More Marvel Supernatural and Horror Characters

Here are more Marvel horror or supernatural characters that you might not heard of. Just when you think you now every one, out comes another one that escapes your knowledge.

Editor’s note: past articles on marvel supernatural are found here and here.

I got the inspiration for this post when I saw the cover to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Mystic Arcana. To my surprise, I didn’t recognized almost 50% of the characters here.

If you, like me, are curious about who these mystic or supernatural characters are, check out the list below. (I have identified all except #4. If you know who that is, please leave a comment. Is it Bible John?)

#1: Doctor Strange Vol 2, #80

Date of Publication: 1986
Sale number: 157,000
Appearances: 64

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Rintrah


Rintrah is a pretty well known servant of Doctor Strange. He might looked like a minotaur but he is actually an alien from the planet R’Vaal. His magical abilities were taught by Enitharmon the Weaver.

Currently, he has not made an appearance in MCU but I expect that to change quickly.

Will speculators care? My answer is found in what I wrote for the #3 spot.

#2: Defenders Vol 2, #7

Date of Publication: 2001
Sale number: 31,000
Appearances: 6

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Nagala


The female with the long claws seem to be Nagala from Lemuria. However, this is the one character I am not 100% sure. If you know who this is, please leave a comment.

If it is Nagala, she is mostly associated with Namor and the undersea world, rather than Marvel’s supernatural.

#3: Fantastic Four #94

Date of Publication: 1970
Sale number: 340,000
Appearances: 139

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Agatha Harkness


The person at the number #3 spot should need no introduction. She is Agatha Harkness, an experienced witch who is most well known for being the care taker of Franklin Richards.

Agatha has been confirmed to be in the WandaVision series, which has spiked her first appearances to its current value of USD 90 for a VFNM copy.

Personally, such price development has been interesting to me. 3 years ago, I would not think that anybody would care for an old lady’s first appearance, media appearance or not.

However, the market has proven that it has widen its appetite to speculate on anything, even characters that nobody really cares for. This has caused me to rethink a lot of what can be speculated on.

On another note, Agatha has 139 comic appearances, who is another validation that the comic appearances number do matter. They are an indication that there is sufficient materials for the MCU to work with, even for supporting characters.

#5: Doctor Strange Vol 2, #32

Date of Publication: 1978
Sale number: 74,000
Appearances: 7

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Dream Weaver


The first lady on the second row is called the Dream Weaver. She was the villains for one story arc from Doctor Strange and did not appear again. I am pretty puzzled why she was chosen for the cover as there are better characters to choose from.

#6: Captain America #292

Date of Publication: 1984
Sale number: 148,000
Appearances: 23

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Black Crow


The gentleman who appeared on the second row with a helmet similar to Black Knight is called Jesse. He is a part time vigilante, who called upon the power of the Black Crow to help other heroes such as Captain America and Spiderman.

Without powers, Jesse is actually wheelchair bounded.

Although Black Crow’s powers are mystic in nature, he has very little associations of other supernatural characters such as Doctor Strange.

#7: New Mutants #32

Date of Publication: 1963
Sale number: 300,000
Appearances: 5

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Ashake


At the center of the cover, the white figure character is known as Ashake. She is an ancient Egyptian sorceress and is the ancestor to the X-Man, Storm.

She has connections to the Darkhold as she once helps Ian McNee stop Chthon (ancient evil god who created the Darkhold) from entering Earth. During this battle, Ashake was drawn from the past to the present, where she is currently remaining.

#8: Strange Tales #173

Date of Publication: 1974
Sale number: No Information
Appearances: 9

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Black Talon (Desmond Drew)


The character with the rooster crown (lol!) is named Desmond Drew. He is one of three person who goes by the alias of Black Talon. He first appeared in Brother Voodoo’s storyline in Strange Tales #173.

Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out too well for the Black Talon. He was killed pretty quickly after his first appearance. I am also surprised he was selected to appear on the cover actually.

