Comic Book Speculation Chat Summary #5

The comic book speculation talk finally got back on track with some good speculation ideas as well as very useful tips related to this hobby.

Maybe the guys are starting to feel embarrassed about having nothing for me to write about even though they are talking 24-7?

1. Comics heating up

New Avengers #7

With new rumors circulating about Illuminati being developed for MCU, copies of New Avengers #7 started selling again.

However, as pointed out by Ross, this rumor is not new and tend to surface once in a while.

Newsstands of this are also selling well.

Star Wars #43

There was some fresh rumors on Lando getting his own Disney+ show. This saw some immediate sales of his first appearance in Star Wars #43.

This sparked some discussion on whether there was opportunity in paying attention to old Marvel Star Wars books.

From where Marvel is going, it seems the era from the first 3 movies to the 7th one is where the focus will be.

Mile Morales Spider-Man 5 & 6

The first appearance of Mile Morales’s villain Starling seems to be selling due to her seen in an upcoming Champions book.

For how long will be the question.

This character has only 4 appearances and so will be a lottery play.

War of Realms: Agents of Atlas 1 1:50 Variant

Another day, another modern getting hot. Why am I not surprised?

To those who are not following the modern market, it is now a large casino play.

Ross and I were thinking this is due to stimulus cheques coming in. Lets see if round 2 of the cheques will cause even more spikes.

2. Comic book speculation

Thank God that someone put out comic speculation ideas, although these discussion don’t last as long as the non comics topics, even though this is a comic spec community lol.

2.1 Heralds of Galactus

Sean is speculating that we will see one of Galactus heralds before the main event arrives. As such, he is picking up these for cheap

My only question is that why wouldn’t Marvel just use Silver Surfer as the first herald?

2.2 Sandman

Sandman Vol 2, #69

Date of Publication: 1995
Sale number: 56,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Daniel Hall as Sandman


Sean made this recommendation and it is a pretty sound one:

“The show is getting developed for Netflix, if it is successful, eventually Daniel will be introduced and take over as Sandman. His first app as a baby ?is Sandman 22”

Currently, the book can be had on Ebay for $10. If Daniel is to take over, I would think a $50 price will not be out of the question.

Print run for this book is pretty small, compared to earlier issues of Sandman.

2.3 Will a VF copy for a media affect bronze age book cross 1k?

One of the discussion I started was continuing what I wrote here about Follow The Leader (FTL) approach. Basically, it is the observation that the number of VF graded early bronze age books crossing $1k has increased in recent years, after they have gotten some media attention.

In the past, I used to attribute such price movement as outliers because they affect only very popular characters’ first appearance books such as Hulk #181.

However it seems that the number of such books has increased to a point that it is beyond the popularity of particular characters. Below are some examples of characters that isn’t on the same level as a Wolverine or Ghost Rider but has crossed $1k for VF copies

  • Amazing Spider-Man #101 – Morbius
  • Jimmy Olsen #134 – Darkseid
  • Green Lantern #87 in a year’s time – John Stewart
  • Tomb of Dracula #10 – Blade

If these early bronze age characters can break $1k in VF after receiving some media attention, there is a real possibility that other books will perform in the same manner.

Bonathan Comics did us a great favor and listed his list of potential candidates below:

  • Marvel premiere 15
  • Luke cage 1
  • Dr strange 1
  • Shang chi
  • Spidey 121 and 122
  • Ghost rider 1
  • Batman 251
  • X-men 94
  • Shazam 1
  • Marvel spotlight 2
  • Swamp thing 1
  • Defenders 1
  • The cat 1
  • Marvel premiere 1
  • All star western 10
  • New gods 1
  • Marvel feature 1
  • Forever people 1
  • Mr miracle 1

If you want a refresher on this investment thesis, check out my 3 articles

2.4 Star Wars

With the rumors circulating that Lando might be getting his own TV series, here is a nice pick that was mentioned in the chats.

Doctor Aphra #19 variant

Date of Publication: 2018
Sale number: 28,888

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Donald Glover as Lando


This is the book which depicts Donald Glover, the actor who played Lando in the Han Solo movie, for the first time in comics. According to Ross, this cover predates the Solo series that came out during the movie.

3. Tips and tricks

There was a useful discussion on trimmed books.

3.1 How to spot trimmed books

Trimmed books are not easy to spot if you do not know where to look. Below are a few quick ways to tell if your copy has been trimmed or not.

  • Color of the edge – a trimmed edge will look whiter than other edges which has not been trimmed
  • Color tanning inconsistency – if the inside of the comic has tanning, check to see that the tanning is consistent on all edge. If one particular edge is less tanned, it might be indicative of possible trimming
  • Sean’s comment – I don’t quite understand what he meant so I just cut and paste his comment here: “the side should come to a point with the centerfold at the top of the point. If the cover and all the pages are flat and almost perfectly line up, it is suspect.” (Updated: the pics Sean later uploaded helped to explain a lot!)


The discussion from these past few days have been pretty productive lol. That is not to say that there is no non-comic spec talk. We still want you to work for your spec ideas by reading through our endless chatter about almost everything you can think of!

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  1. people are getting too hooked up on nm 9.8 grades for modern , copper, bronze etc. As long as the comic is presentable from Fine can’t see a problem for these eras. Obviously modern maybe minimum 9.0 grade unless hard to find.

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