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With the rumor going out today that Magus might appear in Avengers 3: Infinity war, it is time to look at this villain that I have picked as one of the potential candidate for being the big bad in Marvel Phase 4.  Magus has always been a great villain who is just below the likes of Doom, Magneto, Thanos etc. If he really makes it to the screen, I see him on the same level as Loki, i.e. one that wouldn’t disappear from the screen like Ultron, Ronan and other minor villains that might appear in the MCU. With that in mind, what issues will benefit from Magus appearing on screen, bearing in mind that Thanos in MCU has caused quite a bit of stir in comic book prices beyond Iron Man #55.


Strange Tales #178

strange tales 178

The best issue to buy is of course Magus first appearance. I have recommended this issue on more than one occasion: first is in the Adam Warlock key issues article way back in Jan 2014 and the second is in the Marvel Phase 4 villains edition. I hope you have been listening and buying them as I have. I remembered my purchase price was around USD20+ for a VF copy and USD50 for a NM. With this news, I expect them to triple in a couple of weeks.

If Magus does appear, then USD100 for a VF copy is not out of the question, with the comic market being so optimistic in recent years.

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Strange Tales #179

strange tales 179

If you can’t find an affordable copy of #178, then #179 should be your next best alternative since this is Magus’s second appearance.


Warlock #10

warlock 10 chc 9.8

This is another book that I recommended below. I am surprised it has already risen. I remembered it was only a USD10+ book but now it is going for USD25 to USD35.  Now, this book will probably become more desired as this is also the first meeting between Thanos and Magus. Given that these 2 villains will work closely in the movie, their first meeting might be worth a spec.

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Now that you know what issues to look for, I want to spend some time to take a look at the potential of Strange Tales 178.

The most conservative book to compare to is of course Strange Tales #180, the first appearance of Glamora. It has similar print run and has a character in the same movie. At the minimal, Strange Tales #178 should achieve what #180 has reached, if the rumor is true.

However, I personally do feel Magus will be a stronger character than Glamora on screen. The latter didn’t really have any major scenes in the movie and leave much impression. Magus, on the other hand, can have the potential to be the next Thanos level villain so his first appearance can potentially reach higher than #180.

Issue Strange Tales #180 Iron Man #55 Strange Tales #178
Raw F USD 35+ USD 200+  USD 40+
Raw VF USD 80+ USD 400+  USD 70+
Raw NM USD 120+ USD 700+  USD 90+

The reality might be between Strange Tales #180 and Iron Man #55. In this case, there is still quite a bit of room to run at current prices so I will recommend you to buy some #178 if you think the rumor is true.

2 thoughts on “Magus key issues to speculate

  1. I think you’re right about Magus as the possible next major baddie, the ties to outer space superheroes both present and future have already been drawn out with a clear map by Marvel Cinematic Universe. This has seem some blistering hot numbers reached for nice books on ebay too (referring to Strange Tales 178 with the first appearance of Warlocks alter ego, Magus).
    Do you think Marvel may explore the past a bit too with the Invaders or something like that? All they need is Sub Mariner intro’d and they set that up in continuity on the last episode of shield (in the underwater spillage of tarragon crystals – enhanced underwater ‘gifted’ superheroes and villains have the way paved …..

    1. Thanks for the comment. Invaders are currently not possible until Namor’s movie rights are reverted back to Marvel.
      I will bet on Thunderbolts instead.

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