Examining the rise in value of Marvel’s supernatural characters

After Doctor Strange’s success at the box office, I am more excited than ever about the coming of Marvel supernatural universe. Some of my favourite characters such as Ghost Rider and Morbius exist in this universe and I can’t wait to see them on the big screen.

spirits of vengeance

I did a list of supernatural characters to invest in back in 2014. Consider this an update. In particular, I want to see if interest in the supernatural or magic characters have increased as evident by the prices of their first appearance books in the secondary market.  I am comparing their current prices vs the prices they were at when I first mention them on this blog .


Benchmark Books Condition
Prices Then
Current Prices
Strange Tales #169 (1972) VF Raw USD 50 USD 100+
Marvel Spot #5 (1972) CGC 8-8.5
USD 400-480
USD 600-800
Tomb of Dracula #10 (1973)
CGC 9.2 USD 570
 USD 730
No Prices Were Mentioned
Marvel Spotlight #12 (1972) CGC 9.4 USD100
Savage Tales #1 (1971)  CGC 9.0  USD 500
Vampire Tales #2 (1972)  CGC 9.6  USD 650


Strange Tales #169

strange tales 169 small pic

I first mentioned Brother Voodoo in 2014 and then recommend it again in my 2015 post on best bronze age books in to invest in. At that time, a VF copy would set you back for only $50. Now, it is easily a $100 book in that condition and more if you get it graded.

Up to now, this character has not any any media exposure. If he shows up in Doctor Strange #2, I will expect this book to continue to climb in prices. Current interest in this book is high. As at 17 September 2017 alone, 18 copies of this book has been sold on Ebay, making it at least one sale per day. Some of these sales included a 9.6 copy that went up to almost $900 in auction. So interest in this book is definitely increasing.

Ebay prices of Strange Tales 169

Marvel Spotlight #5

top bronze age comics to invest in marvel spotlight 5

I declare Marvel Spotlight 5 as my top Bronze age book to invest in for 2015. I haven’t regretted this decision as it has almost doubled its value since then. So far, no movie has been confirmed although one version of this character did appear in Agents of SHIELD.

Beyond the movie, this book has always been a blue chip bronze age key. When I write about it, it was going through a lull period, which is why I stated that it was undervalued. Now, it is no longer the case as I see folks talking about this book in many forums that I visited. Has it reached its ceiling then? I don’t think so.

Visually, Ghost Rider is very distinctive. With the proper direction from Marvel, I am confident it can return to its 90s popularity. This is when we can see the real potential of the character.


Tomb of Dracula #10

tomb of dracula 10

I examine the value of Tomb of Dracula #10 as late as May 2016. At that time, a CGC 9.2 was selling in the 550+ range. Today, this book is worth at least 700+, an increase of 35%. Hence in this age of speculation, you can still make decent returns if you picked the right books such as this.

I recommended this book after I make a comparison among similar bronze age keys that had significantly higher prices. I saw no reason why this book shouldn’t be up there with the rest and so make a conclusion that it was undervalued. I am glad I did as this book has bought me some nice returns on paper relative to the prices that I have acquired them for.

This book still has a lot of room to run. I see 9.2 surpassing the 1k market within the next 12 months which means, there is still about $400-500 gain left.


Marvel Spotlight #12

marvel spotlight 12

This has always been one of my favorite cover after I first saw it in Wizard Magazine’s comics to watch (Issue #15 I believe). Since recommending it in 2014, prices have went up quite a bit. I did not track its price in my 2014 article so I am using gocollect’s public information.

marvel spotlight 12 gocollect price

As you can see, prices have been going up in all grades. One reason is because the base price is so affordable that it is easy to see gains. This was why I recommended this book back then. Is it still worth a purchase? Of course! Despite the gains, it is still a cheap early bronze age book.

Sales for this book is constant on ebay. You will see at least one sale per day, which means there is interest. Under the right condition, this simmering book might explode in value, especially the higher grades.


Savage Tales #1

Savage Tales #1

In my 2014 article, I mentioned Man Thing but I was concentrating on his first comic appearance as well as first cover appearance, rather than Savage Tales #1. This was why no price of this book was mentioned in my original post.

savage tales 1 gocollect prices

As you can see from Gocollect sales history, prices for this book has also been increasing, although it is not as universal as Marvel Spotlight #12. In general, Man Thing is a tricky character to invest in because of his reassemble to Swamp Thing. Since the latter is more famous among the collecting community, Man Thing will always been seen as an ‘imitation’, even though it came out one month before Swamp Thing.


Vampire Tales #2

Vampire Tales 2

Similarly to Man Thing, I was focusing on Satana’s first comic appearance, rather than her first in this magazine sized comic, thus the lack of initial price to compare to. Compared to the rest, Satana is definitely cold on the collector’s radar. Sales on Ebay hasn’t been strong, which makes spotting price trend highly inaccurate. Whether that is an opportunity or risk depends on how your see the situation.

When a character is cold like Satana, it takes a lot of interest to drum interest in this character to drive secondary prices. Movies used to be able to do it but that is not the case anymore, unless Satana is one of the leading character, which I highly doubt it.

Besides these books, have you noticed any other supernatural characters that have seen an uptake in collectors’ interest?

8 thoughts on “Examining the rise in value of Marvel’s supernatural characters

  1. Awesome work again Aaron. We also agree that investing in 1st Legion of Monsters would be a wise investment. The 4 supernatural characters in one team would possibly be an inspired live action choice by Marvel, and immensely popular. Gaurantee marvel premiere #28 is going to explode if that happens.

    1. Thanks for the comment Dakoit!
      Currently, there are a few possibilities. Legion of Monsters is definitely one. Midnight suns is another. There is also Spirits of Vengeance.

  2. Good timing on this article. These Marvel characters are becoming more popular in the investing market lately. You mentioned Morbius but didn’t feature ASM #101 in the artricle. I would also add Ghost Rider #1 the 1st appearance of Son of Satan. I agree with Dakoit’s comment on Marvel Premiere #28 as well. A good book to invest in right now.

    1. The first app is now being heavily debated on in our G+ group. Hard to say which GR #1 or MS #12 will be the eventual winner. Collectors do like their first app on the cover.

      1. I really don’t see a debate when Ghost Rider #1 and #2 were released before Marvel Spotlight #12. I’m not trying to take anything away from Marvel Spotlight #12. It’s an important book for the character with an origin story and a cover appearance. Just not understanding the debate.

        1. Nathan, that is because you don’t really see anything related to Son of Satan in GR#1 and GR#2. If you have screenshots showing anything in contrary, it will be useful.

          1. First off love your blog! Always informative! Just a thought in favor of Ghost Rider 2. Marvel is owned by Disney and I don’t think they would ever have a character with Satan in the title. Nor would he wear such a garish silly outfit. If marvel does end up using Son of Satan in their future films. I think he will be referred to as Daimon Hellstrom and not the Son of Satan. In the same way Power Man is simply Luke Cage on Netflix with no costume. If that is the case then Ghost Rider 2 (being the first full appearance of Daimon Hellstrom) seems to be the key to have.

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