Comic Book Speculation Chat Summary #8

This week saw a return to true comic chat talk. At least, the ratio of comic talk to others is way higher than the other weeks. Fingers crossed it stayed this way but I highly doubt it lol

1. Comics heating up

Spider-Gwen #0 2nd Print

I recommended this book when I wrote about Edge of Spider-verse #2 later printings in early June.

I noted that this book has the lowest print run and is often not acknowledged because it uses the title Spider-Gwen, rather than Edge of Spider-verse.

Looks like the secret is out as this book has exploded from a $10 book into $200+ book. Not sure if it will sustain though.

Young Avengers #1 9.8

Young Avengers #1 9.8 is now selling for $400-$450. It practically doubled from one month ago.

For a book that has 87k sales, this is an incredible price point. However, it might be the end as I see $600 being possible.

This book is going to be one of the modern key books because of how many characters are introduced here. This is not to mention that it is also the team’s first appearance.

America #1 Mckelvin Variant

Ms America is heating up, which is causing this book to start seeing sales, even for the black and white 2nd print.

Beyond the usual low print run reason, this is also the #1 issue for America’s debut issue.

An interesting thing to watch is to see if the 2nd print will over take the first print as the more expensive book, like what the ANMPO book has done.

America #1

As mentioned above, Ms America is heating up. Her first appearance in Vengeance #1 literally got up on Ebay, leaving only listing with ridiculous prices.

I was personally still buying this book in the $50-70 range as this is a GEM book according to my PSM model.

With a print run of only 25k, I see a lot of potential in this book. Personal target is $200-300 when she is confirmed for MCU.

2. Comic book speculation

I know there has been a lot of focus on modern books. This is because that is how the current market is. I wish the older books are also popping but that is not the case currently.

Having said that, Sean gave us a useful list of Submariner books he believed has potential:

  • Sub-Mariner #5 first Tiger shark. Big baddie, kinda cool, on the pricey side.
  • Sub-Mariner #19 first Stingray. Starts out as an adversary to subby, but is really a good guy. Not too pricey.
  • SubMariner #32 first Llyra. She’s a reoccurring villain with 54 appearances in the comics. Can be found cheap.
  • Submariner #50 first Namorita. Clone of Namora and cousin to Namor, has over 247 comic appearances, was part of the New Warriors. Relatively cheap. I’ve found mid grade copies recently in the wild. Really like the upside on this one.
  • Fantastic Four #33-first Attuma. Another big baddie. 98 appearances. Has popped up in FF books, subby books, Defenders even alpha flight…might be a good way to introduce Subby through a FF movie with a common enemy? I don’t know. Book was super cheap for a long time. Not so much now. Prices have doubled the last year or so.

3. Tips and tricks

This week’s chat saw some useful advice on speculating on modern books.

3.1 Beware of presale books

One type of modern books you definitely want to avoid are those that see massive pre sales before the book is released. In the chat, the example of Thor #5 3 print was used.

This book already saw hundreds of issues being sold. This means that when it is time to sell the book, you will face competition for all these presale buyers. It is going to be a hard competition to win.

Instead, speculate on books that already have been released, which has seen less hoarders or people with multiple copies to sell. Just remember that books which caught folks off guard is the best type of speculation bets.

If you really want to speculate on pre release book, make sure it is one of those that is under the radar.

3.2 Tips on selling on Ebay as a beginner

If you want to start selling on Ebay, Ross offered some great tips. He is one of Mewe’s most profolic seller so his advice comes from years of real life experience.

  • Learn how to grade and safely package books.
  • Then start selling on Ebay as Facebook is full of people that aren’t serious.
  • If you act like a professional and treat your customers like you would want to be treated, you’ll do fine on Ebay.
  • (If there are silly buyers such as those who asks for 50 photos or is obnoxious with questions), just block them. There will always be another buyer that’ll be grateful for the sale.


This week saw a return to true comic chat talk. At least, the ratio of comic talk to others is way higher than the other weeks. Fingers crossed it stayed this way but I highly doubt it.

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  1. I agree with pre-orders are very risky. They are over ordered.. The resellers and shops are delaying the shipping to prevent competition. The hype has robbed all of the profit out of it. Venom 27 has the same problem. I got greedy and now I am waiting to unload books but the market is over saturated.

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