Key comic issues for first meet up betweeen DC characters

This was a pretty fun piece of article to write. I was trying to find the first meet up between some of my favorite characters and had a hard time locating the information. It then dawn on me that others might be having the same difficulty which inspired me to put together this article that lists the first team up or meeting between different DC characters. Value wise, some might have potential while others are for pure collecting purposes. If you have other first meet up or teams in mind, leave a comment and let me know.


First meet up of Green Lantern and Flash: Green Lantern #13

first meet up between green lantern and flash

This was the first issue that started off my research into first meet up. After the rumor that there will be a Flash/Green Lantern movie, I was wondering when was their first meeting since I couldn’t afford their first appearances. After much research, I think this is the issue. I read the summary that says this was the issue where Hal Jordan and Barry Allen was first introduced to each other so it is a good guess that this is their first meet up.


First meet up of Superman and Shazam: Justice League #137

first meet up between shazam and superman

There was an earlier ‘meet up’ in JSA #103 whereby some guys dressed up as Shazam meet Superman. I don’t think that counts so I consider this as the first meeting between the 2 titans. I was looking for this as I thought it would be cool given that the Shazam movie is most likely in the works. The cover is awesome as well so “hell yeah”.


First meet up of Zatanna and Constantine: Swamp Thing #49

first meet up between zatanna and constantine

Given the Constantine TV show and a potential Justice League Dark movie, I thought the first meet up between Zatanna and Constantine is rather interesting. I don’t think this will spike in value but for Zatanna collectors like myself, it is a rather cool issue to collect.


First meet up of Zatanna and Supergirl: Supergirl #7

first meet up between zatanna and supergirl

Two of my favorite DC female characters meet for the first time? Hell yeah! Again, nothing speculative but it is a nice issue to add for anyone who loves either Supergirl or Zatanna.


First meet up of Supergirl and Batgirl: World Finest #169

first meet up between batgirl and supergirl

Two female counterparts to Superman and Batman who are extremely popular on their own merits. Their first meeting? World Finest #169.


First meet up of Justice League and New Teen Titans: New Teen Titans #4

first meet up between new teen titans and justice league

This was the new teen titans team that was very popular during the 1980s. Their first meet up with the Justice League was #4 of that series. Not a hard book to find so no excuse not to have it if you are a collector of the teen titans. Bonus: it features my favorite character, Zatanna, on the cover 🙂


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