The value of fantastic four 36, 45 and 46

The run up in the value of the Inhumans first appearances after the rumor script completion was an interesting experience. It gave me a front row seat on how prices react to news and the kind of price momentum they have. Overall, I would say non graded comics tend to double in value almost within a few days of the announcement and continues a gradual increase until a price ceiling is hit. This will be the status quote until further news or the arrival of a batch of aggressive buyers.

In today’s article, I like to predict the value of the fantastic four #36, #45 and #46 which contains first appearance of important Inhuman characters. More specifically, I would like to compare and contrast these 3 to see if any are undervalued. This post will be particularly useful to those who didn’t heed my advice of buying them as undervalued silver age comics last year and is considering whether to get into the game now.

Let’s first establish what is their current selling prices for Fine and Very Good condition raw books.

Issue Very Good Fine
Fantastic Four #36 USD40 USD 90
Fantastic Four #45 USD110 USD 190
Fantastic Four #46 USD70 USD 120

Looking at the above, you can already see that #45 is leading the pack. That is no surprise as it has always been regarded as the Inhumans team appearance. However, I would argue that Black Black and Medusa are 2 of the most important characters in the team and their first appearances should not lag behind #45 by a wide margin. Currently, it is clear that #36 is the most undervalued among the team but I suspect this will change.


Why is Medusa going to be popular

If you have seen Marvel comics promotional posters, you will see Medusa everywhere. Below is one example of the recent Marvel Now Phase 3 launch. Notice that Medusa is there?

anglea investment potential


Here is another example from the up coming AXIS event. See Medusa here again?


Given Marvel’s push and the fact that she will be important as the voice of Black Bolt, I think her first appearance will have a chance of appreciation, especially after casting is announced. So, if you don’t have any of these issues, I would strongly encourage you to pick up #36 as I believe it will catch up to #45 and #46. Don’t forget it is also the older issue so mid to high grade copies will be harder to come up.


How high will #45 go?

Moving away from relative comparison, how high will each issue go? In order words, is it worth it to buy all of them at current prices and how much is the potential return? The best way is to look at #45 since it is the more expensive book. If it has room to grow, #36 and #46 would have more room since they are currently lagging behind #45 in value.

The easiest way to do price forecast is to find a comparable book that is printed around the same years, has a major first appearance and the character has been featured in a Marvel movie.

The best book I can think of is Tales of Suspense #57, featuring the first appearance of Hawkeye. This is a Sept 1964 book, which is one year earlier than FF #45, which is a Dec 1965 book.

Condition Tales of Suspense #57 Fantastic Four #45
Very Good Condition USD150 to USD170 USD 110
Very Good/Fine Condition USD230 to USD250 USD 130
FIne Condition USD300 to USD320 USD 190

Comparing the 2 books, you can see there is still some room for another 50% growth.  You can adjust this by your own estimation of how many copies of TOS #47 vs FF #45 as well as how popular Inhumans vs Hawkeye. Overall, I think the table is reasonable to provide a solid base for your own prediction.

If you are interested in the print run, here is an estimate. In 1966, Fantastic Four sold an average of 329k copies while Tales of Suspense sold 252k. Assuming similar selling patterns in 1964 and 1965, there will be a 70k more FF #45 vs TOS #47.



Overall, I think all the Inhumans key issues still have some room for growth especially after the movie confirmation. In particular, Fantastic Four #36 is the most undervalued considering the importance of Medusa and how Marvel is pushing her to be the face for Inhumans.

9 thoughts on “The value of fantastic four 36, 45 and 46

  1. Great information. Definately agree re growth for #36. Would even say that Hawkeye, though in Avenegers as well as other movies seems a secondary character in the films. If Medusa has a bigger role, this would add value and growth to the price.

    1. Wow, I have real comments! Thanks for stopping by MB. I agree that Medusa might have a stronger role than Hawkeye, which will propel #36 to the front of everyone’s want list.

  2. Great blog entry as always. Big fan of your site. I agree with everything you have said about buying into these early FF Inhuman keys, although am scared off a bit from discussion around the Inhumans could be a Fox property and Marvel could go with new characters in the movie ala Guardians of the Galaxy. What are your thoughts on this?

    Also it seems like their self entitiled book has been heating up as well as Amazing Adventures #1.

    Hmm now to spec on their villain…I think it has to be a Kree foe.

    1. I believe that reading the comic will give us clues. If the studio wants to push for another team, you will see them in the comics. Currently, the Inhumans have both the new and old characters, especially Medusa, so I am not too worried about it. However, do buy the new Inhuman issues just in case 🙂

      You are right that the #1 issues have also spiked. I am so glad I got them cheap last year when I recommend them as picks in my bronze age #1 article.

      For villain, Max is a good bet.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Great article, I in total agreement with your analysis. I am heading to a con next month and will be stocking up on Inhuman issues also.

    Question: Your thought on hulk #449, it is currently on my most wanted list before any announcements. But my gut feeling is Marvel is waiting to see how the Sinister Six movies goes first before even considering it as a next movie franchise.

    1. Thanks for commenting Ben. Initially I was upbeat about ThunderBolts. I even recommend this issue in my earlier picks. However what James Gunn said left me cold.

      “I think I did a lot of what I’d want to do with Thunderbolts in this movie (referring to GOTG). Thunderbolts is about bad guys becoming good guys and that’s what this movie is, if not to the same degree”

  4. For those of you that do not have hundreds or thousands to drop on Inhumans FF issues need to pick up Amazing Adventures vol2 #1. This book is still slightly under guide in a raw copy not to mention Inhumans 1st solo ongoing. Kirby art! I mean this book is beautiful and the Black Widow story is good to. This book is gonna go crazy when they cast Vin Diesel as Black Bolt!!!!

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