Ultimate guide to Thor corps first appearance and key issues

This is a quick post on the Thor corps speculation that is rumored for Thor 4. Most of these issues are very speculative and are probably not long term holds. However, as most issues are not that well know, I created this checklist for those who like such specs.

Thor corps’s first appearance, as a concept, is in Thor #440. The cover features a trio of Thors from different eras and has the term “Thor corps” printed on it. This book is from 1988 and is drawn by Roy Frenz and written by Tom DeFalco.

Another incarnation for Thor Corps can be found in the 2015 smash hit Secret Wars Vol 2, #2 by Jonathan Hickman. In this version, Thors are gathered from multiverse and span a much larger group than the 1988 version.

Something to note is that the Thor Corps from the 80s actually had their own 4 issue mini series. This mean the concept was popular enough then for Marvel to give the team a shoot at their own publication. Unfortunately, the series probably didn’t do as well so there was no continuation after it ended.


Thor corps first appearance checklist

Besides the first appearance of Thor corps as a team, I have also list the first appearance of individual Thor corps members. The list is based on more prominent characters and is meant to cover every single Thor incarnation.

Thor #440First appearance of Thor Corps169,000$51991
Thor #273First appearance of Roger Norvell172,000$31976
X-Men Annual #9First appearance of Stormcaster470,000$41985
Thor 364First appearances of Throg234,000$151986
Thor #384First appearance of Dargo Ktor190,000$31987
Thor #391First appearance of Eric Masterson190,000$71988
Thor #459First appearance of Eric as Thunderstrike188,000$31993
Captain Marvel & Carol Corps 3First appearance of Thor Gamora24,295$32015
A-Force #3First appearance of Thor Sif49,074$32015
Ultimates End #1First appearance of Groot Thor75,265$32015
*Prices are for vf to nm copies

Comic speculation comments

Thor #276 – First appearance of Roger Novell

This is probably as obscure as you can get in terms of supporting characters. Roger took on the mantle of Thor for brief moments


X-Men Annual #9 – First appearance of Stormcaster

Stormcaster is the name of hammer that was created by Loki to be given to Storm in one of his evil plans. This story took place in the 80s when the X-Men were transported to Asgard in one of their off planet adventuress. Storm, of course, rejected the power and remain with the X-Men.

Interestingly, this story was further explored in What IF Vol 2, #12 “What if X-men had stayed in Asgard.

The Storm Thor made another appearance in the relatively unknown mini series, X-Men: to serve and protect #3. Surprisingly, Storm actually managed to pick up Mjolnir in this issue.


Thor 364 – First appearance of Throg

Now, this is a character that might have some legs. There is something about a Frog Thor that might make it marketable to kids in the vein for Groot or Rocket. Among all the Thors here, this probably has the highest chance of staying relevant after the movie, if he appears.

In this issue, we are introduced to the frog character known as Puddlegulp. He was actually transformed into Thorn only in Mighty Thor #700.


Thor #384: First appearance of Dargo Ktor

Dargo Ktor is the Thor from the future. Very little has been seen of him after his 90s appearance. In total, he made a total of only 20 appearances since he was introduced.


Thor 391 – First appearance of Eric Masterson

Eric Masterson had a pretty long comic stink as Thor in the 90s, right up to issue #450. Since then, he has returned to comics using the codename Thunderstrike. In total, he made a total of 213 appearances.

This issue might have some nostalgia value for fans who have read him from #391 to #450. Nevertheless, don’t expect a big hike, like many of the books mentioned here.

Another key issue for Eric Masterson is Thor #459, where he took on a new mantle called Thunderstrike.


First appearances of Gamora Thor, Sif Thor and Groot

The remaining issues are really just one off characters, who appeared during the Secret Wars event. Most of these issues have variants. You might want to get those if you want to speculate on any of these books.

Groot Thor is the only character that might have some legs given his current popularity among movie fans.



Speculating on Thor corps is highly risky on 2 fronts.

First, there is no confirmation that this team will actually appear as it is all rumors at this point. Given the 2.5 year gap, any current rumor is highly speculative.

Second, even if the Thor corps do make an appearance, most books here are unlikely to retain any long term interest among collectors. There might be 1 or 2 gems but don’t go crazy with any of these.

The good news is a lot of these issues are way off any speculation radar so they are very cheap to acquire. In addition, things that are unexpectedly have might a stronger reaction as folks rush out to buy something that is not in on their radar.

Personally, I will buy Thor 440 as I think the cover is cool and might gather some collector interest. Having said that, I don’t expect this to be a $100 book anytime soon.

Have fun bargain hunting for these!

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