Comic speculation review for 2013

Inspired by fellow comic collector, The Dakoit’s year in review article, I thought I will look back at my picks from 2013 and see how they are doing currently. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep a solid price record like The Dakoit and it will be mainly based what I bought them for.  My review format is slightly different as I will do a post by post review, rather than a book by book review since I tend to pick quite a number of books in a post.

Here we go!


First modern picks: Todd, EOW and Suicide Risk

Overall, this was a very bad pick and is why I don’t dabble in Moderns anymore as the margins do not make sense for anyone living outside US.

  • Todd – I bought 6 copies around $10 each and have sold all except one for around $20-$25 each.
  • EOW sunk towards the end of the year as the supply keeps coming. I ordered 15 of the normal covers and have sold 5. I think I will the use the rest as paperweight 🙂 I did ok with the Forbidden Planet variants as I manage to sell all 5 copies for a small profit, although I sold a 9.8 CGC copy at a loss. Overall, I made a loss with EOW.
  • Suicide Risk bombed big time. I ordered 20 copies of the Stephanie Han variant and didn’t manage to sell any.


Bronze age #1 picks

This portfolio did very well. With the exception of Supergirl #1, Warlock #1 and Ghost Rider #1, most of the books recommended here appreciate by a wide range. Below are some samples.

  • Dr Strange #1 is now $50+ in VF condition. Bought mine at $23
  • Inhumans #1 is now $25 in NM conditions. Bought 3 copies for under $10 each
  • Iron Fist #1 is now a $90 book in VFNM condition. Bought mine at $40


Undervalued silver age picks for 2013

Most of my big winners came from this group. All five issues increased by probably 50-100% from the time the article was published to current. Bear in mind that there is still no movie confirmation for majority of the characters featured here so I expect even higher growth in the coming years. Some sampling:

  • Fantastic Four #45 is now a $80 book in VG condition. Bought 2 copies at VG+/F- about $40-$50 and I just sold my PGX 7.0 for $350.
  • Fantastic Four #46 high grades are now soaring. VF copies are approached $200 from the $100 range a year ago. I expect the lower grades to follow.
  • Fantastic Four #52: Sold a PGX 6.0 for $280. Bought for $150. I have only one other CGC 6 copy remaining.


Rocket Raccoon key issues

Raccoon mania is here as most of the issues mentioned here have risen by 80-100%. I made a small profit selling 2 copies of Hulk #271 and 1 copy of Rocket Raccoon #1. My profits could have been higher if I didn’t sell so early. Lesson learned!


Comic worth investing in series

I have a small series where I just recommend one book, rather than a whole collection of books around a theme. Overall, these have not done well. Bat Family #6 has fallen while the other 2 did not show any increase. It is lucky I sold my Bat Family #6 for small profit of $16.


Undervalued Defenders’ key issues

No major movement on this set except for Marvel Feature #1 due to the TV show announcement. That issue hasn’t caught fire either as it has increased by about 20-30% after the announcement was made.  I have 2 copies, which I have not sold yet.


Modern comics to invest for 2014

I think I really suck at modern comic investing because none of the recommendations moved at all, except Todd which had already been covered previously. New X-Men #128 even dipped in prices recently so I would say I will take a loss if I sell mine now.


Key comics for Marvel Netflix shows

Given that there is barely any news coming, I am not surprised that none of the issues have shown any price appreciation. However, I am quietly confident that some of them will bear fruit.


Cheap comics to invest for 2014

Cheap doesn’t always means good as there is a reason why they are so cheap in the first place. Out of the 4 titles, I would say only Marvel Team Up #95 have show any significant movement. I sold one copy of #95 for a small $9 profit so I wouldn’t say this was a solid pick.

Updated: 8th August 2014.

Following the news that Mocking Bird will appear in Season 2 of Agents of Shield, I managed to sell another 3 copies at a total of $65. With a purchase price of $10 for these 3, I think this pick was ok.


X force key issues

No news on the X force movies but that didn’t slow down the speculation. New Mutants Annual #2, #87 and X Factor #24 have shown remarkable upticks in prices for the past few months. I remember buying a NM condition of X Factor #24 for $10 and now it is a $20+ book.


Overall, I would say my older picks are definitely more solid than my modern ones. There are still many comics that I bought which I didn’t recommend here because they are either too risky or too early. To date, I am still in the red due to the losses from off loading my 2013 modern comic mistakes. Without them, I think I would have made some nice profits to buy more books.

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  1. I like your style 🙂 I invest in comics the same way you do. Would be great chatting on the phone some time…I think we’d have lots to discuss and maybe expand our network of friends.


    P.S. It’s very nice of you to share potential hot pics with people online.

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