#9: Alpha Flight #19

Date of Publication: 1985
Sale number: 280,000
Appearances: 118

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Tailsman


Alpha Flight #19 is one of the undervalued book I have been buying. If there is one character you need to stock up, it is this one.

Tailsman has made 118 comic appearances, the highest appearances among all the characters featured here. She has appeared in almost every event that deals with magic and is also a member of Alpha Flight.

There is a Canadian version of this book that is worth tracking down. Unfortunately the black cover makes this hard to find in 9.8 newsstand.

#10: Strange Tales #144

Date of Publication: 1966
Sale number: 261,000
Appearances: 18

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Dredmund the Druid


The first character on the third row is known as Dredmund the Druid. He uses a mixture of technology and magic, and is mostly associated with Captain America and SHIELD.

Given his lack of association with other supernatural characters, he will probably not be part of MCU’s supernatural side.

#11: Darkhold – Pages from the Book of Sins #8

Date of Publication: 1993
Sale number: 41,000
Appearances: 17

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Diabolique


The innocent looking girl on the third row is named Diabolique. She might look like an innocent girl but she like to killed foster parents to gain more power for herself.

Among the obscure characters in this list, Diabolique is one of the more interesting ones, especially her power set of creating a demonic Playmate.

While Diabolique started in the pages of the Darkhold comics, she later took on Vengeance from the Ghost Rider franchise.

#12: Fantastic Four Vol #2, Annual #1

Date of Publication: 1999
Sale number: 40,800
Appearances: 6

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Mechamage


The person with the helmet on the third row is called Mechamage. Not much is know about the character, even her name. She was recruited by the Fantastic Four and was part of a temporary group called Shadow Hunters.

While Mechamage isn’t that interesting a character, researching her did bring me across another character called Margali Szardos. She was a ex Soccer Supreme and seems to be on par with Doctor Strange.

#13: Marvel Chillers #1

Date of Publication: 1975
Sale number: No Information
Appearances: 61

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Modred the Mystic


Besides Agtha Harkness, Modred is another character with a longer history of comic appearances. He also has strong connections to the Darkhold. Hence, he might appear find his way into the MCU.

If that is the case, how much will his first appearance be worth? Lets look at how much Fantastic Four #94 is commanding.

Price of VFPrice of VFNMPrice of NM
Marvel Chillers #1USD 20USD 40USD 60
Fantastic Four #94USD 70USD 150USD 250

Looking at the price differences, there seems to be quite a bit of room to growth. If people are willing to speculate on an old lady, I think Modred might have a even better price response if he appears in the MCU.

Supply wise, Fantastic Four #94 is tougher to come by in 9.8, probably due to the black cover. However, for the rest of the grades, both books are pretty comparable.

#14: Marvel Fanfare #6

Date of Publication: 1983
Sale number: 130,000
Appearances: 10

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Ian McNee


Ian McNee is a pretty interesting character as he once challenges Doctor Strange for the title of Soccer Supreme. He is also involved in stories that involve the Darkhold.

After partnering with Ashake to seal Chthon away, his whereabouts is currently unknown.

#15: Darkhold – Pages from the Book of Sins #9

Date of Publication: 1993
Sale number: 41,000
Appearances: 13

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Jinx


Jinx is one of the new characters introduced during the Darkhold series in the 90s. He quickly became part of the team and was prominently featured in every story sine then.

Unfortunately, after the series ended, Jinx was not used again.


This article is meant to show how wide the Marvel supernatural genre really is. With the exception of a few characters, most are not spec worthy even though they are very cheap to acquire.

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  1. HI Michael, it is a different Black Talon. The one you mentioned is Samuel Barone while I was talking about Desmond Drew. Cheers

  2. An unusal choice perhaps, X men 40 1st (and only?) appearance of robot Frankensteins monster and Cyclops origin. A favourite storyline of mine. Early xmen story with lovely art. Also not Marvel but Ape Entertainments Freakshow 1-3. A strange supernatural independent story that was once rumoured to be a movie. Issue 1 variant is the one to find and wait

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