTG 2 movie if there ever is one. I don’t believe Marvel will stop the franchisee at one movie if it makes good money at the box office so no harm speculating on who might appear in the second one.

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Captain Marvel (Vol 5) #16; First appearance of Phyla-Vell


Quasar has been a character who has received lots of speculation recently. Captain America #217 for example has seen a significant price appreciation this year relative to the past few years. However, it might be possible that a different Quasar is used in the movie. In particular, the character might be Phyla-Vell, who is the latest Quasar and is part of the 2008 GOTG team.  She make her first appearance here but became Quasar in the annihilation series.


Avengers #112: First appearance Mantis


Mantis served as advisor to the 2008 GOTG team and is also a potential love interest for Starlord. Given these connections, I am not surprised if she is include in the movie sequel. Given that this is an early bronze book, it might not be as cheap as the others but is still relative affordable in mid grade.

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Captain America #434: First appearance of Jack Flag


This is a super long shot so don’t blame me if nothing happens. Honestly, I rather buy this than any hype up Modern comic books. It might not be worth anything if Jack Flag is not in the movie but at least the cover is great for a first appearance.

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