Singapore saving account rates for 2012 – How low can it get?

This is an important post – Don’t skip it! It will tell you how someone is making additional income after focusing on creating a website around what you are searching for.

First thing first. The rates for saving accounts is so low (less than 0.5% p.a.) that it is a waste of your time to even try searching for it in Google.

The second thing is more important. Somebody is cleverly making money (more than your 0.5%) off the searches that you are doing for “Singapore saving account rates 2012“.

If you searched for Singapore saving account rates 2012, you will see a site called that is on page1 of the search result.

If you click into the site, it is nothing more than blog posts that are repeating this phase Singapore saving account rates for 2012.  This is how the site look like:


Why is this important?

This is a great case study of what I mean by using blogs to make money online.

What this blogger did is trying to make this site appear in the first page of Google for the term “Singapore saving account rates for 2012”. This process is called search engine optimisation or SEO for short. Once he has successfully done that, the site will get traffic because a certain percentage of people who searched for this phase will inevitably click to i this site. Once on the site, some people will click on the advertisements that are there. This is how he makes money online using a simple blog.

In fact, this is not his only site. He got sites that target different search phases such as:

Singapore savings account rates 2012:
Singapore fixed deposit rates 2012:
Malaysia fixed deposit rates 2012:
Foreign currency fixed deposits 2012:
Singapore Treasury Bills:

If he makes some money off each blog, he would have created a nice streams of passive income for himself. This is what I mean when I say that building passive income streams is the key to early retirement. Of course, I am not saying his method is correct but his attempt is what I am trying to highlight.

4% saving account rates is no longer possible

A saving rates of 4% is no longer possible in Singapore. Take a look at the rates which I have gotten from


None of the current savings deposits offer more than 0.5%. Even with a million dollars, you only get a $5000 per year, which is around $400+ per month. Not a sum that you can retire with.

So, my advice is to stop looking for saving account rates and start exploring alternate investments that can at least give you something that has 4-5%. If you need ideas, check out my previous articles on how to retire with 1 million dollars.

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