Undervalued comics #13 – Popular Marvel and DC characters that are undervalued – Part two

I have said in part one of this series that the higher rankings we go, the less likely we will find undervalued issues. In part two, this is already becoming very obvious as I can hardly find anything that isn’t already expensive or priced correctly. Nevertheless, there are still a few gems here and there. Read on to find out which issues are they.

popular marvel and dc character part 2


DC popular characters

As usual, let’s start with the DC list first:

  • #40: Guy Gardener (Green Lantern #59): Already mentioned numerous times on this blog, GL #59 is currently undervalued, when you compared against the likes of GL #87 or Aquaman #29. It wouldn’t stay that way for long so grab your issue before prices go way up. (Ebay listings)
  • #39: The Question (Blue Beetle #1): Charlton Comics in general are harder to pick up than the usual DC and Marvel comics. This explains why they are generally more expensive. When I was picking up this book in 2013, I was paying less than USD100 for a fine copy.  Currently, it is just about USD100 so the increase isn’t that much for this to be considered overvalued. If you can find one around this price, it is still a solid investment book. (Ebay listings)
  • #38: Poison Ivy (Batman #181): It is a classic book to buy but it is not undervalued. (Ebay listings)
  • #37: Starfire (DC Comics Presents #26): Ever since the news on a solo Cyborg movie came out, this book has been on the rise. It will be a slow moving investment if you buy at current prices but it will definitely still grow. (Ebay listings)
  • #36: Sinestro (Green Lantern #7): USD400 for a graded 6.0 means it is currently valued correctly. It is not known whether Sinestro will be featured in the new Green Lantern Corps movie so I don’t see much room for further growth.  (Ebay listings)
  • #35: Midnighter (Stormwatch Vol 2, #4): I wasn’t a Stormwatch fan so I was quite surprised to see Midnighter being ranked so high. After doing some research, I realise this book is quite hard to find. Being his popular, I think this is a good book to hold. (Ebay listings)
  • #34: Hawkman (Brave and the Bold 34): This book has always been expensive. After the Legends of Tomorrow news, its price has risen further so it is not an undervalued book by any means. (Ebay listings)
  • #33:Power Girl (All Star Comics #58): A underrated character that has been around since 1978. With the rise of almost every bronze age keys, this book has also seen a steady increase. Without any movie news, this book is not going to see any explosive growth but it will be a steady earner. One to buy in high grade. (Ebay listings)
  • #32: Death (Sandman #8): A very popular character in the 90s but has not seen much action lately. This had lead to her first appearance being only a USD25 to USD40 book, which is vastly undervalued. With a strong possibility of a movie appearance, I strongly recommend you guys to pick up this book. Total print run is around 78k but it is a tough book in 9.8 condition. Among all the books in this list today, this will be my strongest recommendation. (Ebay listings)
  • #31: Blue Beetle (Captain Atom #83): This was one of my best investments in 2013. I bought a fine copy for only USD9 and it is now worth roughly US180 today.  With a movie in the works, this book will see more action once the trailer hits. It is a tough book to find and one that will surely see further price appreciation in the coming years. (Ebay listings)



Marvel popular characters

If I am not seeing much undervalued issues with the DC list, I suspect the Marvel list will do even worse since there more Marvel collectors than DC, IMHO.

  • #40: Venom (Spiderman #300): A highly sought after book that has already reached its peak. You can always sell this easily but I am not sure if we will see any big gains happening if you buy it now. (Ebay listings)
  • #39: Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four #1): Next!!!
  • #38: Psylocke (Captain Britain #8/New Mutants Annual #2): Anything Psylocke will get hotter in the coming months as we move closer to the X Men movie. Olivia Munn was a great choice for the character and the continued media exposure means more fans will want her first appearance. Among her 2 books, Captain Britain #8 will definitely see a bigger gain given the rarity. (Ebay listings)
  • #37: Nova (Nova #1): This book actually got pretty hot before the GOTG #1 as everyone was speculating Richard Riders will appear in the movie. Now that the director has confirmed not using him in the foreseeable future, the prices have soften quite a bit. The contrarian in me thinks this is actually not a bad time to pick high grade copies for this book for cheap since his poll clearly shows he is a popular character. He might not appear in the GOTG but who knows where he might turn up. (Ebay listings)
  • #36: Winter Soldier (Captain America Vol 5, #6): A criminally undervalued book. Yes this is a modern but with Winter Solider playing such an important roles in the MCU, it should be priced higher than it currently is. The print run is only 46k which means there is only 23k for the Winter Solider Cover variant. With Captain America #3 coming out next year, you should grab this book before it heats up again. (Ebay listings)
  • #35: Mr Fantastic (Fantastic Four #1): See #39. Next !!!
  • #34: Scarlet Witch (X Men #4): The big jump for this book came when Avengers #2 was announced. With her continued presence in the MCU, prices for this book will not soften anytime soon. Not undervalued but will be a slow gainer. (Ebay listings)
  • #33: Beast (Amazing Adventures #11): I remembered this book on the Wizard’s Top 10 hot list before. Things have definitely cool down since then. It is interesting that Beast is everywhere, from movies to books but this book hasn’t seen much action. Maybe it is one of those characters that wouldn’t get scoraching hot not matter what because he is too nice a character. (Ebay listings)
  • #32: Loki (Journey Into Mystery #85): Loki has become one of the darlings of the MCU due to Tom Hiddleston’s amazing performance. Needless to say, this book has received plenty of action and is no longer undervalued since Avengers #1. (Ebay listings)
  • #31: Iron Fist (Marvel Premiere #15): This book shot up after the Nextflix news but I think there is more room to grow because the full media hype is not here yet. I say this because I have witnessed how a Jessica Jones trailer have pushed Alias #1 raw NM from a USD50 to a USD80-100 book. That is how powerful media effects are and I think they have not fully influence the prices of this book yet. Grab it if you can! (Ebay listings)



With each article in this series, I am expecting less and less undervalued comics to emerge as we get near the top. For this list, the stand out books for me is Sandman #8 and Captain America #6. Both Death and Winter Soldier has lots of media exposure potential and as can see from this poll, they are pretty popular characters as well. Fortunately, the prices of their books have not fully reflected that yet so that is where the opportunity lies. I would picked these books first if you do not have them. Have fun hunting!

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