Is Angela key issues worth collecting or investing?

Angela is a very interesting character due to the way she has been injected into the Marvel universe. I don’t believe I have seen a purchased character by Marvel getting so much attention in terms of comic exposure. That got me thinking into the investment potential of Angela.

anglea investment potential


Particularly, I look for 3 things in any character worth investing:

  • Existing fan base: Angela seems to have some sort of a fan base. Comic fans definitely don’t hate her as how they hate some characters. It is probability due to her 90s exposure where she gained some fans. That is the number one rule. No fans = no investment potential.
  • Comic exposure: Angela has been trenched into 2 of the more current popular series: guardians of the galaxy and Thor. However, the train doesn’t seems to stop there as I have read that Marvel comics has even bigger plans for this character. Comic exposure is always a good thing. It doesn’t necessarily mean a confirm price increase but the potential is there.
  • Movie exposure: This is the spark that will light the fire. Currently, there is no speculation or any sort. However, if she is ever rumored to be in the Thor movie franchisee, her popularity will shoot up based on the above 2 factors.

Given the above, I think Angela is worth a small investment. Spawn #9 is obviously a key issue given her first appearance but the number of copies in the market means a very slim chance of any big price appreciation. Indeed, if you want to buy Spawn #9, at least look for 9.8 or newsstand editions. These 2 variations have less supply relative to the raw, direct edition Spawn #9.

Personally, I don’t like to invest in copies that have a large print run. So, I have rounded up a couple of less printed issues that might turn out to be winners if Angela gets hot.

Age of Ultron 10: Angela editions

angela key issues - age of ultron 10 sketch

angela key issues - age of ultron 10

Age of Ultron 10 is Angela’s first appearance in Marvel continuity. I think this is a real key. Print run for this issue is 110,947 but look for the 1:50 and 1:100 editions. They have only 2k and 1k copies respectively so are much rarer than Spawn #9.  Currently, the 1:50 can still be found under $20 and is a small investment. The 1:100 is more expensive as it is currently trading at around $50-$70. I bought both very early on so they cost me only $14 and $34 respectively.


Spawn #9: German edition with white embossed cover

angela key issues -spawn 9 white embossed 2

This pick is going to appeal only to collectors who want something that others don’t have. The pick here is the German edition of Spawn #9 but they numbered it as Spawn #5. I only discovered it recently and immediately fall in love with it. The cover design is the same as the US Spawn #9 but it features a white embossed cover which looks really cool.The most recent ebay sale is $50 for a copy.

angela key issues -spawn 9 white embossed 1


Angela #1: German edition

angela key issues -angela 1-2

This is another pick purely based on the attractiveness of rare editions, at least to the US comic collectors. A recent issue of this was sold for $67 so there must be some buyers who are interested in such things, although the popular may be small. Nevertheless, it feels good to buy something that wasn’t printed in hundreds of thousands of copies.  The artwork is also great so I am sure this will be a desirable item if Angela gets hot.

angela key issues -angela 1


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